For six years, Foursquare CEO chang to express their mind: we’ve just started

note: yahoo or rumours will be done for $900 million acquisition of Foursquare. The 09 online company, the early development of curve faster than Twitter. In 2014, in order to adapt to mobility, it will be applied in two. Is now the sixth year of company development, Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley say just started: the following letter for its full text:

I hope before you have saw the news on Twitter in the geographical position of social software Foursquare, with the help of Twitter users can add location tags in the push.

for Foursquare, it is not a small thing, not just because we all love Twitter, we are very excited we can cooperate with Twitter, let us become a part of the Twitter of geographic information database, which is one of the reasons, but more important reason is that this is a successful example of cooperation, let you can see how Foursquare platform will gradually popularization, until everywhere — that is you may have heard we talked about “the location information of the Internet layer” (the location of the Internet) this concept.

as a CEO, I spent a lot of time to introduce people to our company, tell them what we do and in which direction we are going to develop. But many in the industry think we is only the application developers, often mentioned we would say: “you is the company developed a Foursquare and Swarm?” Every time I hear this awareness, I feel surprised.

well, they didn’t say wrong. Indeed we have developed the application of the two super powerful, with millions of users around the world (every month more than 5000 users to use our these two apps, visit our website on computers and mobile phones). Foursquare, however, one of the most interesting place, and we have been developing all of the technology. With these techniques, when the first time you through the streets of a strange, Foursquare application can recommend you might like sandwich shop for you. Also, from the technique Swarm can automatically share geographic location information without having to manually signed in you. We can predict the user demand, automatic search local information, and according to the actual situation of people to push these information, only a few companies can provide such services, because this step is not easy, it requires strong team, technical strength and huge data support, around the world can achieve these indicators of the company are few.

I know, our company is to rely on check-in (and us in order to encourage people to sign in and out of all sorts of interesting things). But remember, our direction is never “the development of the world’s best check-in procedure”. As you all know, Google grabbed almost all of the web site information, we want to do, is to establish a set of system, in the same way into the lives of people around the world. In order to achieve this goal, we have collected over the years to know all the data use, help people find the most beautiful and interesting things in the real world. To this end, we set up a company, want to bring hundreds of millions of users dream context-aware services, we can use a through analysis have you ever been to the place, to recommend to you give your destination in advance of the software.

in six years, these things, we have been thinking about it, also have been doing. You check in as many as 7 billion times, let us know the existence of more than 6500 places in the world, you leave 250 million photos and more than 7000 ten thousand tips, to show us the secrets of these places. And you add in the file 90 million “preferences”, told us all what he wants us to help find. There are as many as 85000 partners to use our platform, we received hundreds of millions of times every day from their API call request, we can update data and coefficient of popular throughout the country. In addition to building the world’s most accurate location information database, we also learned to imitate mobile phones “see” the structure of the way — “see” the building is depend on the ground trace record and analysis of sensor data, rather than from the air, can only see little boxy buildings. We develop software that through reading people, stay and leave somewhere when the whereabouts of – whether these tracks represent a certain place, or a city block. In addition, we also create a search and recommendation algorithm. That makes our software more intelligent, it can get to know you are somewhere to stay for a period of time or just crossed somewhere. You might have heard from our “site” “call people to get to the place” the keywords “rover engine” – it is these let we have the confidence, no matter where you in the world and near the home, this is the first time visiting a city, far from home, we can remind you in the near where we can get the most wonderful experience, and help you find the places where you might like.

at the beginning of 2009, we have just started operating Foursquare, there is no good location information on market application interface (believe us, we have searched everywhere.) So we developed a, from the beginning of the software development, our site information database is generated and maintained by our user community (are) now, so we always think, this by everybody together to build a site information database should also open to other developers, we thought, if they can no longer have to do tedious work to from the beginning to establish their own database. In the summer of 2009, we opened the first API, now we have developed into a location information data platform, provide service for 85000 different companies and applications (our partner number increased by more than 30% last year!) We help Microsoft’s personal assistant Microsoft XiaoNa (Cortana) and bing search to strengthen the function of location information retrieval, image sharing website Pinterest, Flickr, social application Waze, samsung and city tourism traffic map ZhaXunWang Citymapper etc. Thousands of companies are also our partner. Beginning from today, Twitter friends will join us, they push every day more than five hundred million of the paper can also be able to share with you the news today, my mood is very excited, because I want to, this opportunity to let us to show you a company think they already know you very different side. Our team is trying to develop some new things, looking forward to share with you in the near future (AD time, please don’t go away). We all have been very clear, “mobile terminal + localization service,” the model in the future will be more and more predictive, more and more proactive, and will be more and more personalized, that is to say, your pocket (or wrist) there will be a software running, make sure you can understand the most interesting things around. Every few months, our goal to close to the point, however, even now, six years later, we only just begun…


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