Fingerprint payment has no novelty, Japan’s push for iris and eyes can unlock shopping

are you still in for Apple Pay fingerprint payment functions were surprised by the novel? That’s not funny, the somebody else the Japanese have begun to pay with eyes “see”.

as the summer of 2015, new products, Japan’s NTT Docomo communications company issued more than a dozen phone, including samsung, sharp and SONY and other brand mobile phone. But only Arrows NX F – 04 g this phone, unique, becoming the biggest luminescent spot in the new product.

NTT Docomo said Arrows NX will be authorized by the world’s first use of the iris recognition and fingerprint smart phones. With this super advanced smartphones, just on the phone camera to a few times “eyes” of eye contact, the user can unlock the phone, began to cell phone shopping trip.

actually pay in the eyes of technology and Eyelock Myris a bit similar. When the users gaze front-facing camera, video camera soon start scanning your eyes and internal program starts analysis to identify your iris. As well as our fingerprints, each person’s iris is unique, can greatly improve the security of mobile payment system.

than samsung’s Galaxy S3/S4 and Galaxy Note/Note Ⅱ facial recognition on the unlock function, iris recognition technology is more safe and reliable. In 2011, when Google developing Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich system support facial recognition after the unlock function, people soon find fool can take photo identification system. Also in March, alibaba also announced the pay by “smile” facial recognition system project plan, designed to allow users to use face to pay for shopping.

the new Arrows NX F – 04 g is a typical Android smartphone, with a 5.2 inches (2560 x1440) QuadHD display, octa – core processor, 3 gb of memory, 32 gb of storage capacity, as well as the 3120 mah battery capacity, the Lollipop is running Android 5.0 system.

although pay with eyes sounds very cool, but with the magical function of mobile phone almost is unlikely to appear on the outside of Japan market. However, if the iris recognition to pay really can fire up, estimate the other mobile phone maker, will not let the opportunity slip away.

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