Founded Facebook, a former CFO Lyra, focus on behavior barriers to health care

Facebook’s former chief financial officer David his bosman (David Ebersman) has played an important role in the process of IPO fame, and some of you may know is, he has in the United States genentech (Genetech) for 15 years, can say, he has been devoting most of the energy in his life to the health care and life sciences. From leave Facebook last year to now, Mr Bosman has kept a low profile, do quite mysterious. But he left after Facebook has revealed that he left for his back into the medical services industry.

“most of my career at genentech, or health care industry.” Mr Bosman said in an interview that “the industry’s most attract me, is that it can give me a real feeling, I give help to those who lost their health, I’m trying to bring some changes to them.”

startup Lyra the establishment of the Health, marks Mr Bosman to step back into the Health care field. The company is committed to broadening the channels to better support and help people behavior disorders, including depression, addiction and anxiety, etc.

now, those who need psychological and behavioral Health more and more, but can provide practical help resources rarely, this also is Lyre Health company is the biggest driving force.

“we are talking about the behavior of the health problems, in fact, now there are a lot of people join in, and classifying behavior disorder, but I want to say is that these classification research doesn’t work.” Mr Bosman mentioned that “the depression, anxiety, and ceaseless various drugs has become the main tone of the patients life… Health care system is, in fact, it is difficult to provide some really effective solution to the problem.”

“patients to the hospital now, or can’t diagnosed, or it’s confirmed, get a clue treatment, in other words, there is no solution, patients cannot obtain the medical services they need,” he said, “in many cases, these people were not treated, even if the so-called now hospital treatment, also no benefit to them.”

Mr Bosman added, actually or is there a way to solve people drug abuse, depression and anxiety, but to get the useful resources, we have to do a difficult job. So the Lyre Health mission.

the company hopes to set up between the patients and more individual experience of each other, can not only meet the specific needs of the individual, and can make patients get the best treatment to the greatest extent possible. Companies provide solutions including establishing analysis model of determine the condition of the critically ill patients; On the basis of medical software and a patient’s own servers need to match the best behavioral health treatment; Set up a specific medical device to evaluate treatment effect and platform, and provide resources to help patients adapt to a variety of treatment options.

“if you are in some treatment, but no progress. We have the ability to treat it’s helpful for you to turn into a real thing, “said Mr Bosman transfer.

Lyre Health is necessary, but it’s also a very challenging task. Talk to Mr Bosman transfer, you will feel his hands-on, make sure for those suffering from addiction, depression and other behavioral health disease afflicted determination to change.

after conversation with Mr Bosman, I found the Lyre Health for him is a passionate construction project, which he previously served as Facebook’s chief financial officer’s attitude is totally different.

his bosman also bear a lot of criticism from the industry, because Facebook is not so gorgeous appearance make many, also because he as a chief financial officer for stock overvalued, directly led to the later start, so high price and the joint of a series of problems emerge in the Nasdaq trading together, make the Facebook at a disadvantage.

“Facebook is a very good place to work,” said Mr Bosman transfer. “Where work let a person feel very interesting, we watched the technology how to promote industrial development, and the connecting way of the rapidly changing world.” He added.

“even though I was fascinated by this,” said Mr Bosman, “but I haven’t find a word to describe it, but sometimes it is such a feeling, suddenly find that you are working on your career, has always been your dream.”