Focus on personality dubai tourism for many years, dubai will turn to “see”

(text/Qiao Zefang)

in the Arab television work for seven years, ali work for two years, and in 2012 self-made qianjiang targeted the above all is all in the eyes of beauty and the opportunities of sunshine city – dubai.

focus on personality tourism “N” for many years dubai

is the second largest in the united Arab emirates emirates dubai, there is rich in oil resources, diversification of ethnic groups and radiant ariel beach to hard to describe the city set up outside easily. As southeast Asia, Europe and Australia’s tourism resources become outside of the red sea, Middle East, this piece of virgin land with rich historical and cultural background to show the old slowly with science and technology, tradition and fashion, mystery and modern complex aesthetic feeling of blends.

and dubai tong is that can help you to a life of into dubai contact amorous feelings of the public has yet to understand under the veil of mystery, to focus on personality dubai’s private ordering site.

unlike traditional tourist site, via dubai is more focused on specific regions of vertical travel category. Founder of qianjiang to cloud network hunting an interesting analogy: “if the traditional go, ctrip is to sell a house, that dubai is renovating. They built a platform, more emphasis on regional number as well as the development of tourism routes, etc. and we only focus on one point, seize this line all fragmented information, such as local food, hotel etc, so as to make a system “.

“the key is to do service,” the words at the time of talking to qianjiang he constantly. And dubai on site to a certain extent, embodies the principle of the whole team. from the tourist custom-made, visa processing to meet, hotel reservation, charter and dubai travel tips, and so on in dubai on website can realize one-stop services . At the same time, qianjiang, as long as the user reservation, backstage at the same time there will be a one-on-one service docking, responsible for give the guests a good user experience. And so far, already has more than ten thousand user experience for dubai.

the debate about the “return of the deposit”

about this problem, the qianjiang looked a bit helpless. Visa time limit determines the exit of the user can not stay in dubai more than a minute, and no refund of the deposit in ms plane was late, missed the exit visa on time. Immigration and deduction of the fine, dubai in ms can only from the handle visa to pay a deposit of deducted. Flight information with immigration information asymmetry is the reason of the unpleasant in the eyes of the qianjiang. He also hopes to be able to focus the whole trip controls, in the future to avoid this kind of circumstance happening again.

via “dubai” the transition “to see”

left dubai tong actually has always been a slightly lighter luxury travel route. And DIY itself is also a focus more on experience and fun activities. So about dubai’s future, qianjiang tell hunting cloud network, with many years of experience in the Internet “luxury” is a unique way. The users of our service orientation and aim in pay more attention to personality, love the Internet at the same time have a certain economic basis of youth. Tourism in dubai this market segment, the whole team has to be very skilled, the next stop copying model of dubai to other countries is they are doing recently.

dubai will be renamed “to see”, and “see” is was born in such cases, qianjiang tell hunting cloud network, look at the name from recently very fire of the letter of resignation “world so big, I want to see”. platform will be launched in May, then go to see will not include dubai, Israel will launch the new personality swim .

is also a country with ancient religion and culture, more attractive and more desirable than dubai. And this part against Israel, qianjiang says it will continue through the running mode of dubai, hoping to achieve from visa to catering series of customized services, in terms of previous development experience in promoting new site will have the effect of better and faster. At the same time can also accumulated service reputation for dubai and the new tourist route will attract the user of the old, to maintain stability of user, thus gradually to the outbound tourism development of the Middle East into a pattern. So worthy of those who pursue individuality is expected, after Israel will also has the series such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, like the ancient and mysterious visitors will have more choices. After all, the world so big, we all want to see.

about different players in the field of similar roughly: sea to play, play, Australia (renamed: iTrip) and so on. But qianjiang said to see new products and other products are different, look at the more light of luxury, with some customization, and the gulf states of Israel and the Middle East countries such as Turkey is the focus of their current , look at the future is that I wish to make one similar to dubai on the depth, the vertical line free travel platform.

in terms of financing, in the future to see the hope to be able to get 5 million yuan by transfer 20% of the equity angel rounds of financing, to help personalization travel more walk more far.