Financing hui: a week last week, a total of disclosure 39 financing, P2P to reviving financing

hunting cloud network on April 27 (word/WeiWen)

in addition to the financing evening of 6 p.m. daily, hunting new “financing remit a week” cloud, a week to meet with everyone, including education, finance, automobile transportation, housing, health, tourism, O2O local life, games, advertising, intelligent hardware, style, enterprise services, social, electricity, tools, various categories.

last week (4.18 ~ 4.24), hunting cloud network included financing successful event 39 (due to various factors, collect may not complete, the number of financing amount nor do endorsement, judge is only for market). Compared with the previous week, less in number 20, but the Internet finance, O2O local life, the enterprise service remains as the “big three”, or even increase. Corresponding, electric business, social, intelligent further reduce the proportion of hardware. Automobile transportation and style last week after a small peak, also tend to be quiet.

Internet financial financing case reach 8, both quantity and credit line increase than last week. Perhaps because of negative news, catalytic P2P platform began to appear differentiation, obtain financing platform for the B or C chakras, and get A round of financing platform, the less active some platform, some even have vanished last year. In addition, O2O local life is always popular. At 58 home 2.0 conference, 58 home CEO announced the half-dozen xiao-hua Chen breath investment, including the home, to massage, 58 month sister-in-law, tutter wash the car and 58 practice partner.

Internet financial

P2P Internet financial car can borrow 12 million angel investment, by pegasus fund and quinoa venture investment. Car can have their own unique P2P Internet financial model, which not only has the characteristics of high yield, for investors, convenient operation, and don’t have to wait in line, only a car can lend website, choose hope investment borrowing needs to invest.

the third party electricity consumer finance companies flash white angel round received $5 million investment, investors are not released. The relevant person in charge of ious said, the raise funds will be used to strengthen the big data and risk control technology research and development and user operation.

horse show financial won A $10 million round of investment, investors are blue ventures, this round of funding will be used to continue to expand the company’s trading system, the development of channels, and risk control management, investor protection and so on. Horse show financial is designed for individual investors service Internet investment platform.

the petty cash loan application “mobile phone” loan financing amount over tens of millions of dollars, has accomplished clear division throws the angel round, sequoia capital, A wheel and A + blue lake capital round of venture investment. “The mobile phone is borrowed” to provide users with the debt of 1000-5000 yuan, cycle in 7 to 30 days. “The mobile phone is borrowed” the introduction of sesame credit points as a reference data, the fastest can do 30 minutes of lending to the account.

financial service platform CompareAsiaGroup won $40 million in A round of funding, by Goldman Sachs, Goldman Sachs Investment Partners, led, jardine Pacific, Nova raised Captial, ACE & amp; Company, Route 66 capital for refs.

a P2P network platform group lending net loan of nearly 500 million yuan B round, led by keeping one investment, shi yuzhu and several investment institutions to vote. Group lending network service in micro, small and medium enterprises and individual financing business, its “you my financial” mobile app pioneered “social” mode, the insurance financial guarantor will, investors and borrowers three roles through social connections, form a closed-loop ecosystem, natural person ACTS as the guarantor, whereby loan guarantee risk fragmentation, and platform only ACTS as an information intermediary role.

Internet financial platform building box for C $84 million round of funding, for days of group led by the British. Mann figure macro industry, city gold capital and haitong securities listing company – and cast haitong kai yuan investment co., LTD. This round of financing to raise funds will be mainly used for team building, risk control, technology security, etc, will also strengthen the retail products and offline channel layout, etc.

from the UK Funding Circle won $150 million in financing, by DST Global, BlackRock and Temasek but led. A new round of financing will further expand the us and the UK market. Funding Circle platform enables individuals to provide loan to small and medium enterprises.

O2O local life

in Shanghai universities O2O strange orchard grade do A round of funding, the purple fai venture, “three organisations such as quinoa vc investment. The strange orchard gross margin higher fruit category, by integrating advantages of supply chain and distribution pattern only fruit service for users.

“agent deer” of O2O part-time on campus. 10 million yuan angel rounds of financing, venture investors are blue. Its desire to use the mobile Internet and campus O2O trend, get rid of recruitment agencies, lets the student with the enterprise direct docking mutual, recruitment costs, reduce the risk of students were cheated and enterprises.

restaurant O2O sweetheart rock salad for tens of millions of A round of funding, this round of financing by competitive world, chunghwa picture tubes, capital investment, the capital as its financial advisor. Sweetheart rock salad with central kitchen, online after receiving orders, independent research and development, with a healthy diet to convey a low-calorie meal can help gain perfect posture of the brand image.

point massage to $5 million for A round of funding, led by 58 home and cyberworks’ investment, capital and ficus altissima. Point massage to choose the first from the cooperation with enterprises, to provide services in the form of employee benefits, overcome lazy, busy, this group of health problems.

valet parking application ZIRX won $30 million B round, by the Bessemer Venture Partners led. Users can reserve parking the younger brother to his position, and then let him to drive to the parking lot near cooperation, fee is $15 per day, the whole process only needs to pay the car and the car 5 to 7 minutes, greatly save the time.

beaver won $49.5 million C round of financing, by qiming led, MaiXing capital and capital and letter, A round of IDG, B wheel broadband capital continue to vote. Beaver family providing services such as the door nail art, beauty, the main “artisans, the brand” concept, independently by craftsmen service pricing.

enterprise services

recommend mobile application platform of science and technology of corn for 40 million yuan A round of funding, by deep venture led, source vc with cast. Corn’s business covers the software development of science and technology, game application promotion and big data information service and so on multiple levels. Its corn assistant on the socialization as well as the interest of the user app recommendations, and provide free download function.

