For promoting financial: government credit guarantee P2G platform aimed at general control regulation

(text/Zhang Nanqian)

last November online poll to promote financial, is a subsidiary of sichuan investment promotion agency of a P2G (government credit class project) website, also claimed to be the first P2G platform. Team a total of 39 people, including 12 members of the technology and products, market operation members 13 people.

P2G model actually is to promote the whole society is an important innovation of the capital allocation efficiency: it through intermediary Internet information platform, the social idle funds allocation to the fields of local economic development is the most short of money. simple point said, promote financial P2G platform is a government credit as guarantee, the introduction of private capital joint operation of the P2P network platform. Promote financial CEO Mr Tang that shots to promote financial pain points at the ends of the solution is: one end is the government’s short-term financing needs no formal institutions and channels to solve, one end is ordinary investors a relatively safe steady and higher-yielding financing channels.

for promoting financial have two institutional shareholders, one is the sichuan investment promotion agency, the other is a financial investor. Mr Tang convective cloud network, set up the platform’s original shareholders basically has two: the vote will promote, is to set benchmark to sichuan local Internet financial industry; For financial investors, is optimistic about the future of business in the financial industry, the Internet and P2G patterns. “We for the product orientation is the most standard transparent solid financial platform, the Internet company regulation is anchored in the business direction direction, make the specification of the Internet financial enterprises.” Mr Tang said.

to promote financial platform project has two main categories: one is the (government) authorized and guarantee state-owned enterprises direct financing; 2 it is to make (state-owned guarantee company guarantee) of small and medium-sized enterprise financing. Platforms involved in the project scope is very wide also, such as urban infrastructure, affordable housing construction, the state shall encourage the industry and so on.

about P2G platform is the most important risk control measures, how to promote financial fulfilling? Loans, promote the financial team will be from the main six on a process control: field survey, financing scheme design, project review, brokerage agreement, project roadshow as well as the project is launched. These processes are open to check on the website and traceability. After loan, if the project appear dishonest ACTS, for promoting the financial team to have exceed the time limit of early warning, start plan, disposal method and start implementation steps of risk control.

according to cast to promote financial team website online users so far more than 2900, clinch a deal the forehead just over 40 million yuan. About business models, Mr Tang that convective cloud network, “we don’t mean to significant adjustments to business model, but plans for more try, for example, may be a recent asset and the type of products, raise the raise to buy cheap disposal of assets of the auction, then to slightly lower than the market price sell profit.” According to understand, for promoting financial project there is no external financing, planned to introduce strategic investors in the near future.