For specifics: two of a kind of hearts – actually strangers social basic level of appearance is not the issue

(article/who 闫森)

street fashion community P1, behind the founder Pan Ying and wang yu has been 8 years of husband and wife. At first also didn’t want to let P1 go into small colonies of fashionable personage. But first to avoid precipitation users play determine the tonality and gene products. For new project for specifics of husband and wife two people, but they don’t think to early operation.

main “two feelings mutually yue”, is still a stranger social oriented. Sound out completed the bertelsmann, A $5 million round of financing. For the next step, the competent algorithm, according to wang yu agent behind the technology to remove the normal operation, the team behind the application of the recommended algorithm will still keep innovation, although sound out the home page is still brand point of hearts, but to make “two of a kind” more accurate, visited or to do different things.

stranger social has been in a relatively blue ocean market and user demand also, the message after devoted followers or innovators are cut into the stranger social scene in different ways. Cut from a party, such as micro, from the game cuts such as distance, from games such as touch, from interest in the label cut like a heartbeat. And as from social such as sound out into the ice.

click on the red hearts after each other between heterosexual, two people chat can make friends. For the markets, this pattern is not very fresh. Class Tinder the flip interaction is still face, visited co-founder Pan Ying tell hunting cloud network, we care more about the user on the sound out of predestination success rate. This is also our most core. Stranger social ice, see where the role of is sweet “informer”. Like the good feeling and mutual point, can complete our flagship “two feelings mutually yue”. But if one party to a party relentless, visited should keep secrets for each other.

sound out at the beginning of the application, to the user can choose shielding the address book. Social total strangers have some privacy is reluctant to speak, see where don’t want to do social, so about guns on the label is not necessary to buckle, light social or once is sound out the currently most state. wang yu tell hunting cloud network, to sound out after two people familiar with WeChat, the resulting social scene from users doesn’t sound out the migration out, first of all, dating is not to find object, also is not a final deal with one stroke of the hammer. As long as there is demand to make friends, they will come back.

now for specifics, users complain about two cases, one kind is to use sound out after be opposite sex harassment, more is come about? Let a person can’t stand it. Wang yu, in the social product appears unavoidably pests user, platform strategy is zero tolerance for these people, after check delete users reporting platform. Next version, the user will set up a sensitive word database exchange meeting, some explicit inappropriate words will be prohibited from use.

the second scenario is that user errors, click on the “X” missed “fate” of interest. Wang yu said, in view of this situation actually can repair technology, out of a back button. But eventually agreed or still adhere to the “algorithm + love” recommendation system, so is predestined friends the human will appear only once, want the user to cherish every point X and the hearts of opportunity.

to the user puts forward “appearance level is not high should be far away from the sound out”, wang yu said don’t agree. stranger social products are mostly the result of two-way choice. Sound out actually has made innovation in social to break the ice. For specifics flop like user in picking up brides, choose the prince. Application of “red heart” button in the way the first greeting like strangers. Before users and heterosexual contacts also need to constantly send some “in it, you are very beautiful, have the time?” such as compliments, also can not get a reply.

sound out to say “hello” in the early social way into a red heart, is actually simplifies the way people greet each other showed that goodwill. As for the “appearance is not work out and see where it is taken for granted, real experience you will find that, not appearance level need to be very high to get more of the opposite sex and call the hearts. Most are ordinary users, not every girl in sound out is to find a white horse prince, on the boys end is similar. sound out encourage users to use the real picture and the pictures. If have to summarize a word said this problem, it’s the original sound out users’ think too much.

to return to products, in fact, the user of loneliness or social aspirations of strangers is not a product can meet, so you will see a lot of people on the sound out is all hearts to be, or put the X point to acid. User is actually no matter how powerful product recommendation algorithm, as long as you can find a stranger talk to heaven, and whatever mode of heavy or light, who is the next message message doesn’t matter.