Financing hui: a week last week, a total of disclosure 39 financing, enterprise services are going

May 18 (word/WeiWen)

in addition to the financing evening of 6 p.m. daily, hunting new “financing remit a week” cloud, a week to meet with everyone, including education, finance, automobile transportation, housing, health, tourism, O2O local life, games, advertising, intelligent hardware, style, enterprise services, social, electricity, tools, various categories.

last week (5.9 ~ 5.15), hunting cloud network included financing successful event 39 (due to various factors, collect may not complete, the number of financing amount nor do endorsement, judge is only for market). Compared with the previous week, less in number 18. Overall number dropped sharply, did not appear to affect the enterprise services, even compared with the previous week, better progressly.

in addition, the Internet finance and O2O local life are greatly reduced. Notable is, the online medical keep relatively stable with intelligent hardware business, to reduce the total quantity of big background, the percentage increased.

enterprise service nine

the Internet of things the back-end cloud service startup Mode seed round of funding for $775000, investors including Metamorphic Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & amp; Byers, and several other angel investors in silicon valley. Mode for Internet companies to provide some virtual back-end services, such as user management, equipment management and security access control in real time.

part-time cat application of “science and technology of nine tails” won A $3 million round of funding. “Science and technology of nine tails” part-time cat is the main project is the domestic leading part-time APP, but the market share remains to be improved. Launched at the same time they also known as the “principal” micro letter of the third party platform, for college students to provide customized services, through technical and operational support, help college students entrepreneurship.

for the tourism supply chain services cloud trader “warehouse” the room 60 million yuan A round of funding, venture capital brought by ivy, number of RMB funds and the pine with pitch. The room warehouse want to connect to the travel industry supply chain upstream and downstream, to do “to” the role of B2B, to help suppliers, such as hotels and travel agencies, hotels, wholesalers, and distributors in the OTA, electricity and other platform provides Internet products and electricity scheme based on the cloud, and on the basis of informatization of electricity, help supply chain to achieve unicom.

job community The Muse won A $10 million round of funding, from The Aspect Ventures led, DBL Partners and QED Ventures with pitch. The Muse send inspectors to interview three employees, The employing company with photos and interview form such as video to show The company employees, The employing company page is introduced by The Muse staff to write.

Face++ completed two rounds of B rounds of additional financing, the amount of $5 million and $20 million respectively, and the investors not to share it. And had $22 million in financing, valued at $47 million B round of funding. This round of funding will be mainly used to accelerate the commercialization of the face recognition technology. Face++ is a focus on image recognition and deep learning technology companies.

cloud applications to accelerate service Instart Logic D round of funding for $43 million, by the Four Rivers Group and Hermes Growth Partners, a collar, the original investors A16Z, kleiner perkins caufield & byers and Tenaya Capital and investment. Financing income will be used in human and r&d strength expansion and the international expansion of Europe and other regions. Instart Logic is based on the cloud web site performance optimization service, can make the performance of the site for mobile and WiFi network optimization.

the third party marketing data technology company won more than $50 million D round second hand system, led by primavera capital, the financing of capital investment will be mainly used in equity structure optimization and mergers and acquisitions. Second hand system claims service more than 70% of global and China top one hundred brands.

no database MarkLogic won $104 million in financing, from the Wellington Management led, and sequoia capital and Northgate capital, etc. MarkLogic, founder of the detected in 2001, enterprises need not only structured database (SQL), then create the no ((Non ‘t only SQL), a kind of can also structured and unstructured data storage solutions, and quickly fill the gaps in the database market.

electronic signature start-ups (won $233 million in financing, and valuation of $3 billion, by the Brookside Capital and Bain Capital Ventures led, Generation Investment Management and Investment. Users only need through a smartphone or tablet can complete handwritten signature, exempt the user through fax or E-mail signature trouble; (also through digital signatures and other way to verify the authenticity of a user, to help enterprise users safely has the legal effect of electronic signature on the Internet.

Intelligent hardware


technology, science and technology get financing, the financing of the led letter to zhi capital, the other two and vote for jingdong and foxconn. At present, technology, science and technology generation want tablet has entered jingdong milk tea shop and other offline store.

the Sky – Futures unmanned aircraft manufacturing company won A $3.87 million round of funding, MMC by London vc fund investment Ventures. Sky – Futures on oil and gas monitoring, research and development manufacturing uav can on oil drilling platform and natural gas pipeline monitoring, shoot hd video, photographs, and thermal imaging data collection, analysis and the result was provided to the customer.

intelligent hardware products orange watches won $5 million in financing, the investor is, the capital. Patients at home at night when sleep can wear it to do the whole monitoring, then morning just open the APP data uploaded to the experts.

smart fish at home hardware products for tens of millions of dollars to B round, hunting cloud network to the fish in-house personage at home, the other party confirmed that the company completed the financing, but is yet to be released into the specific details of financing. Small fish at home can realize mobile phone remote control, audio and video communication, voice interaction, intelligent recording and intelligent learning, etc.

