Financing hui: a week last week, a total of disclosing 27 financing, strong electricity field

hunting cloud network May 4 (word/WeiWen)

in addition to the financing evening of 6 p.m. daily, hunting new “financing remit a week” cloud, a week to meet with everyone, including education, finance, automobile transportation, housing, health, tourism, O2O local life, games, advertising, intelligent hardware, style, enterprise services, social, electricity, tools, various categories.

last week (4.27 ~ 5.2), hunting cloud network included financing successful event 27 (due to various factors, collect may not complete, the number of financing amount nor do endorsement, judge is only for market). Compared with the previous week, less in number 12, in addition to the enterprise service because of its basic status, popular attention, electric performance is particularly eye-catching.

in particular, electric field, a total of seven, than the last week of four has increased significantly, and there are rumours in the alibaba online bazaar on to put to death an unknown number of money. is a hasn’t been launched, but supposed to replace the amazon startups, visible competition and play in the field of electricity and the mining. Enterprise service is the same as last week, a total of five, can’t, all areas to carry out business always not open around these basic services.

relatively, other fields are present to decline significantly. Perhaps because the fields before all experienced a small peak, calm, in preparation for the next round, hunting later cloud network will make the corresponding analysis, attention please.


mall “price” for $10 m A round of funding, from morningside venture led, and A number of well-known investors. This round of funding will be used in the layout of the mobile terminal products, improve the user experience, complete business closed loop. Mall “price” is by the consumers “free offer” shopping website, mall brand suppliers in price more than 1000, more than 100000 SKU.

private secretary service Operator won A $10 million round of funding, investors including Greylock Partners and Expa. Users to come up with their own needs, as long as sending a message Operator will help fix everything else, and will be delivered user needs. It is mainly aimed at the user need to spend some time when buying cost to choose, at the same time require the user to have some professional knowledge of the goods.

online channel distributors “the ritual” a lot was B round level financing, the financing led by the tripod with two handles peak investment. Financing will increase after’s devotion to B2C and APP product, its fresh and coffee brand cultivation and cold storage and factory purchase at home and abroad. “More” is the largest pure Internet channel vendors, and mengniu, bright, and many other brand launched a strategic cooperation.

online gift service Loop Commerce awarded $16 million B round, this round of financing by Houzz Chegg, Oren Zeev and Wicklow Capital, such as led, PayPal, etc to vote. This round of financing income will be used for expansion and mobile application development. Loop is for e-commerce sites provide a convenient Commerce do customers buy gifts for friends of alternative technologies, we settle its convenience in don’t need to care about product details such as size, color, no need to worry about even the shipping address, it will guide the recipient to fill in the details.

fresh electricity Dmall won $100 million in angel rounds of financing, for IDG capital investment. Dmall (trade) is characterized by: no procurement, zero inventory, assets, 1 hour service. Dmall with large supermarket cooperation, on the web and APP show goods, at the same time control online pricing power, and residents in the community and cooperation mall service radius for publication and distribution team.

the glasses electricity Warby Parker won $100 million in financing, the t. Rowe Price led, this financing will be used to expand the business entity shop. Consumers need to inform his eyesight Warby Parker and choose the right frames, then Warby Parker custom glasses for consumers.

ticketing service platform lithography film and performance times awarded $105 million B round of financing, the financing by tencent, wanda, wen ZiHuaXia, LuXin isoparametric, follow as the financing of the sole financial advisor. Lithography in the era of main products are based on WeChat wallet and purse QQ “tickets”. WeChat entrance, the user can through QQ entrance, and “tickets” public tickets quickly.

enterprise services

“new three board” listed O2O operators “sea spirit of science and technology” for 14 million yuan A round of funding, the investor for the upthrow Morgan. “Sea spirit of science and technology” of its flagship product stores “cloud” is a free mobile enters sells saves the management software, is a set of procurement, sales, inventory, payments of an integrated management platform, help small businesses to realize online O2O operations.