catering management SaaS guest won $66 million B round like A cloud, by baidu and leading star capital, A round of investor JingLin KaiXing capital and investment, also continue to vote in this round. Guest a cloud from the reservation link into the business management, and then upgrade for SaaS services, through the way of SaaS + hardware (tablets) for business management to internal workflow, improve efficiency.

indoor mobile marketing platform Swirl won $18 million C round of financing, by Hearst Ventures led, Twitter Ventures, SoftBank Capital, Longworth Venture Partners to vote. Swirl based on Bluetooth LE positioning technology and the Beacon of form a complete set equipment group, in the form of hardware and software combination for retailers provide tracking, data acquisition and orientation, personalized marketing information push parsing, a complete set of service marketing scheme optimization.

micro letter third party service providers micro au $150 million B round and a-share listed company gold led ham 126 million yuan, A round of investment capital and chunghwa picture tubes, after this round of funding valuation of more than 800 million yuan. Micro au 14 years to launch social distribution platform SDP, for the traditional retail enterprise layout wechat business distribution system to provide technical platform, currently has more than 100 businesses use micro union product.

based on SaaS (software as a service) customer support services company Freshdesk won a $50 million round of funding, E this round of financing by existing investors Tiger Global led, other investors have Accel Partners and Google Capital. This round of funding to help companies optimize product, and expand business scale.


“red sox” global purchasing platform must level Pre – A round of funding, this round of financing capital investment by racing. The money will be mainly used for the global smart shopping system research and development, the development of overseas strategic alliance website cooperation, and mobile product development and promotion, to provide users subsidies in order to enhance the user experience, etc.

intellectual property law electric business enterprise know blended won A $3.7 million round of funding, warp/weft led in China, lenovo star cast. Blended service objects, including small and medium enterprises, business groups, taobao shops, etc., to provide fast, high-quality trademark registration, copyright registration, patent and other intellectual property services.

second-hand clothing trading application Poshmark won $25 million C round of financing, to participate in this round of financing have Mayfield, Menlo Ventures, Inventus Capital, the Union Grove Venture Partners, etc. Poshmark goal is to get the old garment trading into mobile phones, make mobile and convenient second-hand clothing trading platform.

e-commerce company Ensogo won $29.2 million in a new round of financing, by a group of institutional investors to invest in Asia and Australia, existing investors and Chinese online discount retailers only Vipshop were cast out with.


marijuana Eaze shipping service company won A $10 million round of funding, by DCM Ventures led, 500 Startups and Fresh VC investment, the investment will be used to expand to southern California and beyond.

online health insurers Oscar awarded $145 million in financing, and valuation of $1.5 billion, by the raised Fund Peter Thiel and Brian Singerman led, Goldman sachs, li ka-shing’s Horizon Ventures and Wellington Management for refs. The company provide remote medical treatment, physical examination, flu vaccine and other services free of charge.


creative cloud completed the tens of millions of yuan A round of funding, by zijin cultural fund investment. Creative cloud platform is the cultural creative industries and innovative integration of Internet technology, based on the Internet break the regional restrictions, wen gen project sources, project creation resources support, wen gen talent recommendation, product marketing, project investment and financing, and a series of professional services.

social music pioneer Smule won $38 million in financing, by Adam Street Partners led, at the same time existing investors Bessemer Venture and Shasta Ventures continue to cast, with the new round of financing is done by the combination of equity and debt financing. It is to Sing! The developer of the Karaoke and MaGIC Piano.


B2B outbound distribution platform acting on network investment 2.5 million yuan, the investor for ping an innovation fund. What is committed to providing a clear lines, product price transparency, clear rules, change rules be clear at a glance back efficient business platform.

car traffic

auto after market service platform, “” will maintain a nearly $ten million financing by xishan angel angel the congregation to invest. Build common owners and professional technicians will maintain a free online consultation communication and booking service platform, let the owner to find the most appropriate technician at any time or counseling problems, troubleshooting, repair the car; Owners question unanswered and technicians through establishing personal reputation and personal brand, and get more customers.

automobile maintenance service O2O flat wagon ant $20 million for A round of funding, by ventures, collar, morningside venture with shots. Car ants mainly for owners to provide online car service demand fast matching, reservation, service review; Offline installation, car beauty, car modification, and many other automotive service information, the owner can truly achieve the “one-stop” car service life.


vocational education website Simplilearn $14 million C round of financing, the investor for Helion Venture Partners and Kalaari Capital. This round of funding will be used to continue to enrich course list, mobile application development. Simplilearn committed to recharge need professionals to provide short-term vocational training, at present, the total number of courses has more than 250.

the fine arts education O2O art treasure to A round of investment 30 million yuan, the blue ventures led, and suitable for the capital. Art treasure on the APP provides students online counseling, guidance, a large number of image material, fine arts, art colleges and universities information system course, and other functions.


intelligent platform that rent a house 107 angel round investment ten million yuan, the investor for HongTai fund. 107 is a direct connection between the tenant and the landlord rental real intelligence platform, focused on Beijing university graduates and young white-collar workers. Housing completely online spontaneously by the user, and independent research and development to the “my neighbor totoro mediation recognition system” to filter intermediary housing or tenants.

the raise real estate website “to raise the net king” won $18 million Pre – A round of funding, this round of financing from A listed company. Its business scope covers real estate, the Internet, the raise, finance and other fields, real estate as the core, through all the way to raise + low cost investment, complementary and high-end investment, to invest in real estate financial services.


youth social network Shots Of Me $8.5 million for a new round Of financing, VC WI Harper led by China, Launch, such as ginseng. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull