Five kinds of suitable for Apple play games on the Watch

Apple Watch to the hands of people (some) soon, soon we can use it to email, counting calories, to send their own heart to frighten friends – all this is from a comfortable wrist Watch.

but we really should be considered in the Apple playing games on the Watch? Of course, the answer is “should”. But this does not mean that suitable for all types of games.

some traditional games have been transplanted to Apple on the Watch. Similar Flappy simple game Bird, others such as Trivia Crack (the answer) and the Rules! (eliminate) the educational games have been confirmed will launch adapter Apple simplified version of the Watch.

look from the gaming experience, Apple Watch is not very suitable for traditional games.

screen: minimum specification only 1.5 inches, is very small. Operation also easily blocked by the screen with your fingers, and raises the wrist for a long time to play the game is clearly uncomfortable.

in addition, the battery can support the game for a long period of time, some developers say Apple Watch in terms of computing power is quite limited. You will end up with is the simple can start at any time to lay down their little game.

may be installed in your iPhone Candy Crush (Candy) legend or Super Hexagon Hexagon (Super), will you be at work, do the bus or go to the toilet and have some fun.

Apple Watch not wristbands with a smaller version of the iPhone. Apple game will be on the Watch is not the same as the other devices on the game with you.

fitness game

this is the first category. Apple Watch not only has the acceleration sensor and GPS (realize) through the iPhone, even can measure your heart, thus more accurate record of your health.

there will be a lot like Zombies, Run! In the game. Zombies, Run! Is a fitness zombies with applications, will be ordinary only in a TV film the scene of the novel into the real life, let the user to exercise in the stimulus.

Zombies, Run! The story of the scenario is as follows: the whole earth was occupied by the zombies, the role of user Runner 5 mission is through the running to escape the zombie pursuit, at the same time along the way to collect medicine package, weapons and other equipment, and to resist the zombie attack. After the application is set to “run” mode, the application will be through headphones and user, tells the story of the Runner 5, tell the user’s specific tasks, playing with a hint of terror background music, etc. After running, also shows the application running along the distance, time, collected by the equipment and the number of consume more calories.

now collect data more accurate, and you only need to look at the Numbers on the wrist from time to time, don’t have to worry about when running the iPhone to run fly out.

location-based game

Apple Watch based on the geographic location of the game as well, Google released based on the GPS network game Ingress soon to launch Apple Watch version. When important locations near you will receive a prompt, and can be on the watch for simple operation.

you can also play the nintendo 3 ds by (StreetPass) and other user interactive games.

all in all, you will be able to experience the game walking (gamification travel), and does not require that every few minutes to put my eyes to the iPhone. You can be better to focus on the scenery and the people around him.

Physical game

put down the screen, let’s play with the watch some interactive games with others.

maybe two couples can take the Apple Watch play a similar Game of Oven Bounden (a double screen with creative Game) dance games

Terrorist game

Apple heart rate monitoring function of the Watch is done not have other gaming devices.

use this sensor, Apple can Watch the terror of the real time send your heart rate to the game, this game can be determined according to the your tension terrorist plot. This is a most terrible thing, I did not dare to try, but this is a very unique.

business games

operate in watch use the fragment time on playing games is a good choice

may appear electronic pet style of game, such as Apple Watch version of the Hatch. Tribal conflict and Kim Kardashian or business class game (a star forming type game)

other views

in the stamp size screen cannot play angry birds and ignore the importance of Apple Watch as a gaming device is very short-sighted.

as long as developers awareness of the uniqueness of Apple Watch, the game can be combined with the real world and not just limit in virtual digital. We will have a new and interesting game experience.

consumers turn to speak now. Do you think what kind of game for play on Apple Watch game?