Financing evening news: university teachers and students interactive operation platform sent A + class for financing, etc

on April 1, hunting cloud network (word/WeiWen)

university teachers and students interactive platform to send A + class finish millions of angel investment, A + class sent founder Cao Shunda told cloud network exclusive hunting, has been in 14 years at the end of November to seed wei-dong ma investment funds, invested by China cheng jing, completed at the end of 12 millions of angels, and the money will be mainly applied to the technology development and team building.

the door maintenance O2O platform “son-in-law” millions angel, 4.1 on April fool’s day officially launched operations, mainly around the vehicle maintenance of door-to-door service. “Car son-in-law to the door” O2O maintenance as the breakthrough point, to reconstruct the car maintenance service system, make transparent, good faith service platform, let the traditional mechanic get social respect.

deli O2O brand LaoZhi halide to raise ten million yuan, the angel investment from the huayi brothers media group chairman wang zhonglei, the day before yesterday (now legend) Zhu Yonghua figure capital partners and senior ali is a mysterious figure and small hornet venture capital. After obtaining financing, LaoZhi halide retail shops will be from chengdu, the existing six, plans to expand to 20 this year.

“Uber” in the field of domestic Handy for C $15 million round of funding, this round of funding by TPG Growth led, Sound Ventures and other early investors to vote. Handy is on-demand (on demand) housekeeping service provider, connect consumers and has the qualification of independent contractors, the services will include maintenance, cleaning and so on.

Sprinklr enterprise social media management company won a $46 million round of funding, E this round of funding by existing investors’ Ventures, Iconiq Intel Capital and Capital investment. Sprinklr provide enterprises with its social media, cross-platform management and chart analysis and other services, its customers including Microsoft and virgin America, etc.

enterprise security and system management of start-ups Tanium won a $52 million investment, A16Z investors in silicon valley of the wind. Compared with traditional enterprise network security solution, the Tanium solution is the direct communication with the server client, a convenient and fast advantages.

jingdong the raise project “jacket shrimp” 4 hours 6 million raised

yesterday, jingdong equity the raised platform is launched, jingdong call for the whole people to “shout”. And participate in the equity and the raise of jingdong projects, the jacket of the kitchen – jacket lobster restaurant O2O industry representatives of project, 4 hours flash raised more than $6 million in capital, becomes the first jingdong the raise of 10 projects first was oversubscribed entrepreneurial project. Jacket of shrimp with crayfish cut to the door to door delivery market, after the expansion of spicy taste food category, create a central kitchen store less spicy hot brand.

O2O auto after market service platform “with Shared” proposed by 40 million RMB financing

, according to td optical last night announced its plans to unite other investors investment focus on electricity market and O2O services after car with Shared 40 million yuan, the td optical accounted for together with Shared 5.26% of the registered capital after the capital increase, valued at 190 million yuan after completion of the round. With a Shared focus on electricity and O2O services after the car market, through its own maintenance team for the majority of owners to provide affordable and convenient to maintenance and vehicle testing services, car maintenance, mild and to the general user with 4 s shops and professional repair shop of transparent and cost-effective vehicle maintenance plan.

luxury electricity Yoox and Net – A – Porter formally announced merger

based in milan, luxury electric business Yoox announced to the world’s second largest luxury goods group richemont group’s Net – a – Porter formally merged, each accounted for 50% of the company, the new company will be named the Yoox Net – a – Porter. After its establishment, the company Net – A – Porter’s founder Natalie Massenet will serve as chairman, the founder of Yoox Federico Marchetti, served as chief executive, is expected to reach $1.4 billion in annual revenue.

the Philippines business incubator – Kickstart Ventures won a $50 million investment fund

Global Telecom, announced that from the Philippines to Kickstart their Ventures provided $50 million of additional funds. Kickstart Ventures will use the money to Fund 2 to have fast development has the potential to support the start-up, boost their rapid growth. In addition, their investment targets for those who come from all over the world, the expansion mode, and has a clear regional or global view of start-ups.

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