Financing evening news: wifi skeleton keys such as financing, ctrip, elong for $400 million

May 22 (word/WeiWen)

education interactive video production platform Zaption $1.5 million seed round of funding. Zaption hope to do a help video to learn more effective tools, by “interactive video” passive absorption to active thinking. In the free version, teacher Zaption provide tools are available in video embed the title on the timeline, the current support elements include: pictures, drawing, open questions, etc.

Internet + wealth management “fortune 360” 10 million yuan of the pre – A round of financing, the investor for CPT capital of China. 360 wealth main trust, tube, sunshine private, overseas insurance, the family trust, PE, the new three board funds, film and television funds, buyout funds and other private bank financial products.

“key realization technology” for millions of dollars to the Pre – A round of funding. Key realization the initial direction is to provide a set of hardware and software solutions for female users, have launched a mobile power supply, 3 d printing accessories and other products, and set the tone for the “design” for her, the new Lunar beginning users sleep problems, is a recorder of sleep.

home textile vertical electrical contractor Guildery won $2.1 million in seed funding, the investor as the Forerunner Ventures, Cowboy Ventures, SoftTech and AOL subordinate BBG Ventures. Guildery website devoted to sell some household items, such as supporting the printing pillow, hang act the role ofing, Ottoman stool, etc., when people acquire for home supplies to solve collocation for the confusion.

travel search company WayBlaze r $5 million for A round of funding, by IBM led, The Entrepreneurs, and Gobi Partners with, this round of financing will be used to expand The team members. WayBlazer authorization Watson cognitive computing technology, the product can provide users with activities surrounding the hotel, restaurants, concerts, etc. Personalized recommendation service.

mocha I car maintenance O2O company $10 million for A round of funding, led by CDH investment, Pre series A investment institutions fosun brothers and capital. Mocha I announced and quick fix O2O automobile enterprise has one hand cooperation, will be based on one hand offline stores and service system for the owners to provide besides the door light maintenance and repair of heavy repair.

micro intellectual panorama $100 million B round of funding, is by heart and IDG two joint investment of capital. Micro panorama is the inventor of the POS terminals of the Internet. Since its inception on November 20, 2012, the main Internet POS machine research and development and production, as the main carrier, the offline entity business access to the Internet.

DIY creative community Brit + Co won $23.1 million in financing, by the Oak Investment Partners, led. Brit + Co is a combination of lifestyle, DIY teaching and electrical elements, is very popular with women in their 20 s and 30 s.

Samsara won A $25 million round of financing, the investor for top silicon valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (hereinafter referred to as A16Z). Samsara building including hardware, network, software and data analysis of simple, cheap, large-scale sensor management system.

wifi master key $52 million for A round of funding, investors including haitong kaiyuan, the school, etc. WIFI master key an automatic free wi-fi hotspots around information and establish the connection of android, iPhone tools.. Users can upload their know hot password, can also download upload hot password, others to use direct access.

king, guotai junan venture will be given to financial strategy of tens of millions of yuan into

Internet finance innovation brand king, the king announced that it plans to get one of three big domestic brokerages guotai junan venture strategy into the tens of millions of yuan, guotai junan venture will become king of finance major strategic cooperation partners. Now king finance new three board investment projects “appreciation of treasure” product has been successfully launched, become the first domestic low threshold to participate in the new three board investment financing platform.

from one car for C $60 million in financing round

main C2C mode of second-hand car trading platform “car” everyone will get $60 million in the near future C round of financing, by two famous VC led, can also get the BAT one of strategic investment. As for the specific investment agency name and the specific is which a BAT, we couldn’t confirm, but can confirm, series B investors also have to vote.

rubik’s cube apartment by warburg pincus, investing $140 million

long rent life service platform rubik’s cube apartment at present in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, nanjing and other 10 large and medium-sized cities in China which has 70 stores, room quantity more than 10000, to nearly 20000 households provide service life. Rubik’s cube apartment after completion of the financing will speed up the pace of expansion, announced the launch of “apartment +” strategy, building meet the youth live life one-stop service platform.

elong, ctrip’s $400 million investment into the company’s largest shareholder

“today’s announcement, said ctrip has acquired for $400 million it holds a 37.6% stake in elong, become elong the single largest shareholder. After the merger, the original big shareholders “to quit the board of directors. In addition, platinum group will also owns about 30%, tencent is overweight, but concrete stake is unknown.

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