From the car wash, wash the car help to dig the chengdu after the car market

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cloud network hunting note: O2O sector now, than in those days regiment campaign, more so. Car wash to help is a local startups, chengdu, as the name implies, they now do one thing – washing the car.

all washing O2O start-ups have a dream, is to cut into the car after market and gain a foothold. Hunting cloud network had previously reported many car O2O start-ups, including and, in addition, a certain scale enterprises come and wash the car market, including, and so on.

wash the car for the founder XiaoLiang work entered the automobile industry since 2007, from the sales management, the management of the automobile market as well as the 4 s shop after operations more understanding. More people understand the Internet is a traditional field, the author also believes that the winner of the O2O sector should be this kind of people, people who are not afraid of the Internet to seize the market, and they were afraid to traditional business people understand the Internet.

with the thinking of explosive fire now, wash the car for the operation of thinking is not the door, but the user to store wash the car. At present the product shape is a based on WeChat end the development of the public. Why don’t try so hard to do the APP, “startup do APP cost is larger, and the effect is not necessarily good, registered users need to download and install the activation order to complete a effective order, the efficiency is low. Do first after the user can focus on a public can place the order, it is more practical and effective for start-ups, and APP homogeneity is very serious, not enough in the number of users, meaning is not big.” To this, the author expressed serious agree and support.

in addition, why don’t the door? XiaoLiang as a conventional car field for many years professionals obviously have different opinions, really didn’t do “door to door”. “Is washing the car door for car there is a damage, because the door of car wash water is less, after a long period of time has a certain influence on car paint, likely some scratches. In addition, if the vehicle is particularly dirty, cannot come to wash the car, car door technical defects at present, a little bit professional person, will not recommend washing the car door.”

in terms of the number of car wash service offline cooperation, wash the car for more than two hundreds, compared with general washing O2O have certain scale advantage, visible in the offline to wash the car to help the team develop channels advantage is more obvious.

in particular, wash the car help to members and merchants about price, all through the platform to the users can enjoy this price, every single other subsidies by 10%. It is worth noting that wash the car help to its own position is higher, with the method of member prepaid phone system, divided into three top-up choice, 200, 500, 1000, at present only use micro letter to pay of the mode of payment. Version 1.0 provides a traditional payment code, after washing the car to the businessman, version 2.0 at the meeting the line scan, which lets the user code payment.

there are, according to the chengdu area car ownership has 4 million, more than 2 million private cars, this is a huge market, plus a car help to store washing mode, the team think about washing the car for the future development plan more inclined to fore-and-aft development, namely the deep excavation in chengdu market, cut into the car after market in an all-round way, including maintenance, decoration, maintenance, etc., is a bit like regional scale auto after market “where”.

“hope do do the market in chengdu, the team exercise is good, when the time is right when relatively mature pattern is copied to the other cities.” XiaoLiang said.

the business model, and considered a car after market, guide for the service suppliers; And more importantly “traffic housekeeping. Temporarily less the concept, namely the owners to provide a full range of services, such as illegal treatment, cut ceng regulation, insurance, etc., this is a potential for small white driver just need to, because in addition to drive, other all don’t know much about. The data of insurance company car ChuXianLv high reached 70%, is the imaginary space.

for O2O, the Internet is a tool, the most important still is service. XiaoLiang prediction, June and July this year, O2O sector began to superior bad discard, can’t live will be a part of the project.

the car wash to help team has officially launched the angel round.