Financing hui: a week last week, a total of disclosure 57 financing, cars are involved in a variety of formats

May 11 (word/WeiWen)

in addition to the financing evening of 6 p.m. daily, hunting new “financing remit a week” cloud, a week to meet with everyone, including education, finance, automobile transportation, housing, health, tourism, O2O local life, games, advertising, intelligent hardware, style, enterprise services, social, electricity, tools, various categories.

last week (5.2 ~ 5.8), and the hunting of cloud network included 57 financing successful event occurred, due to various factors, collect may not complete, the number of financing amount nor do endorsement, judge is only for market). Compared with the previous week, more than 30 quantitatively. Various style popular around the car, including second-hand wholesale, vehicle insurance, car wash, car door electric business, second-hand car trading, express delivery, driving, car pool.

in addition to the number of enterprise financing services, O2O local life unchanged basic, medical, financial, real estate, education has increased dramatically. Corresponding to the field where electricity is reduced. Social field is increasingly obvious, drop to zero for the first time, hunting cloud network suddenly found, bad things also in pairs: Secret sudden death, anonymous social vulnerable, at the same time, gay social app Grindr for sale, may also reflect the social refinement, the limitation of the perhaps only and life is closely linked to long-term development, i.e. normalized applications.

car traffic eight

used car wholesale platform “xiao pang” angel round was 5 million yuan, main around three business car small fat distribution, which mainly includes the used-car B2B + O2O model of wholesale business, dealer service platform, as well as the future online dealer financial platform.

BB car insurance for being an angel investment, investors for jingdong, a former senior vice President lee to investment “Internet +” sponsored by the early project “with magnetic system archangel” fund. This investment mainly focuses on team good complementary resources and the project itself wide market prospects.

to wash the car platform “quack car wash” tens of millions of dollars A round of investment, investors for 58 home. This round of funding will be used mainly for tutter wash the car market development, production capacity, in the service process, standard and regulation level and 58 home at the same time, build up the door car wash and car car beauty service industry standard of “quack”.

auto electric car wind net 60 million yuan A round of funding, led by teng letter shares, this round of financing will be used for regional extension and improvement based on O2O automobile trading experience. Diversion from the traditional vertical media car class, car wind network selection from trading, through large buy-out vehicles, reduce the cost of circulation channels, forming a price advantage.

second-hand car trading platform “101” won A $101 round of funding, the mountains led all over the world, the speed of light AnZhen with pitch. After 101 is used car cut in marketing cloud platform, for the domestic second-hand car companies to provide comprehensive data management services, primarily to dealer B end, products mainly used a key. Earlier this year, 101 formally C end users with second-hand car trading service oriented.

food delivery platform Foodpanda won $100 million in financing, led by Goldman sachs, an investment company, Rocket and Internet, etc. The financing will be used to continue to expand, independent food delivery service. Foodpanda has completed the work of its subsidiary brand integration, at present the main focus on emerging markets, they in five continents over 40 countries.

e generation driving won $100 million D round, valued at $800 million, after the completion of financing by warburg pincus collar, the previous round AnZhen venture investors matrix partners, the speed of light to cast, Thai joint venture the sole financial advisor for this transaction. After completion of the financing, e generation drive will strengthen product technologies and services.

clicks, carpooling won $100 million in financing led by chong DE fund, zhi capital letter, easily Shared, IDG and etc. This round of funding will be used to increase the marketing cost, continue to improve and enhance the user experience, and continue to subsidies drivers and passengers, and thus more quickly and rapidly expand the scale of the user.

enterprise service eight

51 IDC security service providers DNS angel round, specific investment institutions were not disclosed. DNS is a 51 IDC security service provider, to provide a DNS lookup, domain name hosting, domain name security solutions and other services.

in the analysis of satellite remote sensing data of agriculture start-up Descartes Labs won $3.3 million in financing. The company based on visible light and infrared spectral satellite images of the calibration and analysis, provide key data for agriculture.

start-up investment analysis platform Tracxn won $3.5 million in financing, the investor for private equity investment institutions SAIF Partners. Tracxn is a market for private investors to launch the research platform, the company will analyze various number of startups, and then by the analysts to deal with these Numbers, thus helping investors to make investment decisions.

application performance management enterprise OneAPM won $165 million C round of financing, capital led to become matrix partners, qiming to vote. OneAPM three aspects mainly provide service for the enterprise: the user the entire application end-to-end performance of this kind of environment, support the user experience management, and performance management of business transactions.

wide-area network startup CloudGenix won $25 million in financing, the purpose is to make the company can have more investment in the sales and product development. CloudGenix to the operation of the data stream is determined based on the application requirements, so as to meet the requirements of customers to the service level agreement. Bandwidth is also one of the factors to consider.

this goal of us $60 million B round of financing, the investor for tiger global fund. The money will be invested in two emphatically billed business (open plug-in platform of licensing and “enterprise”), and they absorb from domestic mainstream Internet company leading product innovation design, interaction design talents.

cloud communication start-ups Twilio to raise $100 million m, financing, after the completion of its $1.1 billion valuation. Twilio start-up companies are a cloud service provider, it through the fusion of cloud computing, web services, and communications technology to provide a new form of communication services.

the cloud HR service Company Zenefits won $500 million in financing, valuation soar to $4.5 billion, by fidelity investments, Research Company and TPG led. Zenefits is a help small and medium-sized enterprises to manage employee compensation, health care, social security, vacation and other issues of the company.

