Find travel: focus outside the free line, make sweet close-fitting travel housekeeper

(text/Zhang Huiqian)

the first time to have a letter of resignation across the network, the letter only one sentence: the world so big, I want to see. This also the change of the idea, on behalf of more and more people travel to become one of the important part of spiritual consumption. According to statistics, in 2014, over 100 million Chinese outbound tourists, outbound tourism market scale is large, growing speed is very fast. Join the swimming team is more and more cannot satisfy the needs of tourists, free pursuit as a way of travel. Found chen-hua wang, founder of the trip, said outside chose free line direction of the field as a business, one has a team of like-minded, 2 it is to see a lot of new business opportunities and development space is large. Because on the premise of market scale, the industry there are all kinds of problems, the user demand is very big, but the service to keep up with, especially with the group tour, serious market chaos, unsatisfactory. But the market, the greater the chance, really good products and services will MaoJian quickly.

find travel is an online travel company, online platform including PC and micro letter, including Cambodia, Bali, Tokyo, Switzerland and other destinations, including seven travel routes, including air tickets, hotel accommodation, strategy formulation and even transporting, meal tickets, performances, etc. Chen-hua wang said, found that the travel is not only a tourism products online sales platform, more important is to provide a service platform, the platform is responsible for the front end of the travel product sales, at the same time after transforming the industrial chain of tourist service, develop their own travel routes, different consumption experience for passengers.

find travel advantage lies in: one is cost-effective. Each product is DIY, purchasing products to destination, hotels and determine the cooperation, and with airlines large-scale cooperation for a long time, save a lot of the intermediate links, so the price is about to DIY reservation about 4-7 fold. Second, pay attention to service. Chen-hua wang think, now on the market a lot of overseas freedom tour companies to do more is to travel as a kind of product sales, found that the journey is more focused on service. it provides travel butler service, adhere to the intimate personal ideas, to help visitors to prepare in advance, in case of emergency help, but not like the traditional tour guide, but give visitors full free time. Chen-hua wang don’t think free line not need service, but do not need to be restricted services like join the swim team. Not only stewards have long-term stationed at the destination, but also provide remote butler service, found that travel to provide a 3 g card for each passenger, is not very urgent problems, can be settled through WeChat consult remote housekeeper.

find travel was established in August 2013, in October the same year won the angel rounds of millions of yuan investment, founder chen-hua wang said the team played a major role, each partner has deep in their respective field more than ten years, experienced, are highly complementary to each other and it is advantage in the early stage of financing. Chen-hua wang, a former vice President of market network and mobile division general manager, co-founder and COO RuanGongZheng lurching in the traditional tourism industry more than ten years, have senior experience in operation and management.

in July 2014, found that travel to obtain suitable for millions of dollars in A round of investment fund, is the only online travel company millet investment. Chen-hua wang told hunting cloud network, travel is part of the reason is found for investment pattern is matched with millet, not just on the front end sales, but directly involved in the back-end industrial chain, the concept of both. It is worth mentioning that find travel opened X yards purchase channels, open only to have used the product users, mainly for popularity higher line, due to limited inventory, in short supply, in order to ensure the quality and service, qualified purchase through this way, it is said that now booking may to July and August.


chen-hua wang lists some data in the past ten months, the company by 25% a month – 30% the speed of development, has been done on many routes the national top three, now the PV end daily visits to more than 100000, registered users have hundreds of thousands, and registered users and the actual buyers of conversion rate is very high, at present, found that travel APP is also developing. Because the data have grow to ten times the same period last year, so the company is also considering starting the next round of financing. For the present situation of the line outside the free market is more and more heated, found that travel said no matter how hot market, a company wants to survive, the most important thing is to see the value of the product to users and industry, so you need to do, is to develop more travel routes, further improving the quality of service, company founder has much space to grow up.