“Friends net” middle-aged and old builds with science and technology endowment social networking service platform

May 8 (word/He Yuying)

China is the only one in the world of elderly population of more than 100 million countries, 2014 for alleged Chinese population aged 60 and above accounted for 13.26% (about 178 million), the line has more than 13% of the aging society. Serious population aging has brought heavy pension pressure to the society, young people how to pension, how to give the elderly happiness enrich life become the whole society on issues of mutual interest. Friends network technology provide for the aged, the filial concept, built a specifically for elderly users of social networking service platform.

2013 friends net co-founder Zhou Jialiang on behalf of the school to go to Beijing to participate in game, just to Beijing news from my grandmother died. Due to the game he didn’t catch up with the grandmother’s funeral, then want to do something to make up for, and there was founded friends network ideas, through the website to help more old people.

friends network began operations, in September 2013 in December Zhou Jialiang and two of his classmates was registered the constant Kang Jincheng technology co., LTD., chengdu team currently has 12 members. Middle-aged and old users to sign up to join friends network, web site set up old friends BBS, friends space, old friends to yoyo, integral mall, such as daily attendance plate for the elderly communication, looking for partners on the website.

Zhou Jialiang tell hunting cloud network, now friends network using appoaches business model, complete online seamless docking. Which refers to the net friends online products: “net friends” middle-aged and old network community, “friends net” WeChat public platform, “friends net” mobile phone APP. Web site where users sharing, difficult consulting, online registration, network called services and integral exchange, convenient tools, and other functions; Micro letter public platform main push service point near instant messaging, search for the user, to receive the membership card, coupons, etc; In August to online mobile phone APP can record the old schedule, provide emergency call, health analysis, parent-child interaction, activity, generation of registration and other services. Through online three channels to improve the user viscosity, targeted to improve the old user experience.

while flanks from online to offline important ways to spread further, and friends association by chengdu constant Kang Jincheng technology co., LTD. Chengdu heng Kang Jincheng technology co., LTD. Is responsible for docking cooperation agencies, love the business entities such as project, friends association is responsible for the elderly users on the tie line and organize them to participate in public welfare activities such as group communication, old friends to class. It is worth mentioning friends net friends offered class service, specifically for older users don’t use smart, not to get to the Internet, and so on and so forth for teaching, let them experience the fun of the Internet and convenient.

Zhou Jialiang think through appoaches business model, net friends hope to form a complete ecological system of science and technology. The early stage of the system will continuously for middle-aged and old customers to provide quality service life, gradually formed to the government to buy type of pension services; Medium-term rapid accumulation of users, to provide more comprehensive and more excellent offline services; Late to strengthen the system function, and gradually the focus from “share” into “the elderly life assistant”, at the same time with the aid of new media means allow system to their divergence. Through this circle of the ecological relationship between infiltration technology provide for the aged, the filial concept of the new pension.

Zhou Jialiang tell hunting cloud network, now friends network registered members more than 200 people, more than 90000 people, Japanese growth held offline activities many times, with the chengdu local many entity stores have had cooperation. “In the future we will launch friends bracelets pension products such as intelligence, help young people more clearly understand their parents’ health and safety situation.”

cloud network think hunting pension problem is everyone need to face the problem, old age is the Internet as disadvantaged and marginalized groups need access to the Internet through a channel, access to new technology. But the channels of infiltration degree and the elderly to accept ability is need to attention and improve.