Soundhawk Smart Listening won $11.2 million in financing System. Soundhawk headset called run () intelligent listening system, users can free iOS or android custom environment mode: outdoor, eating, driving, etc. Soundhawk targets have a profound hearing loss is not a person, but is very tall to the requirement of sound effects to the environment.

online medical four

maternal health butler Ibaby won 2 million yuan of angel financing, investors for domestic famous maternity hospital founder and founder of international: health hospital. Ibaby to improve medical experience, through efficient connection to reduce the waste of medical resources, at the same time, combining with the intelligent algorithm for the doctor’s diagnosis, treatment and decision-making provide new data to support.

the UK health care O2O platform Zesty booking won $7.2 million in A round of funding, led by innovation capital venture capital firm, qualcomm vc, Maya capital took part in the financing plan. Current investors mangrove partner, TA vc and ABRT funds are involved. The company planned to extend market in UK and other European regions.

maternal and child care health management platform angel doctor won A round of $80 million. Angel is the world’s first doctor, on maternal and infant health care management public service platform in the field of obstetrics and gynecology, it may make “listening, interrogation”. Angel doctors to the administrative departments for public health and disease control departments to provide data, help the government improve the health care system, implement DaoYi leading examining, set up the mechanism of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment.

large pre diagnosis was nearly $10 m financing, the investor for redwood, DCM. Kang the preliminary diagnosis as a vertical maternal and child a mobile products, in the process of the diagnosis on the user experience, starting from solve the problem of medical treatment, on the one hand, the use of doctor’s fragmented time, help doctors and timely and interactive communication between users, to improve the doctor-patient relationship in the past. More, on the other hand, some sudden maternal and child users against giving real-time guidance, let users can immediately understand the best solution.

Stylistic four

social publishing platform 9 million yuan appreciates A round of funding, the investor for IDG. Appreciation is a commitment to for the writer, publisher and appreciates people demand docking between providing services, publishing, focus on innovation to raise social publishing original content to provide the platform.

“sports world” 64 million yuan financing, value 184 million yuan, the investor as the Rhine home buyers. Movement is a world designed for sports venues of App. Sports world with venue booking as the core strength, in the sports world looking for a partner, the respect such as sports circles give users a better motion platform, build sports O2O concept, and pure social movement are differentiated.

ClassPass application mode to see concert Jukely seed round of funding for $8 million, by Northzone, 14 w, Maiden Lane Ventures and including Jared Hecht, Steve Martocci, Hany Nada, Larry Marcus, Lyor Cohen and Alex Zubillaga, individual investors. New money will be used for user extensions and product promotion. Jukely let users spend $25 per month, can be watched any concert.

800 million heads of state Letv sports round of financing, the financing A round and round A + two stages, A round led by wanda investment, A + wheel by yunfeng, collar, calyon rich and systems, investment and other seven institutions and individuals to vote, to follow as the sole financial advisor for this round of financing. Letv sports is based on the game operation + content platform + intelligence + value-added service model of sports ecology.

property three

ShangJian capsule hotel won A round of funding, shanshan vc, huasheng funds to participate in. The investment is mainly used for capsule group talent introduction and mobile Internet community construction, and the opening of stores. ShangJian in capsules was carried out on the basis of substantial targeted promotion and transformation, accurate positioning the youth market, with stylish, low carbon environmental protection, high cost performance, etc.

small private office space for business people to make an appointment of Breather won a $7.5 million investment, while the city for business travelers are not short of cafe for office, as a matter of fact, can truly creative development team of high quality office area are few and far between. So the solution to startup business office problem arises at the historic moment.

home outfit O2O happy love nest for 62.5 million yuan A round of funding, it is advisable to investors in China wood industry. Happy love nest is a common owners and designers or domestic outfit company oriented online home outfit design software. For C the common owner, it is relatively simple operation, can quickly apply colours to a drawing gives rendering, and there are a lot of household model for selection.

electricity three

creative product mobile electricity “miao hui” pre – A round of funding, led party know Shanghai city investment. Miao hui is a creative goods moving electric company, the goods from the mainstream channels of the creative product at home and abroad, directly in the form of B2C miao hui App users. The aim of this round of funding is to improve the user experience, expand the team and optimization operation.

Beijing music pet technology co., LTD., has won a $29 million C round of financing, the investor is new hope group. The company doing business around the pet, pet supplies including electricity, pet community, etc. Hope to use pet including electricity, mobile community, the accumulation of large data into the industry. Pets are in addition to a capital injection, and in the supply chain resource integration.

second-hand luxury electric business angel financing love reading, the cat was ten million yuan, the investor for the big funds. Love reading, the cat is a predominantly idle luxury goods buying and selling of C2C electronic business platform, it will be when the seller upload a commodity information manually review (sellers make), love reading, according to its own set of cat wear degree judgment standard, to ensure that the price and description does not produce a lot of deviation.

online education 2

online education company MathCrunch seed round of funding for $3.5 million, by gather Fund, 8 Formation, the Index Ventures, Sherpa Ventures and missile Ventures investment, this round of funding will be used to extend the new user. The company adopt the way of taking pictures a one-on-one answering questions.

India question bank “ape” Toppr won A $10 million round of financing, by Fedility Growth Partners in India led, SAIF Partners and Helion Vetures with pitch. Toppr question of existing nearly 150000 questions, each question is by “senior” chosen by the corresponding test and review. And the domestic similar question bank, the ape Toppr also emphasizes the individual situation of each student on the “intelligent” questions.

car traffic two

60 million yuan micro car rental PreA was round, claims to be “the single largest rental field PreA round”, funded by vc exclusive lang ma peak. Users are using micro car rental application, through mobile phones, can open the car door, drive away car. Micro car rental hands-off operation, mainly provide car networking technology, the only control keys for cars will ever, through an open protocol authentication, pass on to the phone or door card.

“luck” full logistics distribution platform for hundreds of millions of yuan B round, led by sequoia capital, the speed of light AnZhen with pitch. Luck is a based on mobile Internet technology development of full phone tube car distribution platform, committed to the road transport industry, for the car looking for goods, goods to provide comprehensive information and transaction services.