Financing evening news: the door sound great beauty beauty, yue Taiwan etc for financing

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“superiorly happy subsidy” IDG angel investment, superiorly happy car ownership is a M2C (technician connected consumers) car beauty service platform, directly to the market technicians and owners together, after the service includes: the on-call door car wash, car washing waxing, car door inside SPA, deep clean hub and in-car air purification and so on.

ar enterprise Augmented Pixels to raise $1 million m, last month, the company will own headquarters moved to Palo Alto, California, and successfully listed.

Indonesia UGC Zeemi live video platform. The TV won a $1 million round of funding, the seeds of Starups investors for DeNA and 500. The users of the live video can be divided into: the star performers and ordinary users. The former use Zeemi. TV and the fans to interact, share some life while the latter with the record. This round of funding will be used to promote products, and optimize its live video technology.

overseas online shopping platform “for the global” won the million dollar round of funding, angel for DFJ venture investment. Tao is a global connections overseas buyers and domestic users of overseas online shopping shopping platform, C2C model can enrich SKU selling goods, at the same time, by setting the overseas team collecting points and self-built transshipment storehouse to increase overseas direct mail time controllability, reduce logistics cost, shorten the trading period.

live elective course recommended platform net millions of dollars to A round of funding, investors for the school. The money will be used for recruitment, marketing and mobile side layout. Course web will dig the core requirements, “” find courses we will continue to improve the course recommended related functions; In addition, make product closed loop, from jump into a one-stop service, improve the user experience.

mobile sports level must angel investment, led to zhi surplus capital. Mobile in sports service market perspective of platform construction, focus on sports venues and associated services, online booking service there are tickets for sports, training, consulting, activities, city, six plate, recently the new APP on sports social O2O layout.

Yi Xing technology must level Pre – A round of funding, this round of financing capital led by racing, cloud raise with, such as plans to build A global family intelligent health industry leading brand. This round of funding will be mainly used for human intelligence to wear, social, big data, fully integrated layout of mobile medical, O2O resources and perfect industry chain.

hangzhou door-to-door massage O2O “pushing the bear” angel financing was 10 million yuan, from the traditional pedicure, rich group. For the financing, the upfront capital is mainly used for team operation, massage teacher base salary, online system building and promotion, etc. Late capital is mainly used for marketing, advertising, market extension.

universal plasticizing net tens of millions of yuan A round of funding, by zhongke venture joint investment funds, guangdong branch, lava. This round of funding will be used to strengthen the awareness of active service platform, to explore new financial industry chain mode; Electricity power industry; Focus on intelligent software and hardware technology research and development, to participate in the construction of various information behavior standard.

door-to-door beauty O2O egrets, 15 million Pre – a investment value of 150 million. Egrets beauty mainly to provide customers with facial and body care services. The user can choose according to geographical position distance beautician door-to-door service, users can experience after the service satisfaction evaluation was carried out on the beautician.

airport car rental companies Wingz raised $2 million, led to Florence Venture Partners. The company’s services can be summarized as: “like Uber, but provide only near the airport car sharing service.” The financing of capital will be used for the expansion work, this year they are going to open shops specializing in 25 new airport.

customer help enterprise Interactions Corporation won $9.5 million in additional financing, but the company did not disclose the specific use of the financing.

storm magic mirror to complete the first round of $10 million in financing, the investor huayi brothers, auditions and love s&d, loose grain capital four, a total of 19% of the shares. The storm mirror has been expanding VR industry chain upstream and downstream resources. Through this round of financing, the storm mirror will make up for all the content and channels.

private medical institutions ZhuoZheng medical won $17.5 million B round, led by A Hong Kong investment agency, A wheel partners China and investors. ZhuoZheng after completion of this round of financing in addition to medical treatment in shenzhen, guangzhou urban layout of the site planning will be accelerated.

focus on MV of yue won $35 million in financing, the money will be used to build a more high-quality fan experience platform and perfect the service system. Fans and consumers have now and the future of the Internet and music will be from the aspects of production, consumption, promote three subversion and reconstruction, “in the future to sell from ‘song’ to ‘sell’, fans will also be from feelings to pay a premium.

P2P mortgage companies LendingHome won $70 million in a new round of financing, this round of financing by the Chinese social networking site renren led, financing totaled $70 million. LendingHome current mainly provide short-term bridge loans to homeowners, or less than 10 households to the tenants single-family homeowners with mortgages.

microsatellites enterprise Planet won $118 million in financing, led party for the World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation. The financing is the last time the company $95 million in additional financing, that is to say, $118 million, only $23 million for the new financing.

product will invest $5 million sale only electricity Ensogo

sale e-commerce sites Ensogo Vipshop $5 million strategic investment, huaxing capital Ensogo sole financial advisers in the transaction. Only product will better understand the rapid growth of electricity dealer market in southeast Asia. Will also provide Ensogo Vipshop in discount retailing experience, so as to help the better development of Ensogo sale business in southeast Asia.

lancy shares 28.9% to hk $1.193 billion acquisition of community

lancy a-share listed company shares with the Hong Kong stock exchange listed company together jointly issued A notice yesterday, announced lancy shares offered hk $1.193 billion for community 28.9% stake. Lancy shares such as transaction is approved, will be together for the first big shareholders, and with other shareholders rong-ming zhang, liu jiang, nuon chea, concerted action person jointly held together 46.245% stake, jointly control to many companies.

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