Financing evening news: small fish at home such as financing, jingdong orchard every day tens of millions of $

May 12 (word/WeiWen)

light social software pro find angel financing was 5 million yuan, the investor DFJ, investors are Wang Yuehua. Close to find is a help to solve family orientation, security issues (the elderly, children) light social App; Lightsome cute smart hardware design watches are introduced, as the extension of the original software and App comprehensive use.

social publishing platform appreciate for 9 million yuan A round of financing, the investor for IDG. Appreciation is a commitment to for the writer, publisher and appreciates people demand docking between providing services, publishing, focus on innovation to raise social publishing original content to provide the platform.

British unmanned aircraft manufacturing company Sky – Futures $3.87 million for A round of funding, MMC by London vc fund investment Ventures. Sky – Futures on oil and gas monitoring, research and development manufacturing uav can on oil drilling platform and natural gas pipeline monitoring, shoot hd video, photographs, and thermal imaging data collection, analysis and the result was provided to the customer.

intelligent hardware products orange meaning watches won $5 million in financing, the investor is, the capital. Patients at home at night when sleep can wear it to do the whole monitoring, then morning just open the APP data uploaded to the experts.

ClassPass application mode to see concert Jukely seed round of funding for $8 million, by Northzone, 14 w, Maiden Lane Ventures and including Jared Hecht, Steve Martocci, Hany Nada, Larry Marcus, Lyor Cohen and Alex Zubillaga, individual investors. New money will be used for user extensions and product promotion. Jukely let users spend $25 per month, can be watched any concert.

India “ape question bank” Toppr won A $10 million round of financing, by Fedility Growth Partners in India led, SAIF Partners and Helion Vetures with pitch. Toppr question of existing nearly 150000 questions, each question is by “senior” chosen by the corresponding test and review. And the domestic similar question bank, the ape Toppr also emphasizes the individual situation of each student on the “intelligent” questions.

smart fish at home hardware products for tens of millions of dollars to B round, hunting cloud network to the fish in-house personage at home, the other party confirmed that the company completed the financing, but is yet to be released into the specific details of financing. Small fish at home can realize mobile phone remote control, audio and video communication, voice interaction, intelligent recording and intelligent learning, etc.

“luck” full logistics distribution platform for hundreds of millions of yuan B round, led by sequoia capital, the speed of light AnZhen with pitch. Luck is a based on mobile Internet technology development of full phone tube car distribution platform, committed to the road transport industry, for the car looking for goods, goods to provide comprehensive information and transaction services.

derivative makeup brand “kans” won the 400 million yuan investment

kans in addition to the traditional retail business super, cosmetics store and he, kans in emerging channels such as electricity, derivative also exalt skyer. Investors for citic capital, this round of financing in the new capital and former general manager of Shanghai jahwa Mr Ge. Kans wechat business will continue to open “kans +” model, in kans the successful experience of more than 3 months sales copy to more brands; In addition, kans still plans to invest 700 million, focus on the child care field.

South Korea electric business enterprise Coupang softbank investment $1 billion

softbank and Coupang ongoing due diligence procedures on both sides, softbank, the investment of usd 1 billion will be acquired 20% Coupang, this means Coupang valuation has reached $5 billion. Softbank Coupang, the investment is to duplicate their success in China in Korea. After they had invested in alibaba, and obtained the generous returns.

good future purchasing a service platform for the college entrance examination to college “the university entrance exam pie”

good future acquisition and integration of the university entrance exam net and expand the service chain, to provide education services, for the user to solve the K12 last pain points on the road. The university entrance exam pie using the Internet to big data, the original information transparency, the college entrance examination in the university entrance exam pie input marks on a page information, access to school professional ranking, and its surrounding the city characteristics, etc.

the jingdong fresh electricity every day tens of millions of dollars in investment orchard

jingdong fresh electricity every day tens of millions of dollars in investment orchards, message in a few days will be released. Jingdong this round of investment amount and jingdong online reservation enterprises hungry yao, catering takeout home the amount of food will close. Jingdong choose strategic investment orchard is one important purpose every day, open the jingdong in fresh situation in the field of electricity. Orchards in fresh every day doing enough electricity field, jingdong strategic stakes in orchard after every day, every day the orchard goods can be directly sold in jingdong platform.

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