O2O six cases of local life

children local activity information service platform “stupa” 4 million yuan angel round, led by the onion fund, changzhou venture with pitch. “Treasure” is a children’s local activity information service platform, to collect interesting parent-child activities, including parent-child swimming, photography, performance, food, talent training and so on.

housekeeping O2O “jia commission fang” won the ten million yuan of the Pre – A round of financing, the investor to control financial fund. Started with jia commission fang is special, because from offline (chain retail stores), therefore is directly in the only project a B2C model, through self-built supply and service standards to emphasize the standardized service output.

the door massage platform “master” angel round was ten million yuan, the investor of a well-known investment institutions. Manager and master for individuals, families and businesses to provide one-stop health assessment, continuous health records management, expert master massage therapy, famous doctor visits and other services, door aspires to become the most professional domestic private health management platform.

beauty industry O2O “beauty” was 50 million yuan, the Pre – A financing, the same venture capital fund of mianyang via, rich sea mobile innovation fund and shenzhen new constant lida joint investment of capital. Beautiful and not try to bypass the offline stores and their services, but are intended to help offline stores to speed up the informatization, bring the efficiency of management and service experience of ascension.

campus O2O “curtilage” tens of millions of dollars A + round of strategic investment, investors for staging, bertelsmann. Curtilage meters with high frequency fast disappear as cuts, through each dormitory building to recruit a storied building agent model, layout the last mile logistics in colleges and universities, the depth of the roots penetrate the market.

the beauty industry O2O platform Wahanda won $46 million D round, by existing investors Recruit Holdings increase. Wahanda is a provide services to the shop on the web site (beauty) industry is the main platform for the integrated, get profit by extract part of commission.

online medical five

health counseling software are age 20 million angel round, well highlighted consulting and register function. The registered function greatly simplifies the previous version of the complicated operation process, the user may at any time, the source of information. Consulting function is to break the original graphic consulting is not true, transparent, built the new video advisory function.

Singapore medical professional search site reservation DocDoc won A $8.7 million round of funding, by the Hong Leong Financial Group, President and chief executive Raymond Choong Yee How led, Sparklabs Global Ventures such as vc with pitch. DocDoc users can through search, booking local clinics and physician, or other areas.

baidu medical O2O company “a call doctor” millions of dollars in financing, “a call the doctor to diagnosis” as the breakthrough point, after the main “after clinical consultation”, this model is mainly for after outpatient and check and was discharged after treatment of two groups based on the mobile end rehabilitation advisory and extension services.

health information integration platform company Validic won $12.5 million in financing, the investor for Kaiser Permanente Ventures, the investment will be used to add staff, manufacturing products and increasing the number of devices that platform. The company’s health information integration platform is available for collection, treatment and health care company evaluation of medical devices and consumer biometric data.

the U.S. department of health technology startups Scanadu won $35 million B round, led by fosun and tecent, China broadband capital, Singapore Iglobe Partners such as ginseng. The company research and development of a simple instrument can detect and scan to human body, and report to mobile phone upload level medical diagnosis.

Internet financial five

safe finance net do A round of funding, the investors in the investment and zte investment. Peace financial network is established with the core of the Internet financial P2B automobile industry chain financial services platform, on the basis of general business development to the financing of the automobile inventory financing, car rental, car O2O business innovation (electric car dealer + city hall) three big plate business.

securities company rich way won $10 million in financing, investors including tencent, sequoia capital and matrix partners, etc. In product design and operation, more social elements, rich way tried using relationship marketing chain.

the currency exchange in New York itBit won A $25 million round of funding. This round of financing investors include RRE Ventures, Liberty City Ventures, investors Jay W Jordan ii and Raptor Capital Management chairman James Pallotta.

a P2P platform “net profit treasure” won the $40 million B round, investors for hong photoelectric. The treasure to Internet industry asset securities into a core business, to provide credit to small and medium-sized enterprises and distribution services, product design and online sales of these financial products to the public investors. It only as to provide information and consulting service platform, are involved in trading links, income comes mainly from charge borrowers intermediary service fee.

Internet financial Affirm completed a $275 million funding round, including debt financing and equity financing, by Spark Capital Growth led, Jefferies, Andreessen Horowitz, Khosla Ventures and Lightspeed Venture Partners to vote. Businesses to apply for opening Affirm after service, when consumer is buying their products, you can choose payment by installment. Will Affirm according to consumer of all kinds of information to determine whether to give him the choice of payment by installments.

online education five

a tutor gently good future B + round of strategic investment, the financing amount has not yet been published. After the financing, gently tutor will expand the Beijing market, will also be launched offline store service experience. Tutoring is gently docking platform, tutors and students specializing in K12 tutoring for primary and secondary schools, the students based on LBS release yourself, by surrounding the teacher rob.

mobile online English learning platform “English” for millions of dollars, the Pre – A round of funding, led by longteng capital, and suitable for the capital. Know m English is a demand for university and high school students English test, dedicated to provide mobile test tools and services online learning English.

K12 tablet library LightSail won $3.5 million in financing, LightSail is a can in the device, the android, this plate installed on the library application, such as collected from more than 400 publishers that are suitable for k-12 students more than 80000 books.

for college students part-time Campus Job and internship services company won A $7.8 million round of financing, investors including Lerer Hippeau Ventures, missile, etc. Students live on Campus Job platform to fill out a personal information, can be on the platform to find and apply for a Job you want.

personalized education AltSchool won $100 million in financing, investors including the raised Fund, zuckerberg, Andreessen Horowitz. Its software platform based on self-built, according to the characteristics of each of the students of different teaching plan. AltSchool to personalize education model, the development of customized education hardware and software, and can be copied to other countries in large amounts. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull