Financing evening news: star war of thrones by network, huang jianxiang move right financing etc

hunting cloud network on April 3 (word/WeiWen)

star war of thrones network grade millions of angel investment, led debridement incubator, etc. Star war of thrones network platform product type mainly around products, platform, social, intelligent mobile Internet education game project. Has successfully developed several children education games and applications.

3 d printer manufacturers “Ming exhibition technology” 4 million yuan investment, for photoelectric far investors. Ming technology of main products are desktop 3 d printer brand MBot 3 d, also operates a 3 d printing products sharing community. Ming technology do include research and development, production, manufacture and sale of printer, the chain longer.

host huang jianxiang founded dynamic angel investment 5.5 million yuan, they mainly integrate coaches and site resources, provide training service for teachers and parents. CEO Bai Jiang said, “this can be done inside there are a lot of, summer camps, winter camp, peripheral products, programs, etc. They set up based on public service, h5 page integrates such as for teachers, sign up, looking for activities, etc.

mobile advertising service providers of “technology” meaning more than millions of dollars investment, investors for hon hai group. After this round of financing, will expand team, deep tillage technology development ability, develop overseas market. Science and technology research and development of long-term meaning but mobile positioning technology and accumulate location database, currently in operation AdLocus mobile advertising services and authorized mobile location services technology to give priority to.

supply chain financing platform is 20 million yuan of investment, the national wealth Shanghai state-owned assets supervision and administration commission, ministry of science and technology such as the torch center jointly establish datai capital for its investors. “National wealth” is the first domestic automobile supply chain model based Internet financial services platform. This round of angel funding will be mainly used for the talents introduction, IT system upgrade, brand promotion, etc.

berry and won $one hundred million B round, investors for qiming. Berry and high-throughput gene sequencing technology as the core, according to genetic diseases and the screening, diagnosis and treatment of tumor diseases, developed a series of solutions for the Chinese clinical institutions and research institutes in the field of life science to provide clinical product innovation, research tools and research services.

care providers Honor awarded $20 million in A round of funding, Honor is A focus on providing the elderly home care services start-up, by Andreessen Horowitz collar. In the future, in addition to home care, Honor program for old people to provide more psychological counseling, such as ease the loneliness of old people who live alone.

focus college take-away market Tapingo C $22 million round of financing, by Qualcomm today led, DCM Ventures with shots, etc. The funds raised will be used for the expansion of the company and the company’s operations and marketing. In addition to the room, they are also going to dabble in the market of washing or other retail delivery business.

car pool service Via won $27 million B round, led party for Israel Pitango Venture Capital, Hearst Ventures, Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich, 83 north and round of investors. Via the service mode of pricing by appointment and instant call car to distinguish two kinds of way, $5, to $7.

“send” express service Shyp complete round of $50 million in financing, B this led party or for Kleiner Perkins. Users take want to express, upload photos to Shyp App to submit their own distribution requirements, Shyp system to carry on the viewsonic sheet after receiving orders, delivery will be door-to-door package.

online ticket search comparison engines which won a $62 million round of funding, C by Technology Crossover Ventures led. Users can through the Web or mobile applications and book tickets for you need. This round of funding will be used for expansion team, expanding the size of the market, enhance supplier relationships.

public comment on $850 million in financing rumors again

the public comments on the current financing to complete on March 27, slightly later than the scheduled date. The financing amount is still $850 million investment, the company valued at $4.05 billion. It is worth noting that the investors in addition to the previously reported temasek holdings, wanda group, fosun group and and tencent, the millet company more.

four times a year, the interest in installment and financing

interest in installment, founder and CEO amith jj said in internal e-mails to complete D round of financing, but did not disclose the specific amount and investment institutions. And said that will be released soon. Boring stages in the product also shows fast characteristic on the building. In addition to interest in installment, also launched Internet business white-collar oriented “to hire”; And for children, consumption in installment financial services “child stage”.

convenient delivery service Shyp O2O companies will raise $50 million

Shyp O2O convenient shipping service companies in the United States said it would raise $50 million, the company valued at $250 million; Shyp is an enterprise for individual users and customers with shipping service O2O company. Shyp take the way of socialization crowdsourcing pickup staff recruitment, shipper pictures of goods sent Shyp, Shyp let the socialization of logistics personnel take the parcel after, combined with the customer’s package size, the location of the delivery for the customer to choose the highest ratio of large express company for delivery.

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