Financing hui: a week last week, a total of disclosure 54 financing, diversity electric business boom

on May 25 (word/WeiWen)

in addition to the financing evening of 6 p.m. daily, hunting new “financing remit a week” cloud, a week to meet with everyone, including education, finance, automobile transportation, housing, health, tourism, O2O local life, games, advertising, intelligent hardware, style, enterprise services, social, electricity, tools, various categories.

last week (5.16 ~ 5.22), hunting cloud network included financing successful events 54 (due to various factors, collect may not complete, the number of financing amount nor do endorsement, judge is only for market). Compared with the previous week, much number 15. Electronic commerce after several weeks of a declining state, finally with diversity play the meteoric rise of the successful financing number nine. Automobile transportation and tools of software also have dramatically increased, the average day together, including car traffic mainly around the car after market and travel, etc., tool software wifi master key won $52 million record is broken A round of funding.

enterprise service because of its extensive, involved in all aspects, and last week the number was flat, but in the total number of background, the proportion of reduced. At the same time, the parent-child outdoor tourism began to recognized the fun way.

electricity nine

Indonesia fashion mall Bobobobo won A round of funding, amount is unknown, the investor for Indonesia’s second largest Media Group Emtek Group, A subsidiary of PT Kreatif Media Karya. The company hopes to become Indonesia’s famous fashion lifestyle electrical goods brand, and try to connect their own design and Indonesian young people.

around the shopping flow platform “adjacent” won A round of funding, amount is unknown, by IDG, grand capital with shots. Users can choose and peripheral within three miles of take-away, fruits, flowers, etc., part-time Courier will be in the hands of half an hour would be delivered goods. In addition, can also choose to “random” purchasing, published their own personalized demand, run errands for distribution agent on its behalf.

household flash sales “beauty” meow household millions angel investment. Beautiful meow household claims is the first domestic optimizing sale that occupy the home shopping mall and Internet thinking, understand household retail, strong execution, is beautiful meow household team. Beautiful meow household APP, WAP and website has been in mid-march, team, according to the current offer is more than 2000 single peak, monovalent 100 yuan of above.

Eve online mattress sales company 225000 investment, investors for Octopus Investments. And now the street or online retailers can find numerous brands, the company currently only provide a company exclusive development of mattress design, which combined the memory type material and two kinds of latex foam body advantage of 10 inch thick mattress.

home textile vertical electrical contractor Guildery won $2.1 million in seed funding, the investor as the Forerunner Ventures, Cowboy Ventures, SoftTech and AOL subordinate BBG Ventures. Guildery website devoted to sell some household items, such as supporting the printing pillow, hang act the role ofing, Ottoman stool, etc., when people acquire for home supplies to solve collocation for the confusion.

B2B trading platform for pharmaceutical drugs terminal network “to get A round of funding, led by warp/weft China, perilous peak huaxing cast, with specific investment amount not disclosed. Pharmaceutical terminal network is a medical electrical business B2B trading platform, designed to facilitate the pharmaceutical factory, medicine agent wholesale company with terminal pharmacies, clinics and other merchants wholesale trading.

the Indian national costumes electricity IndianRoots won $5 million in financing, the investor for the KJS logistics and supply chain management Group, the funding will be used to improve the site logistics capability, and expand market share.

DIY creative community Brit + Co won $23.1 million in financing, by the Oak Investment Partners, led. Brit + Co is a combination of lifestyle, DIY teaching and electrical elements, is very popular with women in their 20 s and 30 s.

fashion during electricity net C $30 million round of funding, led to jardine matheson lianchuang, kleiner perkins caufield & byers, such as the original institutional investors and founding team to vote. While the network is a main international fashion goods electric business platform, business category including clothing, footwear, bags, accessories and cosmetics.

enterprise services nine

infants hospital WIFI services bei lian technology investment, investors for the product will, investment amount and the percentage shares is still not clear, the valuation of nearly $200 million. Mr Lian technology is a focus on mobile Internet companies of maternal and child health, at present the main business is in the national women’s and children’s hospital in laying WiFi, provide network services to visitors.

enterprise mobile education products 2 million angel financing micro constant MEM. Micro constant MEM is a education tools products, the product function module, independently by the school based on the current development needs the function of the combined need to present themselves, and can adjust all the parameters generating, mobile school APP spliced into their school.

innovation service platform together first 15 million round of funding, angel investors for rock valley capital. Gen offline for entrepreneurs to provide free coffee, we regularly organize various entrepreneurship training, investment and financing, business partners and docking, etc. Series theme activities. At present, and have business street in Beijing and Shanghai caohejing development zone respectively opened his own business coffee – get a space.

from the cloud customer service 15 million yuan A round of funding, investors for capital and hunting only let cloud customer service. It is a cloud based on SaaS enterprise service tools, after-sales service for enterprises, internal staff support service and task list, etc., in the form of a work order to accept the various sources of support service request, which targeted to improve customer service quality, improve the management level.

Internet investment and financing platform for the cast nations won nearly 50 million B round, investors for co-win. The bond pitch agency department, issued in funds for professional venture capital institutions, through project resources, after due diligence, investment, and investment management, and other all-round cooperation, with excellent domestic venture capital institutions more in-depth strategic cooperative partnership.

push by a third party service providers to the aurora push for tens of millions of dollars B round, by fosun brothers led, IDG and Mandra Capital to vote. Aurora push is the independent third party cloud push platform, committed to global mobile application developers to provide professional and efficient mobile information push service.

open source cloud platform EasyStack won $16 million B round, led by mountain vc, half of investment and A round blue ventures and investors. EasyStack based on it is a cloud platform and service providers, in 2014 launched the asia-pacific the elastic hybrid cloud based on it in the first paragraph of the product.

search as A service startup Algolia won A $18.3 million round of funding, make by Accel Partners collar, Alven Capital, Lead Edge Capital, Kevin Rose for refs. Algolia provide website and mobile application hosting is a type of search API start-ups, website or mobile application only a few minutes embedded simple code search function can be realized.

payment processing company WePay won $40 million in financing, investors including FTV Capital. After this round of funding, they will gradually expand the international market. WePay mainly for online trading market and some of the raised platform, such as, Custom Made and GoFundMe provide payment services.

car traffic seven

the owner service O2O platform “dot” tens of millions of yuan, the pre – A round of funding, by HuaZe, Mr. CAI’s long lead venture capital and chunghwa picture tubes round investors capital investment. Little for owner provide illegal query, car beauty, maintenance, road rescue, traffic and other service agents, car and use free car wash as critical point cut into the market.

the door maintenance O2O platform “son-in-law” by tens of millions of yuan. A round of funding. Led by YunGe investment, and other personal or investment institutions. This round of funding will be used to improve the user experience and trust, and make the owners of convenient, cheap, reliable, professional services, and will further build the door maintenance O2O standardization process, optimizing the supply chain, improve technician training.

clicking financing bus was 42 million yuan, including 5 million yuan in 5 million yuan of angel round and A round. Clicking bus with large data aggregation mass user requirements, through the intelligent matching the user and the line binding, using dynamic scheduling approach to meet the user requirements of different regions and time, according to the assigned pattern to arrange bus scheduling.

maintenance O2O company mocha I won $10 million in A round of funding, led by CDH investment, Pre series A investment institutions fosun brothers and capital. Mocha I announced and quick fix O2O automobile enterprise has one hand cooperation, will be based on one hand offline stores and service system for the owners to provide besides the door light maintenance and repair of heavy repair.

the accident car auction platform one hundred million yuan bo Shared A round of funding, investors have fosun brothers, new horizon capital, etc. Bo Shared is a professional network platform, can repair the car accident auction bidding through constructive total loss of accident vehicle and network, redistribution of vehicle maintenance resources rationally.

