Flash sales beautiful meow household financing evening news: household, runway nets for financing, etc

(word/WeiWen) on May 19,

around the shopping flow platform “adjacent” won A round of funding, the amount is unknown, by IDG, grand capital with shots. Users can choose and peripheral within three miles of take-away, fruits, flowers, etc., part-time Courier will be in the hands of half an hour would be delivered goods. In addition, can also choose to “random” purchasing, published their own personalized demand, run errands for distribution agent on its behalf.

household flash sales “beauty” meow household won millions angel investment. Beautiful meow household claims is the first domestic optimizing sale that occupy the home shopping mall and Internet thinking, understand household retail, strong execution, is beautiful meow household team. Beautiful meow household APP, WAP and website has been in mid-march, team, according to the current offer is more than 2000 single peak, monovalent 100 yuan of above.

pure free home school communication platform “my class” millions angel financing, the investor for zhejiang publishing group, etc. My class system architecture on the basis of class unit, and is compatible with the administrative class and class nature. In compatibility, on the basis of traditional home school through short message service, completely free to client as the main form, with full open parent-school communication services.

Eve online mattress sales company 225000 investment, investors for Octopus Investments. And now the street or online retailers can find numerous brands, the company currently only provide a company exclusive development of mattress design, which combined the memory type material and two kinds of latex foam body advantage of 10 inch thick mattress.

smart new hardware startups Slightech light (guest) ten million yuan of investment, investment in human xiao-ping xu, Yang Ning. The popularity of smartphones and the emergence of bluetooth 4.0 low power consumption technology, accomplished what xiaomi, made it possible to prevent lost.

cassava beauty makeup angel round completed 10 million yuan, by PBA collar. Cassava beauty makeup is the video of cassava technology, beauty makeup App, the main “followed the star to learn make-up” pattern, in addition to signing many talent, to provide users with professional beauty makeup video tutorials, also hope to contribute to the benign interaction between the talent and platforms.

the door maintenance O2O platform “son-in-law” for tens of millions of yuan. A round of funding. Led by YunGe investment, and other personal or investment institutions. This round of funding will be used to improve the user experience and trust, and make the owners of convenient, cheap, reliable, professional services, and will further build the door maintenance O2O standardization process, optimizing the supply chain, improve technician training.

employment oriented education company Knod won $6.2 million in financing, Investment as an Epic Ventures, Impact Investment Leaders etc. Knod and education institutions and employers company cooperation, make up for the huge gap between university education and employment opportunities, create clear objectives of degree education for employment.

Internet investment and financing platform for the cast state won nearly 50 million B round of funding, the investor to co-win. The bond pitch agency department, issued in funds for professional venture capital institutions, through project resources, after due diligence, investment, and investment management, and other all-round cooperation, with excellent domestic venture capital institutions more in-depth strategic cooperative partnership.

fashion during electricity network for C $30 million round of funding, led to jardine matheson lianchuang, kleiner perkins caufield & byers, such as the original institutional investors and founding team to vote. While the network is a main international fashion goods electric business platform, business category including clothing, footwear, bags, accessories and cosmetics.

America millions of dollars investment content recommendation engine, baidu Toboola

content recommendation engine Toboola announced today that get millions of dollars of investment, baidu baidu will help find its content services to enter the Chinese market. Taboola content recommendation engines to publisher according to user’s data and recommend browsing habits is most likely to attract the user’s video and articles, helping to boost traffic and vendor site through advertising to make money.

hon hai jia Ming’s $22.5 million investment in Shanghai

Taiwan’s hon hai group generation unit taihua industrial (shenzhen) co., LTD. Announced that in jia Ming financing lease (Shanghai) co., LTD., equity, investment amount of $22.5 million and is expected to stake of 75%. Speculation that the financing lease company, hon hai investment should be related to the electric vehicle layout.

thunderbolt’s $2.85 million investment in hand swim, vc and domain name 3 companies

the 2014 annual report in the latest 20 – F, thunderbolt revealed in January to March 3 investments, including vc, hand swim and regional analysis services company, total investment of about $2.847 million.

on January 15, 2015, thunderbolt paid $1 million for 11.2 capital of about 2.24% stake, which is a preferred partnership engaged in venture capital, focus areas is the enterprise of science and technology, the next generation of hardware and technology.

in February 2015, thunderbolt paid $647000 for Suzhou dark emperor, Network Technology company (Suzhou Heidisi Network Technology) 19.9% stake, which is a China mobile game development and operators, the deal has been done on March 11.

in March 2015, Xiamen emperor thunderbolt acquired the domain analysis of service providers, Network Technology company (Xiamen Diensi Network Technology) 15% stake, deals worth $2 million, thunderbolt (early) paid $1.2 million, by the end of April 20, the deal is still ongoing.

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