Fresh snail: based on the entity shop, positioning of white-collar O2O fruit

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cloud network hunting note: fresh snail had tried to use “light” O2O mode for white-collar crowd weekday fruit supply services, but limited to the promotion of capital, supply chain, was close to the edge of collapse. After the transformation idea, combined with the entity shop, try to use the central warehouse – stores – O2O play to optimize supply chain, optimizing the user experience, optimize the management of cash flow. Has now realize revenue earnings, and try to continue to expand the scale.

fresh electricity problem hasn’t been solved, perhaps based on entity shop O2O mode is a solution.

the snail give a person a kind of slow. The fresh snail He Guandong explanation, the founder of the “three aspects of meaning, then encourage white-collar crowd with a snail persistent, don’t give up the professional spirit, and embody the fruit freshness, the snail would like to eat fruit is very fresh, moreover also wants to advocate a kind of high quality state of slow life.” Fresh snail mainly for target users with boxes of finished product fruit platter and freshly squeezed juice products, and related supporting services.

the white-collar market positioning, based on the following reasons:

1, consumption level is higher, more focus on quality and picky;

2, population concentration, helps to word-of-mouth;

3, have the demand, and market is big enough.

fresh snail store location is mainly around the office business circle more concentrated place, although the cost is higher, but there are also benefits, such as:

1, the environment is good, to provide quality services to provide a good environment;

2, close to the target populations, and very concentrated, the target population to stay long enough, 8-10 h;

3, pure traditional fruit store model doesn’t work, but the store + O2O have a chance.

store supply chains, the fresh snail team is now purchasing through local fruit wholesale market, the main reason is that the entity shop less, on a smaller scale, not origin direct mining. But previously tried out to booking instructions of the fruit, such as cherries, mango, straight, of course, is the origin, pre-sales team stronger-than-expected results, obtained satisfactory results. Booking patterns are relatively clear, mature, later will continue to try and continue to optimize.

specific about the function of physical stores. 1, the image display function; 2, offline for the online training, retained user functionality; 3, close distance users, logistics speed, good experience; 4, storage function, in addition, if handled well, entity shop itself can be profitable, it doesn’t matter even if offline part slightly deficient.

Snails are

at present, fresh fruit products form including PC website, mobile terminal WeChat service number. PC flow in general, however, the main focus of the team’s are in the offline store development and mobile end part of the promotion.

The planning of the

, because of currently limited to money, early will choose the pool as much as possible to do some physical stores, expanding the scope of the services. During this period, also can contact the management actively, once the funds in place will close the joint channel, select all proprietary manner in order to ensure the quality of service, the user experience. It is also possible through buybacks to buy back the associated stage stores, equity, or in order to experience.

store scale base, do every four stores will form a complete set of a cold storage, to ensure the supply of fresh fruit. If demand, choose origin straight by way of further optimization of supply chain, reduce the purchasing cost. Gradually achieve “origin – warehouse – stores – users” of the supply chain.

logistics, fresh snail tendency with the third party logistics enterprise cooperation, in order to improve the efficiency, do a few things didn’t also necessity self-built logistics. Online payment is due to the payment is currently WeChat WeChat end, of course, can be cash on delivery or to the store to settlement, late will also develop APP, can access other payment platform, mainly for the convenience of the user.

fresh snail is a chengdu local enterprise, team planning before October 2015 will open at least eight stores in chengdu, in April 2016, before the expansion of business scope to chongqing, Shanghai two cities. Finally realizes the production and marketing integration, to achieve complete industry chain from the origin to the user.

for O2O start-up companies, the author stressed once more: whether the enterprise can win in the fierce market competition, the final spell is promotion strategy, execution, service quality, user experience, the one that actually is very traditional, the Internet just tools, tool, tool!

team, founder of the CEO He Guandong 4 a, is mainly responsible for planning, the expansion of our business and financing; Co-founder Wu Mengju media people, mainly in charge of team management, supply chain management, activity promotion, media relations, etc.; Co-founder Duan Mei media are born with, is mainly responsible for product development, new media operations, etc.

in order to complete the team development plan, formulated by fresh snail must use the power of the capital, the team is now officially launched the angel round the financing plan, hoping to complete before October 2015.

as a serious, objective and fair science and technology press, hunting cloud network (here refers to only the author himself) sincerely hope to have more and more media to entrepreneurship and even a small stage of success. To media people’s career development provides a can learn from the development path.