Friends: online support travel exchange platform based on LBS

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with the rapid growth of domestic Tours and exit the market, more and more young people begin to pursue personalized travel experience, so by some, such as a lift, pick up person, sofa guest mutual social way to travel, perhaps will become the mainstream in the future. Stay friends is such a location-based social travel platform, users by finding like-minded travelers realize mutual journey, to meet with, a lift, pick up person, for help, share, rigid demand. Founder and CEO luo: I think it will change the way of millions of travelers can travel, and to promote domestic tourism services to individual tourism transformation and upgrade of the form.

at present, the way friends APP has been launched, has 500000 users, one of the highest active users focused on Tibet, yunnan, Taiwan, etc. More than 30000 active users, more than 6000 people involved in the day to post reply interaction, participants communicate the success rate of 60%.

hunting cloud network noted that way friends will own brands and domestic OTA, the strategy of community and travel sharing platform (ctrip, where to travel, bread, etc.) has carried on the detailed analysis of competition, and summarizes the advantages of their products, mainly for the following three points: 1) meet the demand of about companion and other social mutual aid, and the rigid demand and core culture; 2) the main application of location: demand management in place; 3) user viscosity is high.

at present, the way of marketing mode for: offline promotion – network marketing activity to promote – the user communication. Spread, selection and merchants in offline promotion link (scenic spot, accommodation, catering, etc.) and guide the cooperation, such as recommended customers, organize salon brand friends “way; Later, in the network marketing stage, using the mainstream media, social networking platforms and application platform for promotion; User transmission link, with appropriate incentives to encourage users to word-of-mouth way friend APP, finally, a public welfare activity, free experience, tourist star, online, offline trade promotion, motivate users to participate in activities and spread on the formation activity.

all round the way of business models, including the scenic area consumption, accommodation, transportation, tourism, shopping, autonomous group six big modules, value-added services, advertising, its profit is the aggregation of the travelers and server: from the perspective of the user friends road digging the demand of the target users, using the mature technology, mobile communication, location services, and a big data first build fellow-travellers of tourism social platform, help users to meet the needs of self-help and mutual aid, and recommendations for the user to eat live play strategy, provide the booking and payment. From the perspective of the server reference current mature profit model on the market, help the tourism businesses get customers, produce consumer commission and profit. Luo to hunt cloud network, according to the future, stay friends innovation since the group charge, the manager of the commission, and personalized travel service, reservations can be through the transaction profit.

according to the way friends data show: tips for the owners drive, backpackers and college students give priority to Tours of user groups, the number of tourist is about 80 million people, 200 million annual outing people, consumer size is about 120 billion yuan a year, annual growth rate of more than 30%. Friends and at the same time, the way team Tours also pay close attention to the market capacity: 2014, 3.63 billion domestic tourism scale, Tours accounted for 68%, more than 200 million people, 109 million outbound tourism scale, more than 45 million the number of Tours. Guidance “country” to promote tourism development, to the domestic tourism consumption will reach 5.5 trillion yuan in 2020, the share of Tours to more than 80%.

based on market development, luo convective cloud network, said: in 2015, becoming friends plan to universal coverage of domestic major tourist routes and destinations, Tours and deepening of the integration of service products, to provide users with more diversified and personalized Tours, guaranteed the local service. In 2019, is expected to daily active users of up to five million people, let every day hundreds of thousands of people find a companion and get help, and through to provide users with personalized travel service booking and consumer benefit.

luo told hunting cloud network: friends in January 2014, the “way” by chongqing easy day make investment co., LTD., invested 2 million yuan seeds, then, in December 2014 in Shanghai China international investment led, chongqing easy day to make angel investment with a total of 5 million yuan.

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Company: chongqing morning of micro bo asked technology co., LTD.

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