From the assembly line workers to entrepreneurs: English boring dubbing founder tan mei red, with a voice to change the dumb English

(text/Zhang Huiqian)

when it comes to learning English, what would you do? I think for a lot of Chinese students, said of a “smell” too much. From elementary school entrance to twenty seven or eight years old university graduate, English course study has never stopped, especially in college,, ielts, toefl, and so on English level test band 4 and band 6 to become one of the students’ learning tasks, all kinds of English training institutions and the English learning software is aimed at the broad market, emerge in endlessly. but among Chinese students of English learning, common problem is good at test only and not for daily use, listening, speaking, reading and writing, the former two is deadly short board, a lot of study become “dumb English” . Learners of English is more and more aware of the problem, so is necessary to seek effective English learning method.

English fun dubbing is a according to the application of oral English learning, and the other is the biggest difference between learning software, it found a very interesting point, dubbing . Already upload video in by the user to the application, the voice of ways to practice spoken English, including video movie clips, animation, hot funny video, etc., and in the process of such secondary creative DIY, interest will be greatly enhanced, learning boring sex weakened, this also is the key to attract users.

in addition to come in the form of voice acting as a breakthrough point to attract users, and a “classroom” plate in the app, in the plate, the user can according to their own needs to form or join a “classroom” for English learning. That is to say, on the platform, need to learners’ self-consciousness and independent participation, rather than passive acceptance. This also reflected in dubbing plate, the source of the video upload in addition to the developers, there are many users to upload, it requires the user to take the initiative to make and give video with subtitles. Interesting English dubbing, founder of the tan mei red thinks, this is your product different from other English learning software, they are not only direct provider of learning content, and set up a platform for English learners, for English is not good, this is a learning software, for a man who has a good command of English, they can also play the voice on the platform game even set up the classroom knowledge to . Said tan mei red, so our users to locate a broader than similar products, the user’s fitness will be better.

tan mei red is an offline college students’ oral English education organization – originally ishow the headmaster of international English, she thinks the Internet is the trend of The Times, so start an online product, actually offline agencies for boring dubbing this app also play a support role. For example ishow has a mature set of unique LISI English teaching system, namely “to imitation + + performance + immersion”, the combination of the boring dubbing from function is followed this system, such as boring again the voice of the first seed users is from offline users, drainage of the past. And from last year to now, boring, the voice of registered users has reached the level of millions, active users, 8%, 10% left and right sides, users of CCTV anchor, such as new Oriental teacher influential “V” consciousness, it is very beneficial to attract users. Despite the boring dubbing team the user location only English learners such a broad concept, but after the analysis of the current user, can still find obvious users classification, 80% of college students and white-collar workers, 20% is K12 users. To voice acting as the breakthrough point, to the development of online education, it is boring dubbing one direction in the future, tan mei red tell hunting cloud network, their goal is to maintain the voice function to maintain the interest, to optimize the function of the education sector.

was first separated from ishow, boring dubbing team only five people, and now, including operation promotion, content production, technology development, the team has expanded the scale of the more than 60 people, in particular, the although tan mei red is a CEO, but she didn’t separate offices, but with ordinary staff on the location of cubicle office , she told the hunting cloud network: “this communication more smooth and timely feedback and more.”

actually, tan mei red life always has many unique experience, can use a word to describe anything, that is “self-help”. in 2006, she but missed due to financial difficulties and university college entrance examination ended, the south, with 1 year from the common assembly-line workers do manager secretary. During the work, she insisted on using the rest time to learn oral English every morning and evening every day. In 2008, tan mei red met China east, Andy again, and in 2009 with their joint venture set up a ishow, so strictly speaking, the English interest dubbing is her second startup . When asked why will have so much enthusiasm of English, she seems a little at a loss, hope to be able to come into contact with more excellent person, hope you won’t be eliminated by the trend of internationalization, enumerates many points, at last she said, or because I really liked it. So, this is a people who love English in an English learning products.

the boring English dubbing has completed the seed round, plan at the end of August early September or so for the next round of investment.

note: English boring dubbing in 2015 China’s new media entrepreneurship competition hangzhou division the roadshow