Financing evening news: valet parking ZIRX, P2P network financing credit group net loan, etc

hunting cloud network on April 23 (word/WeiWen)

B2B outbound distribution platform acting on network investment 2.5 million yuan, for ping an innovation fund investment. What is committed to providing a clear lines, product price transparency, clear rules, change rules be clear at a glance back efficient business platform.

auto after market service platform “will maintain a” nearly $ten million financing, by xishan angel angel the congregation to invest. Build common owners and professional technicians will maintain a free online consultation communication and booking service platform, let the owner to find the most appropriate technician at any time or counseling problems, troubleshooting, repair the car; Owners question unanswered and technicians through establishing personal reputation and personal brand, and get more customers.

“agent deer” of O2O part-time on campus. 10 million yuan angel round, venture investors are blue. Its desire to use the mobile Internet and campus O2O trend, get rid of recruitment agencies, lets the student with the enterprise direct docking mutual, recruitment costs, reduce the risk of students were cheated and enterprises.

restaurant O2O sweetheart rock salad for tens of millions of A round of funding, this round of financing by competitive world, chunghwa picture tubes, capital investment, the capital as its financial advisor. Sweetheart rock salad with central kitchen, online after receiving orders, independent research and development, with a healthy diet to convey a low-calorie meal can help gain perfect posture of the brand image.

petty cash loan application “mobile phone” loan financing amount over $10 m, has accomplished clear division throws the angel round, sequoia capital, A wheel and blue lake A + round of venture capital. “The mobile phone is borrowed” to provide users with the debt of 1000-5000 yuan, cycle in 7 to 30 days. “The mobile phone is borrowed” the introduction of sesame credit points as a reference data, the fastest can do 30 minutes of lending to the account.

vocational education website Simplilearn C $14 million round of funding, investors for Helion Venture Partners and Kalaari Capital. This round of funding will be used to continue to enrich course list, mobile application development. Simplilearn committed to recharge need professionals to provide short-term vocational training, at present, the total number of courses has more than 250.

application ZIRX valet parking for $30 million B round, by the Bessemer Venture Partners led. Users can reserve parking the younger brother to his position, and then let him to drive to the parking lot near cooperation, fee is $15 per day, the whole process only needs to pay the car and the car 5 to 7 minutes, greatly save the time.

financial services platform CompareAsiaGroup won $40 million in A round of funding, by Goldman Sachs, Goldman Sachs Investment Partners, led, jardine Pacific, Nova raised Captial, ACE & amp; Company, Route 66 capital for refs.

P2P network platform group lending net loan of nearly 500 million yuan B round, led by keeping one investment, shi yuzhu and several investment institutions to vote. Group lending network service in micro, small and medium enterprises and individual financing business, its “you my financial” mobile app pioneered “social” mode, the insurance financial guarantor will, investors and borrowers three roles through social connections, form a closed-loop ecosystem, natural person ACTS as the guarantor, whereby loan guarantee risk fragmentation, and platform only ACTS as an information intermediary role.

from the UK Funding Circle won $150 million in financing, by DST Global, BlackRock and Temasek but led. A new round of financing will further expand the us and the UK market. Funding Circle platform enables individuals to provide loan to small and medium enterprises.

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