Fireworks workshop COO Zhang Chuang: virtual reality of super blow?

note: hunting cloud VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) as the next tuyere, attention has gradually been spread at home and abroad. Fireworks workshop COO Zhang Chuang Shared his view of the trend of virtual reality, himself a former tencent digital channel editor, long-term focus on the forefront of the trend of hardware. The following for sharing the full text:

the PC era, the computer instead of a pen and paper so that productivity tools. Mobile era, mobile phone didn’t replace who, but become an indispensable tool in life and work, close the distance communication, strengthen the diversity of life and is convenient, is a kind of extension.

the next can bring changes to people’s life work, I think it is VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality). They also won’t replace who is living and working tools again, will bring new experience of content and style. AR, in particular, on the basis of the real world more virtual information. Google glasses is AR.

before we emphasis on science and technology products, multi-purpose efficient to describe, is a kind of efficient tool. But didn’t bring the change on the vision. VR, on the other hand, it emphasizes that is not efficient, but in the virtual world more authentic experience. Before you in the products of science and technology of the third person, and you are the lead role in a world of VR, is the experience of the first person.

the definition of Virtual Reality, the use of computer, and so on interface equipment, let the user in a Virtual, interactive 3 d environment technologies immersed sense.

since the emergence of concept of VR technology industry has been unable to find a good starting point, until the Oculus founder Palmer Luckey with binocular imaging principle to build the 3 d visual effect, low cost and the way of the immersive experience, to find a breakthrough for commercialization of virtual reality.

the so-called immersive experience, is to take after the VR devices, think I’m really into another space has nothing to do with reality. From this perspective, it may bring to the Internet in the same order of magnitude of change.

the past based on 2 d interface of multiple services will be VR, as the device miniaturization and lightweight, the market will be in exponential growth, it is also a Facebook for $2 billion Oculus. Zuckerberg said, virtual reality is the next after the mobile Internet computing platform.

although VR technology has not been perfect, but the experience of ascension have already produced on potential. As can be expected that all of the experience economy industry will take the lead in combination with VR, including film and television, the game has started to explore related. Online education, industrial design also actively follow up.

now, samsung, SONY, oculus, HTC, nvidia electronics giant, is involved. Google is developing custom operating system for VR devices. YouTube announced it would support in VR devices Android version of the application to upload and play 360 – degree panoramic video.

the Chinese market, mainly the storm video company also began to enter. So far, floating on the surface of the giant companies rarely have the ability and the international competition. Mostly in the conceptual and hardware manufacturing stage.

our judgment of VR market.

1, mobile VR will become mainstream

there are two kinds of PC peripherals, and mobile peripherals. We think that the PC as the core of the VR equipment is established on the basis of PC game, PC game of the collapse of its does not have the potential of explosive growth, even if there is potential, also has nothing to do with the China PC game fault.

the popularity of VR products will begin from the mobile end. In VR eyeglasses box, integration of android low-cost VR headsets will be the mainstream. But because the helmet is more expensive, with mobile phone as the core carrier of VR glasses box will spread much earlier.

for android and iOS at the bottom of the study, will be the future VR industry indispensable core resources, we are currently in practice proved that this view of the player. When the underlying research is insufficient, the consequence is playing caton, watched nausea vomiting uncomfortable.

2 software than hardware, are more likely to become a platform

in VR in the future market will appear, universal VR glasses box (storm mirror), a dedicated mobile phone VR glasses box of samsung Gear (VR) and VR headsets three stages.

subject to product features, in general VR glasses box phase, hardware manufacturers to the user is real bundled software and hardware. Because the box just peripherals, similar to the following. Starting from the special phone VR glasses box phase, will be the combination of software and hardware.

when to mobile phones as the carrier, the real is in mobile phone APP rather than eyeglasses box, the APP can quickly through iteration to improve experience and capabilities. And it’s hard to do. So box is essentially for APP to attract users.

3, can rapidly several areas of VR

VR technology, natural is the best carrier of the film and television. Our cinema has fireworks can realize on the high-end equipment such as GearVR nearly real effect of movie theaters. Any player on a web page can’t match.

game market focus on VR is almost at the earliest. In each big VR platform game DEMO emerge in endlessly, the number of immersion experience gaming experience of ascension is huge. After the solution details such as the operation, VR games could usher in a new outbreaks.

live video is also huge potential areas of VR devices. Many music platforms have tickets for the concert, but offer only a simple video broadcast. With the help of VR equipment can be totally immersed in the field.

online education, virtual tourism, such as virtual house, commercial display 2 b application will also develop rapidly, and 2 c of the television and entertainment, 2 b business can quickly produce the profits. Show and experience part, in particular, has been focused on.

fireworks workshop in October last year began to do, the core team has to build the first generation of storm glasses App, the CTO Wang Mingyang after a former CEO of LBE, this is a tencent and ali investment from the security company, and is a board member of the first generation of the storm mirror App. Wang Mingyang doing security systems, for android and iOS underlying very understanding, can according to different VR hardware to achieve the best experience.

we are currently doing three product. The film and television and games are the hottest two directions, the OS is we want to set up the position in the field of VR platform structures and indispensable product.

