Founder of today’s headlines: I don’t have to buy a house, entrepreneurship to set the priority

note: hunting cloud yi-ming zhang, founder of the headlines today that more than 20 years old, after 85, 85 after the youth entrepreneurship, think to arrange priority, first of all to do interesting things and work with outstanding people in front, to give up some life schedule. The following is from chengdu commercial daily reported content:

the three hypotheses in the process of entrepreneurial

in the process of entrepreneurship, I have three hypotheses, is I do a lot of decision and thinking of the three hypotheses.

1, the world will be more and more transparent

this is my own feeling, this sentence is in 2011, I read “the Facebook effect” see, this book has a discuss to zuckerberg met with university students discuss the “the world is more and more transparent” what it means, such as the management of the enterprise, for friends, what that means for families. This gave me the touch of the deep, to do product design, also want to consider the background.

2, this is an era of change

for the Internet age is the age of change, PC Internet traffic is no longer rising, the flow of the mobile Internet is rapidly rising, the rise of smartphones change too many industries: paper maps have no, alarm clock, the camera. For the media industry is also very big change, has just emerged on the Internet, print media is the development of the rising, then the computer can not carry. But the mobile Internet era, the first large overturned situation, more than 95% of the transaction can be done on the mobile terminal.

and I feel the change in the technology is accelerating, shale gas, for example, we originally think oil prices will continue to rise, but last year the price of oil and commodities declined dramatically. Such as the electric car time again, I think in the next five years electric cars will occupy a large market share, now the electric car type costs only 1/10 of the price per kilometer – 1/5.

the change of age have a lot of factors of production to restructuring, since many new opportunities to restructure, and the new change every industry will drive the other industry change. Just say the mobile Internet and media, mobile Internet and life service, mobile Internet and electronic business, this is another background of The Times.

3, China opportunity

in the past we said China lags behind that of Europe and the United States for two to three years, but now has changed, in many products, business model and operation practice, Chinese companies are leading overseas, a lot of things is first invented in China, such as millet, different pricing, different ways of marketing. For example, “the headline” today, we are the earliest in the world do recommend tech-oriented web search engine. There are a lot of characteristic products, “sing”, “Momo”, this is the innovation of the mobile Internet in China. When the first generation of Internet education in China is less developed, many of them are engaged in professional mathematics in do the Internet, after more than ten years of development, both the computer and the product manager of talents more and more, Beijing, shenzhen, hangzhou, chengdu has become IT talent intensive entrepreneurial base. Of course, there are a lot of market, China’s population density is high, such as electricity, O2O business model more market. So China has the opportunity in the field of application, led the world in the field of business.

startup never thought to earn the first bucket of gold

we often said, the word “entrepreneurship” is only relatively popular in the recent ten years. Before also have a similar one, called “doing business”. What’s the difference between a business and entrepreneurship? In my opinion, in the 80 s and early 90 s reform and opening up, a lot of people in the business, and the main elements of doing business is informed, boldness, essentially is the use of asymmetric information, it is not to create new model or new technologies, or new different products , this is my understanding of “doing business”. But I think the more and more transparent society, more and more transparent world, business has become more and more difficult. We see a lot of company biography, vanke earliest money is made to sell corn, these are replaced by what now? Hai tao, can Shanghai tao, can on alibaba, so foreign trade become more and more difficult, because you can now buy directly to the amazon products, taobao products can also be sold to all over the world, so there have been some platform company.

when it comes to resources, now drops a taxi, a taxi licences resources have been less and less valuable. what is the business now? Rely on innovation, rely on new technology, rely on the new model. another Angle, I’m not really a businessman, in addition to do before today’s headlines, and engaging in business, I didn’t do business, also failed to pass the business to earn money.

many business goal is to earn the first bucket of gold, I really don’t have the concept, when I founded the company never want to earn the first bucket of gold, not in this for the target. I am a heavy users access to information, I wonder how to more effective access to information, in addition to my own effective access to information, how to help users better access to information, how to help users better communication. From this perspective, I am not a businessman, this is business entrepreneurship and contrast. before doing business is said “people stupid, more money, speed”, we say business we usually say it is a new technology, new business models, this is the difference between business and entrepreneurship.

“Internet +” under the theory of relegation

three years ago, I was also a startup, “Internet +” now there are a lot of Internet combined with the innovation of the traditional industry, reconstruction of the Internet to sell clothes, sold baked wheat cake, pig and so on. before a downgrade, said China’s youth do not do too much innovation, because innovation many will fail, and try to achieve high energy low. What do you mean? You technology is good, then you do technical medium difficulty, the successful probability is very big. the Internet can change all walks of life, but there are some improper places. I think the Chinese entrepreneurs, the China youth, not only to do at the end of the industrial chain, such as in the era of manufacturing, we can’t production equipment and numerical control machine tool, but we can produce small appliances, from making money and probability of success, the biggest we can do OEM, clothing production rather than do the production of design and manufacture of equipment, similarly, is also in the technology industry.

now say that the Internet sentry, Internet rice noodle, do lower the difficulty, the use of information asymmetry, or make a small white money, all kinds of addictive games, this is called the downgrade theory.

we look again, below is an entrepreneur, I have great respect for them to do general technology companies launching spacecraft in low cost, many private companies can do it. Tesla, for example, from the vehicle, drive equipment, engine, the vehicle is not the same production line, I feel the society are more tolerant of failure, for young people to do more things more encouraging innovation advanced.

until now did not buy a house in Beijing

tell me about life, I consumption is less than three thousand yuan per month, long after the wallet pocket money are not used. I think the goal is not to make money and enjoyment, economic return is important, of course, but I think that is not the most important more and more. I basically do not have any money interests, no interest on luxury goods, watches, cars, no research on the game, alcohol, tobacco, tea. That what can drive me to do these things? Material is not enough, if the material you have the first ten million might not have motivation, with the first one hundred million could have no power, it is difficult to do the special challenges.

what can self for self innovation practice? Self-fulfilling. Hope more creation experience, has a more rich life experience, more wonderful life experience, hope to meet more good people, make the smartest man in the best people work together, hope to become a better yourself, this is a self-fulfilling.

how to better implement yourself? Do a challenging, difficult, which is is a way to start a business is one of the most typical way, because the business will make you to inspire their own potential, and will let you put forward higher request to oneself, will let you every day there are new challenges every month. This is how I feel, is a pursuit of economic return? Definitely a pursuit, but the proportion of the pursuit of more and more lower.

I also have a same feeling, especially for start-up. 20, 85, 85 after startup of young people, I think to set the priority, the first to do interesting things and work with outstanding people in front, to give up some life schedule. I saw elder child, New Year’s day go back to see some relatives, they say you can just graduated from the university of parents have chengdu registered permanent residence, can have a Beijing hukou, when to buy a house, when to get married, when to want a child, if with so many standard to set, then these restrictions will make possible loss. Don’t consider, of course, not to say these things, these are all life, is the need to balance, but need to adjust the priority. Such as I until now don’t have to buy a house in Beijing, because I think this is not important, but life is not convenient to work, the priority must adjust good , this is one of my thoughts.