Financing hui 】 【 A week: angel investment house m won millions of dollars, too firebird won tens of millions of A round of investment

over the weekend, hunting cloud network for nearly a week investment information, take you glance Internet circle recent investment event.

the domestic company

1, curtilage meters millions angel investment

home meters ( is a regional service platform of life, the user can according to the personal location information query its local shops around, after select merchants under the single, by the businessman door-to-door delivery or make an appointment for delivery. Angel investment company has received hundreds of millions of yuan.

2, wedding photography O2O marry film earned $3 million Pre – A round

Beijing beauty only show network technology ( is a focus on wedding O2O business services in the field of Internet companies, mainly concentrated in wedding photography services, aimed at creating new users and photo studio or personal photographer a docking services platform. The company has received $3 million Pre – A round of investment, joint investment by the resultant force, and jade.

3, couples social applications “miss you” angel rounds completed hundreds of millions of yuan investment

miss you, ( is a built-in APP virtual scene, for college students and different works of lovers to build exclusive virtual home. The company has revealed angel rounds has completed hundreds of millions of yuan investment, by the angel fund investment.

4, managers in the workplace and enjoy the community, a reward 10 million yuan angel round investment

a reward ( is a for, focus on the management question and answer. Shanghai win wisdom network technology co., LTD. Its products. At present, the company has obtained 10 million yuan investment angel round.

5, the innovation works too firebird, Beijing investment tens of millions of yuan A round

too firebird ( is a flagship, using all the way to raise the package, integrating creative product community and e-commerce service, help the designer achievements dream, to help consumers taste life. The company has obtained innovation works, Beijing investment of tens of millions of yuan A round of investment.

the foreign company

1, destination tour Musement 5 million euros for A round of investment

Musement ( was established in October 2012, is a start-up company focused on the areas of tourism, tourism destination attractions tickets online booking, such as museums, monuments, opera house, etc. A few days ago, the company has to expand in the field of food and amusement parks. The company has won 6 million euros in A round of investment, investors including P101, 360 Capital Partners, Francesco Micheli Associati and Italian Angels for Growth.

2, British fashion quotient Farfetch received $86 million E round

Farfetch ( was founded in 2008, is a British London fashion e-commerce sites, the main European and north American fashion boutique, the current annual sales of $275 million. Round of investment, the company has received $86 million E by Digital Sky Technologies, Yuri Milner led, Vitruvian Partners, Conde Nast and shot.

3, neighborhood social App Nextdoor to get $110 million D wheel investment

Nextdoor ( was founded in 2010, is an urban community neighborhood social services based on start-up, has covered 53000 communities across the country, the main neighborhood inner security and help each other. The company has obtained 1 $D round of investment, by Insight Venture Partners, Redpoint Ventures, joint investment.

4, joint venture office service AlleyNYC received A $16 million round of investment

AlleyNYC ( was established in August 2012, is a joint venture office space service startup. The company with $16 million in late February risk investment, investors for Entrepreneur Media, Vandewater Capital Holdings.

5, food delivery service provider Grofers get tiger funds $10 m

Grofers ( is a hyper local grocery delivery service, fast delivery service for consumers and the grocery store. At present, the company get the tiger fund investment of $ten million.

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