1, fireworks cinema

I think, so to speak, this is the first in our country in the true sense of the VR theater player, can achieve real immersion under limited resources.

of the domestic similar products do not provide real VR viewing, split screen player only for VR glasses, long-term use of influence to human health. Individual player implements the cinema simulation, but for lack of understanding of the underlying operating system with a delay, the picture card.

fireworks cinema can provide three broadcast environment, a mid-range all mobile phone above can realize high quality immersion movie to see. Not to enlarge images, but really see movie experience provides a virtual environment. In early may.

in a nutshell, the products of others, is in front of the eye to put a magnifying glass, support the 3 d effect we are made the whole virtual cinema, it is also a way of Oculus.

2, and the glory of the final in 1944 and the first VR games SDK

this is a commercial VR games, is not easy to do the DEMO, not only show the VR technology, also in the gameplay and kung fu. USA swimming development team can understand our efforts, but also do a lot of interface and the operational research and exploration, real mature accumulated lessons for VR games. In late may.

the first VR games SDK released at the end of April, based on the U3D, 3 days to download thousands. The SDK’s largest significance is that can help developers to quickly transplantation and development of VR games and applications. Transplantation of U3D sketch level game, use our SDK, more than ten minutes to complete.

3, awning system

can be interpreted as a desktop for VR is optimized, any VR equipment can fit, including application market, video, game experience, image browsing, and other functions. Now more than 90 domestic hardware team, as long as I have a good experience, all users are my user.

the reason we choose from the start, from the perspective of the content of the software, but do not do the hardware, the main consideration is:

1, in China such an environment, hardware does not exist, can quickly find plant development. Both history and future, hardware fast growing software is always. Hardware is horse, software and content is the driver. We want to really drive the industry.

2, in the early stages of the industry has not fully mature, the iteration of hardware cost is relatively high, the limitation of the time.

3, rely on hardware to make money too hard.

the next year we will focus on VR whole content of the software platform development, early will give priority to with video broadcast and games, VR virtual software platform and firm.

in terms of video playback, we need to do is:

enhance the depth of the research on android and iOS bottom. Set up barriers. In games, live, virtual education, research and development of tourism, and other fields, in the field of players such as tools to item APP into monopoly market, provide a beacon in the areas of game products.

the film and television experience will be the next two years the biggest demand virtual reality devices. We have on the format of the support, environmental lighting details such as leading the domestic market. Next is the content of cooperation, for fireworks theaters to introduce more film and television, even for VR custom video content.

an example. Now the movies are followed the plot, and it is one-dimensional, you don’t have the right to choose plot moves. VR on interaction is different, in addition to restore the large screen and the Angle of 360 degrees, it can make you do leading role, supporting role, and even the director, when every step need to plot choices, you can choose in one of the, what other actors do next. As an actor, you can choose to jump or not jump. Although the existing platform, all of these can do, but you didn’t really enjoy, looks more like a game, not so real.

there are 360 degree panorama video. Mentioned above such as YouTube has been doing similar content source, we know that the domestic video company, this is a big opportunity for virtual reality video playback.

according to different types of video also ADAPTS, allows the user to select theater scene, such as watching concert will increase the environment of the gym choice, watching variety show will increase the choice of the stage effect, watch sports programs can increase the choice of venue, etc. Maximum reduction presence.

user base is enough big, integrated into the social attributes are also targets. People’s hearts are willing to share, such as watching movies, you will call on friends or family, such as concerts, will you attend fans, such as watching the game, you will about the ball friend go to the pub, you will invite a girl to watch horror movies.

in the field of video, video, people are willing to share. We can completely similar social into virtual cinema. Invite friends, together with this virtual theaters, he sat beside you. You can even in hand, talking with him. Bold a bit, you can invite to strangers. Chain depend on these relations, the commercialization of virtual reality can be achieved.

in the end, the virtual reality video used in more fields. Such as online education, online education now you are sitting in front of a computer, you might be smoking a cigarette. But learning is the nature of communication, computer communication very mechanical, didn’t also the engagement. Virtual reality can solve this problem. You seemed to be really in the classroom, you can interact with the teacher students.

in the game, we’re going to do is:

1, providing local players with more games. According to an annual rate of 3-4 original VR games, more visual immerse players in the first person.

2, enhance game networking. The current VR games are basically single machine. We will make multiple players together to connect, the interaction, this will bring greater viscosity of games and VR itself.

3, in the combination of input and body feeling more detailed. Most of existing VR games just cheating vision, in the true sense has little touched. We will be in a year and body feeling related professional company cooperation, on the body feeling and input in VR games more exploration.

, for example, when a boxing game with VR games, your gloves and body will have clear feedback. Of course, all this is bring you perceive, will not harm the body.

the last is to build a large platform of VR system.

the awning VR system, need to input and output, human-computer interaction, VR and the VR model transformation, and other point of in-depth study, become a leader in the field of VR.

can take it as the operating system on the VR, will include more convenient application and optimize, can regard it as the beautiful MIui on the phone.

in addition to virtual reality, we are also doing the accumulation of augmented reality, and in a few experiments.

virtual interaction laboratory at Stanford university professor Jeremy Bailenson, founder of the evaluation, “virtual reality is sent you mentally to another world, and augmented reality is to add information to you, make you better go to the navigation in the real world. I think they two is a two point on the continuum.”

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