Fish digital Huang Yi sails and holographic era in his imagination

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in a range of chengdu entrepreneurial teams, dynamic digital fish go quite robust. Company was established in March 2012, the founder of a too many game companies producer ZhenQi (including QQ dazzle dance, etc.), co-founder Huang Yi sails as a giant, ChengDaJin day technology art director, general manager of chengdu branch, chengdu and Beijing office has hundreds of employees in total, the entire team to research and development, loyal, original, there have been many new hand swim to the market at home and abroad respectively.

recently, game fish cloud network interview to move the digital Huang Yi sails, his game industry was born to an original view of the tour industry in hand. “Don’t say bad to do, not what is good. All of a group of people walking, suddenly collapsed, only you on my knees, it is victory.” Play games, Huang Yi sails that need is insist and vision.

move fish digital main research last year of a 3 d hand swim “the bloody battle the sky” (English name: the WAR WINGS “), won the highest award 2014 commercial games – golden cube. This for dynamic fish team, no doubt, is the success of the periodic, also do to them “innovation” concept. “The bloody battle the sky” in the second world war in China, myanmar, south Pacific, and Europe’s air combat as the background, is a 3 d online flight shooter hand tour, with the single-player campaign and 4 v4 networking mode, and support the player in aircraft hangars DIY, from the engine to all aspects of the tracer can follow manipulation. Mobile phone users operate as “gravity gyroscope + virtual buttons”, at the same time support lever operation.

Huang Yi sail tell hunting cloud network, not only research and development team, the WAR WINGS, the relation between the hand, there are also some mild games, such as 2015 key development perfect “1000 kinds of dead method” and “the Gstyle” and so on. Including 1000 kinds of dead method is designed for 80, 90 after the player is made of casual puzzle game, aims to reshape the FC era image of the era of classic tower defense, led the player back to the unforgettable childhood. In the continuation of the classic Q version of fresh pig penis at the same time, the role of game joined the bloody props in new and unique style, breaking the previous single, as dry as a chip, at the same time to make the game presents a unique contrast of the effect, the game has entered into the android platform operation at present.

the Gstyle is a in business and personal cultivation simulation system as the core gameplay women change the game. Players can by operating their own clothing store, for many different needs of customers with different character of clothing collocation, can also be through sharing fashion clothing, T stage show, show off each other, increase a sense of accomplishment, meet the players love psychology. In-game knead face system, can achieve the effect of face of app, for players to have their unique features, in order to enhance the sense.

“don’t play games to make money, make money and do the game balance.” Huang Yi sail tell hunting cloud network, digital fish want to do is a real game, but will not despise commercial components, so the balance is very important. How to accurately grasp? Dynamic digital fish the next step will be a special game data sorting and consumer behavior analysis, in order to realize the win-win situation of user experience and business interests. “This is very difficult to do, it takes considerable time, money and effort, but it is quite valuable.” Huang Yi sail convective cloud network said.

about the idea of the future, Huang Yi sail gusto: “we’ll play games or major, the preparation and use of ‘3 d holographic projection do a university teaching experience pavilion”, this is to let students like playing a game the way to learn.” Said to holographic Huang Yi sail tell hunting cloud network, he has many expect personal for holographic, particularly in the hologram in the application of game, but also has very imagination. “I really want to do the holographic games. You to a point, triggering a certain situation, to give you some things, very fun, these ideas and extend the extension is holographic games, “Huang Yi sails said:” the kind of game, and stream of consciousness can open source from the Google glasses.”

company: chengdu move fish digital technology co., LTD.

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