From the private to open, tencent cloud claimed that the CDN service stage in 2.0

under the cloud services destined to become the future trend, tencent cloud also on bets, as the essential links of CDN services, also entered the new stage.

recently, tencent cloud officially released the CDN version 2.0, the core is to put the original tencent company internal self-used product service ability wider opening to the outside world.

this means tencent CDN platform service not only in the QQ, QQ space, micro letter, tencent video, QQ music, QQ games such as tencent company proprietary business, at the same time to provide users of tencent cloud CDN speed up service.

as early as in March last year, as a direct rival tencent cloud ali cloud opened the CDN service, other cloud service providers are involved in. Has encouraged to enter the important reason is that in the era of mobile Internet, Internet users lifestyle has changed much, mobile terminal equipment, the different operating system, network environment and so on, have a direct impact on the file transfer speed, in addition, mobile games, mobile voice, a variety of mobile applications, such as mobile video, comprehensive vast amounts of information transfer, and speed requirements for bandwidth is very high, all these have a higher request for the CDN services.

familiar with tencent product line know, users is large, the number of people online at the same time, it also concurrent and transmission of the information has a high requirement. From 2007 the business of tencent to tencent games, QQ space, to the later tencent video and tencent cloud, tencent in the past eight years, tencent CDN has experienced from scratch again the process of growing, and try to open in 2013 the service ability of the dynamic acceleration. This year is tencent internal cloud as gradually open the platform service ability, and open up overseas CDN node.

tencent cloud said, existing CDN services including static content platform, game download platform, UGC acceleration platform, streaming media platform, dynamic platform, etc., has been in more than 100 regions in the world, the construction of more than 400 nodes, the total amount of bandwidth over 10 TB.

today, tencent cloud CDN fully open its own source access, new FTP hosting source access, services, and provide 7 * 24 hours service, one on one big customer manager help users solve use consulting, fault handling, optimization solutions, and a series of services. In addition, also provides according to the daily average bandwidth billing and charged according to traffic two modes.

according to introducing, tencent cloud CDN2.0 version online also launched a preferential activities and policies, including 100 g flow package free collar, 1 t flow package 3 fold, big customers free testing, and other preferential activities.