From Indonesia “motorcycle” application: native soil terrapin challenges foreign Grosvenor LTD handsome

cloud network hunting note: Indonesia’s Go – a smartphone application Jek will allow you to play there on rental of motorcycle, and express and shopping service. Indonesian traffic let Go – Jek rapid development in Indonesia to similar to Uber status in the United States. But the Go – Jek the startup and there are many problems to be solved.

to Jakarta knows that the traffic congestion here is very serious. This is the city’s vast ills, but the government in the past 10 years have not been able to solve this problem. So for those who are in need of quick and convenient traffic, is now the best thing to do is to ride ojek (motorcycle taxi).

this is the fact that the ride ojek travel is not a complicated thing. You need to meet ojek driver, and then to negotiate pricing with him. When you sit for ojek, you’ll wear a might have been used by dozens of passengers in front of you the annoying helmet. This is a very unpleasant experience.

but as a result of technology, the problem is likely in the next 10 years we solve, like the Go – Jek company is trying to become Indonesia version rent a motorcycle Uber. Last week, Go – Jek officially released it for Android and iOS applications, can let users via smartphones recruit motorcycle — whether it is transportation, delivery or shopping services.

Go – Jek founded since 2011, it mainly in Jakarta, debord, Dan grant and don’t see areas such as business. Company cooperate with 800 motorcycle rider, have hundreds of thousands of orders every day. In spite of this, it mainly with the enterprise cooperation (around 90), and it is now a mobile first taxi company. Many sites are to promote its application to scheduled to Go — Jek service.

Go – Jek give each motorcycle driver free gift of a helmet and mask to make the passengers head keep clean and cool. In terms of delivery of services in the company, Go – Jek let users through the smartphone applications real-time tracking his parcel. You can Go – Jek purchase or transport any goods less than 1 million rupees ($78).

when open the application for the first time, you will be prompted to need to register. On the front page, the user can select Go – Jek one of the three services. In each choice, the user need to fill out some information, such as delivery address, delivery address and delivery time. Then, the application will show the price.

the question of payment, you can pay by cash, use the Go – Jek integral, or an enterprise order ticket (only cooperation company). The user can use the bank transfer to buy points or Go – Jek promotion code score points to share with his friends. If the Go – Jek application user enter your promotion code for the first time, they will get 25.0001 rupees integral. When they use the Go – Jek service, you will get 25.000 rupees integral.

although the Go – Jek applications may not look like Uber is concise, its main users in Jakarta. Because the city traffic, the Go – Jek can challenge the Uber.

Go – Jek competitors including HandyMantis in Jakarta and Wheel Line. Go – Jek, however, appears to be an own smartphone applications ojek start-ups.

in Vietnam, Grabtaxi also tried to connect it cab application with the motorcycle rider. Maybe one day, the two service may direct conflict happens in Indonesia. Although now Indonesia also have no policy to adjust the motorcycle taxi, but if it be a lucrative business in the future, the government may policies to adjust.