Floor floor: by building is a social unit, can break the concrete edition “silos”?

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in the city, both in life and work, people in and out of the same building every day, always see the same face, never have the chance to know each other, become friends, help each other. As the saying goes, better good neighbours near than relations far away. Since ancient times, people have already realized that the relationship between the neighborhood is so subtle it’s so essential. Himself at the time of have a problem, is our nearest neighbors of the same building, also can realize the first time to help themselves. But the city fast rhythm of modern neighborhood present a state of apathy, neighbourhoods need new ways to approach to establish and maintain, make cold city’s strong sense of belonging.

building to building virtual online social networks, through the mutual interaction between offline, trust between people more close, make the social change from online to offline relationships, to achieve effective social. Floor floor to do is to realize the close to people’s social, use the good mutual needs and interests, between man and build a half acquaintances relationship chain, the community, office and school district covers, allows users to share their life, the surrounding information, to make friends in a news release, spell rice, carpooling, conversion for the user to maximize the value of, can not only can establish stable trust neighborhood relationship, and convenience of your life.

after the user login, see at the interface between the building according to the real world is narrow compared to the building of 3 d building model, when a user with the hand rotation, enlarged or reduced map interface, you will see no proportion to the size of the bird’s eye view, can according to the variation of each location and in a certain range of different buildings, light choose building automatically. Red, yellow, and blue respectively has been building in community building, school district building, office building, green building is the user of the selected building, gray building is not in the building. For residential building type of the building, floor, floor will regular cleaning is no longer frequent users of occupancy, guarantee the authenticity of anthropogenic in virtual environment and the safety of the social environment.

after the arbitrary occupancy in a building, the content of the feed flow show home page is in the building of louer release for help or share, to understand the relevant contents of community environment and virtual neighbors, faster into the social. Whether want to strike up a conversation with the girl next door, or ask neighbors to help get the Courier, or running in the morning sunshine, mahjong, etc., have floor of floor of the platform to give the user a helping hand. High heat topic in its popular pages in the last 24 hours, for users to view life circles new fresh thing.

tell hunting cloud network team, currently floor floor also according to user needs to do the update and revision, in the current version, above the user occupied buildings will hike up the user’s character balloons, a new anonymous group chat and other functions, let users stress-free fun; In terms of performance, click on building up 200% sensitivity and accuracy of mass ascension; Building model refinement redraw all, how many times will not enlarge distortion; Improvements in the pictures show, let users enjoy sister, Obama more convenient; APP performance was improved, also greatly reduce power consumption.

floor floor plan in the next version, will change the form of interaction, the establishment of independent discussion groups, in discussion groups, useful information more real, excellent and high correlation is also more likely to be a heated discussion, active atmosphere, mobilize the building user viscosity also will be higher. Also import more interesting content, attract more young users, concentrate on building a good sharing, good for everyone, make full use of the resources of social circle. At present, the floor of the building to be developed area is the main urban area of Beijing and Shanghai.

floor and floor, compared to the domestic market is not a real scenario for real building social products, the appearance of the floor, floor makes up for the building of the social gap. Most main community service product is just the information for the transmission of point to point, building floors, founder of the said: “based on the real location of real-time information should be accomplished by the people, in the form of turn and share who gathered in a fixed scope to spread more accurate. Business model also don’t have to worry about, businesses will automatically put the floor around the floor as a promotion platform. But hunting cloud network finally want to ask, as for the social unit building floor, can really play city concrete version of “silos”?