2 c2p Singapore online payment company won a $7 million C round of financing, investors including GMO Venture Partners Inc and Amun Capital. 2 c2p for southeast Asia online and offline businesses, Banks and financial institutions to provide online payment and mobile payment solutions, the company has a diversified portfolio of products.

open platform integration communication dispatch of “cloud” nearly $one hundred million B round, led by jun union capital and become the capital to vote. The financing will be used for terminal/communication technology, network technology and intelligent technology optimization, brand promotion, expanding the scope of the product. Inquiry of “cloud” to the Internet and mobile Internet developers and small and medium-sized enterprises, through the fusion of three carriers and Internet IP network, through the cloud open REST API and mobile client SDK in two ways, for business and developers to easily build voice, VoIP, IM, such as video and text messaging solution.

north’s talent management software cloud services company won a $110 million C round of financing, by partners China and tsing tai and collar, sequoia capital and investment. North’s main products for the talent management SaaS software – talent management iTalent cloud computing platform, the platform integrates the talent evaluation, recruitment management, performance management, succession and development, 360 – degree appraisal feedback, employee survey six big system.

the data storage start-ups Infinidat won $150 million in financing, by TPG Growth led. This round of funding will be used for business expansion. Infinidat providing storage solutions for the enterprise, at present the application software for more than 100 patents, 18 months ago InfiniBox launched enterprise unified storage products.


new media companies “orange” science and technology for 40 million A round of funding, led by warp/weft China, very serious fund to vote. At present, the “orange” science and technology launched a fun picture “tank factory” social application and PGC entertainment news platform “orange entertainment”.

the winona desktop application news “small” nearly $200 million B round of financing, the financing for light medium and huaxing capital investment. “Small” is a subsidiary of British winona use news big data analytics intelligence Engine PIE (Push Intelligent Engine) of the mobile new media products, the winona with the Engine’s independent intellectual property rights.

women’s lifestyle class media platform “Refinery29” won $50 million D round, this round of financing by Scripps Networks Interactive and WPP. This round of funding will be used in homemade video content, through television and social marketing channel, and continues to the expansion of globalization. Refinery29 is focusing on women’s fashion class Buzzfeed, covering fashion, beauty, lifestyle, news and local cool exhibitions, parties, etc.

Local life

the door car maintenance O2O platform “bi ma3 wen have Shared” 10 million yuan, the Pre – A round of funding, for zheshang venture investment. Bi ma3 wen have Shared mainly for C end users with regular maintenance, vehicle maintenance, minor repairs and other services. This funding will be used to improve the service ability and expand to other cities, and to seek differentiation route, provides the high quality for the owners, high degree of recognition of service experience.

personality reservation APP “eating better” angel investment 10 million yuan, this round of investors for the Yangtze river and the transfer investment financing way culture. “Eating better” USES P2P mode, do is share catering industry economic model, its docking B end chefs and C end customers. At present, it has complete system design, sample experience store construction, preliminary work of third-party ingredient suppliers, research and development of executive chef menu and communication management mode also basic run through.


travel application Headout won $1.8 million in seed funding, investors are mainly Version One Ventures, this financing will be used to expand the market. This app is like in your mobile phone installed a hotel concierge desk, help you find the U.S. cities of tourist attractions, activities, tickets.

online travel booking service TravelTriangle won $8 million B round, investors including SAIF Partners and Bessemer Venture Partners. TravelTriangle and destination travel agency cooperation, to provide users with personalized customized travel service

exit free service travel website will play received A round of $20 million. Shanghai lianchuang investment. Travel will play do is outside the car service, satisfy the little traffic demand is Chinese outbound tourism. Travel can “play” to take one car dynamic model of separation, the driver cabin “guide” function, provide travel “scene” rather than “transportation” scene.

Smart hardware

intelligent transportation open community cloud Ma Zhi driving obtain 10 million yuan angel investors, led by suitable for capital, capital, angel investors TongWei bright, too firebird and etc. Cloud Ma Zhi driving release smart foldable electric vehicles “cloud horse X1”. The vehicle built-in tesla with lithium batteries, the overall weight is only 13.5 kg.


photo editing tool VSCO Cam $30 million B round of financing, investors including Glynn, Capital Management, Accel Partners and Goldcrest Investments. VSCO community focused on the photographer groups, focus on release of high quality images.


200 million yuan hua kang mobile medical B round, this round of financing by yunfeng capital, co-win, new horizon capital, hunan medical investment. Huakang mobile medical have two paragraphs