For B side order O2O meal why can get 140 million yuan investment?

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after the 2013 B round, flagship enterprise users meal network has announced a completed C round of financing, obtain 140 million yuan by the public comments on led. At the same time, the deep strategic cooperation with the public comments on the excellent meal.

meal officially launched in 2011, now faces the enterprise customers provide online reservation, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea, etc. Before financing experience includes: 2011 from xiao-ping xu is very serious funds and nine venture capital of one million yuan (us $angel investment; In 2012, received millions of dollars in kleiner perkins caufield & byers A round of investment; $2013 NGP led must B round of investment; 2014 letter from principal part B rounds of additional investment of capital.

however, restaurant o2o so intense market competition, the current view, take-out area is in the midst of the hungry? Take-out seesaw battle, and the group meal can network with its different modes, differentiated positioning and audience, so as to break through leading enterprise jingle platform, the author thinks that there are three points for reference.

cut into the enterprise market, how to break through the enterprise market barriers?

meal orders is too early to do the most, at the end of A round of funding is turning to service B the corporate clients. Meal founder zhao Xiao think, enterprise and individual markets have very big difference, it is difficult to put their own traditional individual users average flow into the enterprise market. In addition, compared with individual orders business orders, difficulty is greater, more focus on enterprise users is in terms of service experience, including business development, rotating restaurant, the restaurant management, and individual package to pay business system.

so, meal when choosing cut corporate clients must have four preparation: one is the key decision-maker and every enterprise to form a good relationship; 2 it is to sign the contract; Three is binding and corporate employees to account and integral binding; Four is meal 91% of employees are from offline store, equivalent to thousands of chain operation.

meal was founded four years, currently covered Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, chengdu and other cities, said zhao Xiao urban expansion will be carried out in the first round of funding. In addition, he also revealed that the Internet company is just a part of the meal the customer, after will be more rich client types, including construction companies, advertising companies, accounting firms, etc.

meal is oriented enterprise consumption link, all paid by enterprises, zhao Xiao revealed that meal’s ultimate goal is to hope that through high order service, formed in the enterprise quality pipes, can and enterprise to develop the financial docking system.

restaurant help reshape logistics, build internal control system

meal did not own logistics team, also with the third party logistics cooperation, due to reasons cannot guarantee zhao Xiao considered the user experience. Zhao Xiao said, some merchants have the third party logistics, can be slow, but the third party platform meal ready, hue is very good, but such as it took 20 minutes, the third party logistics to from the point of the time and path of thinking about the user experience is very bad. “As a result, many businesses will choose to do distribution”.

meal system has its own application process, there are 500 pages of standard operating manual, including customer solutions, business management, field service, part-time management, customer satisfaction guarantee. At the same time, will also set up a search mechanism regularly, for restaurant meals more will ask for samples, once the enterprise because someone eating out of the question, meal will to solve.

for never handle a large number of orders for merchants, meal also can help to optimize, “such as this is a complete chain, appearance is very simple, with data mining. Mobile terminal also has some simple work order, this way can pay advanced, everyone will generate your own special number, per order we will be treated.” Zhao Xiao said.

it is worth mentioning that meal will provide regular rotation strategy to push businesses will pay according to user’s actual transaction data or data to make choice, eliminated the user experience is bad restaurant.

restaurant O2O don’t burn, can development?

take-out O2O platform for the various subsidies, no worse than before take a taxi. But, it seems to zhao Xiao meal is don’t need money, but he also said, how much money is not terrible, the key is to burn what’s important.

“the first meal is burning money subsidies to users, and a subsidy to five dollars, but suddenly one day online subsidies is broken, consumers have to quit, without platform would be broken.” Zhao Xiao think platform must have an added value.

in terms of profit model, zhao Xiao said in addition to a commission of 10% meal at present does not consider other modes, want to give the whole amount to expansion in the short term. “A lot of people said, meal 10% reasonable unreasonable from the inside, in fact we are not in this way, we help him from $10 to 12 yuan, more than two dollars from the inside, we take out two dollars, let him every room staff efficiency order to improve efficiency, this is we take two dollars.” Zhao Xiao said.

will compete with counterparts, zhao Xiao the answer is no. The lives of the local market is eat, drink, and be merry, and this scenario including school, family, business and enterprise, the first three scenarios are actually 2 c business, and meal enterprise users just 2 b. In zhao Xiao seems, therefore, between 2 c and 2 b business operation mode, payment of scene is not the same, policymakers is different also, so it is natural not overlap.

Xiao think zhao finally, keen on capital markets, food and beverage industry, market competition is very intense, under such a pattern, a new restaurant O2O platform has been hard to come in to grow.

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