Folk manual food trading platform for $4 million in financing

(word/jing-jing fan)

recently, focus on the folk manual food trading platform “feeding” angel told hunting cloud network completed $4 million round of financing, the investor to morningside capital, money will be used mainly in product research and development, the private kitchen recruit, private kitchen marketing services, and food safety.

foraging, founder and CEO Feng Xiaoceng in alibaba for 11 years, in such aspects as product, market, business has the rich experience, in July 2014 from ali’s departure, started “feeding” project. Feng Xiao argues that under the conditions of industrialized mass production, people generally consume more, the brand shop in the supermarket, but with the diversified development of the concept of consumption gradually, the standard of the brand can’t meet the needs of all people, personalized demand also needs can be met.

grazing is not order the app, but in the application of zongzi, a user can be found according to the geographical location, near the city, the national characteristics of food by hand. Covers manual baking sweets, private kitchens, out snacks, seasoning sauce, pastry, bacon dry manually, drinks homebrew, fresh fruits and vegetables such as category, users only need to online booking, you can find in in foraging “childhood”, “mother”, “home”.

as a folk food by hand, in the audit of private kitchen, foraging has three standards. A real-name authentication is to move into the private kitchen; The second is for private kitchen health certificate, please review, ensure the safety of consumers; Three is private characteristic of private kitchen craft verification, only after these were approved. Feng Xiao, of course, in an interview with hunting cloud network also said that with the deepening of the operating process, also will be more strict follow-up audit standards.

in some extent, what do you want to be foraging food version of reality, with the concept of Shared economy gathered to build a private kitchen platform. At present, the foraging is a kind of c2c mode, private kitchen is a people on the platform, refused to all the offline stores and brands to join.

meanwhile, food safety has become the problem that the user is more concerned about, so in this respect for food and how to consider?

the first, introduced advance compensation mechanisms for all consumers.

second, platform to technical monitoring of private kitchens, complaints or problems, foraging for food in accordance with the platform mechanism to deal with private kitchen.


third, actively cooperate with the government testing agencies, adopt active anonymously after buying private kitchen food sent to the relevant institutions for testing, if you have not specification for punishment or to the relevant parts processing.

4, provide consumers with food safety insurance services, safeguard consumer insurance company for compensation.

Feng Xiao think that, as the application of food, food safety is part of the core value, and set up security, improve the guarantee mechanism of food safety has become for a new business. And good management methods and mechanisms will also bring new threshold value for food and platform advantage.

at present, the application in the field of food has a lot of, are mostly standardized brand market, food is the main combat smuggling hutch, differentiated into competition. it also brings another problem, how to solve the food distribution? Feng Xiao also explained to hunt cloud network made: foraging on the orders at present are limited and must one day in advance reservation, so logistics distribution are dealt by private kitchen, guest unit price and delivery charge is solved also by private kitchen, kitchen training platform for private, reasonable pricing and service guide them. Private kitchen distribution way, therefore, are three: their distribution in their own cars, along abundant express, express delivery, fast charge such as city express everyone.

of course, the food is just online, on the number of private kitchen and order quantity is not so big, so by private kitchen distribution and there is not much problem. but also like Feng Xiao in an interview with hunting cloud network fear, distribution also is not a problem now, but maybe the future will become a problem, therefore, still must consider in terms of delivery.

Feng Xiao also says it is not considered in terms of business mode, now focus on the user and market activity, but there is no denying the imagine space is huge.

foraging, launched in January 2015, there are thousands of private kitchen, in hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai as the center has covered 220 cities across the country. Recently will launch online private kitchen god and online food festival activities.