Financing evening news: the currency startup 21 Inc, easy CRM sales for financing

cloud network hunting on March 11 (word/WeiWen)

COINS startup 21 Inc raised $116 million, to enlarge its currency technology application. Investors including vc firm Anderson – horowitz and RRE Ventures. Qualcomm through its venture capital department has carried on the strategic investment to the company.

the cloud version of CAD Onshape won $64 million in seed round, by the North Bridge, and NEA. It is made of Solidworks founder Jon Hirschtick and other senior staff to spend three years to build CAD cloud platform.

city O2O electricity changzhou “tao” 150 million yuan investment, A + jun lian capital investment. Tao in changzhou is a city “logistics” ability of O2O electrical contractor. Finish this round of financing at the same time, also launched a new changzhou self-built floor of mouth convenience products “building” of China.

sales easy CRM announced a $15 million round of funding, C sequoia capital, warp/weft joint investment of China. This round of funding will be used to improve aspects of products and services. Sales CRM is easily via mobile, cloud, social three technology for the enterprise to provide professional usability of mobile CRM, help sales enterprise of fine management, improve sales performance.

ctrip’s do golf play “love” by fosun tens of millions of yuan investment, the breakthrough point of the love to play around in the high-end customer interests of the subject, such as golf, scuba diving, skiing, meditation, red wine, etc. After financing, love to play and more investment in golf project and operation.

flange and sent $3.6 million for A round of funding, Mr. CAI and other well-known investors to participate in the investment. Edge and not a do Internet startup team recruitment online platform, but one for ideas haven’t venture entrepreneurs.

financial product distribution platform high search easily won tens of millions of yuan, the Pre – A round of funding, this investment from shenzhen and the eastern investment co., LTD. Continue to lead, the finance will facilitate high search is the process of the development of innovative business, at the same time, it will promote open platform such as the upgrading of products and services.

DaoCloud guest cloud () by the speed of light AnZhen millions of dollars in financing, this round of funding will be used to accelerate product development, launch container technology as the core of cloud computing platform and enterprise solutions.

personal white-collar “warm” thick jersey capital millions angel investment, heating is a for personal training institutions or mentor and the education of the students to realize a butt joint training platform. They recently launched the function of payment, to purchase platform for personal training sessions, for small achieve docking between institutions and students.

car service provider thousand city transfer formalities for 1.5 million yuan angel round, thousand city transfer is a focus on providing services such as vehicle transfer like to start-up, hope that through safe and efficient service to increase the efficiency of the second-hand car trading backend.

bain capital’s $2.4 billion acquisition of network security company Blue Coat

Blue Coat is a help customers to make sure it is safe to access to the Internet enterprise security company, providing comprehensive, secure wan acceleration solution, analysis and protection of malicious software, web content filtering, and other services. The company the next step is to return to Wall Street, strive for listing.

the ali will invest in India e-commerce sites Snapdeal

India e-commerce sites Snapdeal is its $1 billion in a new round of financing with alibaba consultations consultations. News that Snapdeal parent Jasper Infotech hope the site can get a $5 billion valuation in the round.

xueda education and qihoo 360 reached a strategic cooperation

the total investment 3000 Wan Chengli – sunshine rabbit (Beijing) technology co., LTD., focused on expanding in the field of online education. The new company will take the lead in developing a mobile end product, might be for K12 personalized learning. Which content and education resources, learning will provide qihoo 360 will provide technology and Internet resources.

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