van O2O business van for hundreds of millions of yuan A round of funding, the tripod venture led, tencent, DCM and other agencies to vote. Traditional transportation informationization, the organization degree is low. And set the “empty” and “source” via the Internet, reduce truck empty, greatly improve the efficiency of the truck driver.

a taxi American software company Lyft won $150 million in financing, the activist investor Carl icahn’s company led icahn enterprises, capital injection amount is $100 million. To note that this round of funding is Lyft announced on March the continuation of the same round of investment, at that time, Japan’s electricity giant lotte led, Lyft raised funds of $530 million, valued at $2.5 billion.

tools software seven

English words memory software shell angel financing for 500000 yuan. Shell words “clever combination of notification bar, alerted to the user dropdown bar, the word” shells “will display a random word. In addition, he also established a very good, “pure” English community, English corner, open the menu bar, the user can use English conversation with net friend, and can only use English.

education interactive video production platform Zaption won $1.5 million in seed round of funding. Zaption hope to do a help video to learn more effective tools, by “interactive video” passive absorption to active thinking. In the free version, teacher Zaption provide tools are available in video embed the title on the timeline, the current support elements include: pictures, drawing, open questions, etc.

cassava beauty makeup the angel round completed 10 million yuan, by PBA collar. Cassava beauty makeup is the video of cassava technology, beauty makeup App, the main “followed the star to learn make-up” pattern, in addition to signing many talent, to provide users with professional beauty makeup video tutorials, also hope to contribute to the benign interaction between the talent and platforms.

new mobile speed applications Neumob won $2.3 million in seed funding, investors including Accel Partners, Shasta Ventures, Menlo Ventures, etc. Neumob for Android is a mobile application, it by itself with other mobile phone applications and the combination of the browser implementation speed, and provide a VPN and application of network services.

Little seed round Labs was $3 million, by the NEA led, the money will be used for product development and expansion team, including hiring designers and engineers. Little Labs focus on developing a simple application, scenes and interesting watch, and call it “the mobile era” application experience.

India news startup Lookup won $3 million in financing, led is Twitter co-founder biz stone. Lookup can help users with local merchants to negotiate business, including booking, production and inquiry. Consumers in 5 minutes can get reliable reply from local businesses.

wifi master key won A $52 million round of funding, investors including haitong kaiyuan, the school, etc. WIFI master key an automatic free wi-fi hotspots around information and establish the connection of android, iPhone tools.. Users can upload their know hot password, can also download upload hot password, others to use direct access.

smart hardware six

“the key realization technology” for millions of dollars to the Pre – A round of funding. Key realization the initial direction is to provide a set of hardware and software solutions for female users, have launched a mobile power supply, 3 d printing accessories and other products, and set the tone for the “design” for her, the new Lunar beginning users sleep problems, is a recorder of sleep.

smart new hardware startups Slightech light (guest) ten million yuan of investment, investment in human xiao-ping xu, Yang Ning. The popularity of smartphones and the emergence of bluetooth 4.0 low power consumption technology, accomplished what xiaomi, made it possible to prevent lost.

the figure 60 million yuan A round of funding, science and technology led to bejing dragon vein China fund, star ferry, Beijing new capital, awake and science and technology. This round of investment main layout in the cool glass products of mass production, stock, third-party platform building, building large data server based on LBS, marketing direction, more comprehensive application scenario for the compound soft hard couple, make killer third party applications.

the wise panoramic won $100 million B round of funding, is by heart and IDG two joint investment of capital. Micro panorama is the inventor of the POS terminals of the Internet. Since its inception on November 20, 2012, the main Internet POS machine research and development and production, as the main carrier, the offline entity business access to the Internet.

car looked up and display device company Navdy won $20 million in financing. The money will be used to recruit more engineers, and expand the production line. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull