Financing evening news: read later Pocke obtain financing, such as baidu acquisition AnQuanBao

hunting cloud network on April 15 (word/WeiWen)

delivery system service provider takeaway won millions angel financing, investors mainly personal and brush joy technology (shenzhen) co., LTD., the brush is move card subsidiary in shenzhen, mainly engaged in the credit card business. Le takeaway is a startup based on WeChat order, and do is technical services, also do not need to throw money rob to the user.

Ascend to raise a $1.5 million seed round , by a Mucker Capital company led, OCA Ventures such as ginseng. At the same time introduced its initial products — — — — — RateRewards, can provide dynamic pricing for consumer loans. Ascend will best help lenders to improve their credit scores, and give preferential loan interest rates.

HTML 5 social gaming platform “turnip to play” being A round of funding, for xin swim capital investment. Fujian radish network technology co., LTD. Main cross-platform mobile online game development and operation business, many game has been introduced to date.

business cafe for the initial investment of 20 million yuan, by lei jun and Li Ruxiong jointly. Floor area of about 3000 square meters, and will rely on in PI county to build entrepreneurial blocks, at the same time and a half years to expand our stores to 4 ~ 5. This is a platform for the communication of entrepreneurs and investors, to carry out the innovation incubation, entrepreneurship training, angel investment, etc.

later reading service Pocket $7 million B round, investors including New Enterprise Associates, and Sound Ventures. Pocket has launched a new web page, add a key collection function and night reading model, as well as the sidebar new articles, video and so on the label of the button can be set up freely by the user, better integrate user decided to read the contents of the later.

main custom melts P2P network credit system has come to more than 6600 ten thousand yuan, science and technology, financing, investors for the hang seng electronic and its associated corporation ningbo river investment management of the partnership. Hang seng electronic and melting technology will cooperate in many aspects, such as market, technology, the future there will be a lot of upgrade products, provide service for P2P industry.

“gold wallet” gold investment and financing platform for tens of millions of dollars A round of funding, for softbank China capital investment. Gold purse is an online gold trading platform, the main O2O gold industry investment and financing mode, to provide users with related business of gold products, at the same time help traditional jewelry industry to solve the financing problem, and guide the user from online to offline jewelry retailers.

Japanese news application SmartNews won a $10 million investment, GREE led by game company, this round of funding will be used to expansion in the United States. More advanced recommendation algorithm based on machine learning, more popular target selection make it popular, in the application list beyond a unique, many competitors.

“carradine” door to door maintenance company won A $10 million round of funding, broadband capital led, extremely KeBang gobi venture capital and to vote. Carradine main business is to provide clients with door car maintenance, vehicle safety inspection door, etc. This round of funding will be used to continue to expand the business category and covered cities.

domestic accounting finance note-taking APP for tens of millions of dollars, B + round kunlun d investment amount of $ten thousand and $16.5 million. Note-taking aspect has not disclosed in B + wheels complete financing amount. Kunlun ten thousand d is not adopt the method of direct investment, but the source of capital through domestic investment institutions.

visual processing chip maker Movidius won a $40 million round of funding, E is understood to have valued at more than $100 million. Movidius visual processing platform with the low consumption characteristic of high energy, can take the initiative to constantly take images and processing information, the ability to give networking equipment environment perception, is the key to iot equipment more intelligent.

millet chain enterprise Ninebot won A $80 million round of funding, investors for millet, redwood, suitable for and huashan. Ninebot, meanwhile, completed the full acquisition of Segway, which for the balance of the world’s largest car maker and balance creator. Segway hand a large number of patents and the overseas market will bring new development opportunities for Ninebot.

dedicated container Management Docker won $95 million round of funding, D by Insight Venture Partners, led, Goldman sachs, Coatue Management, Northern Trust and investment. Docker is a kind of based on lightweight virtualization technology of the development of the LXC container management technology, it through advanced API for process provides a lightweight virtual environment alone.

nokia’s $16.6 billion takeover of alcatel-lucent

is expected in the first half of 2016 to complete the merger, the combined company will be the largest equipment manufacturers, mobile communications field continue to use the nokia logo, but will retain name alcatel-lucent bell laboratories engaged in research and development work. For nokia, enhances own telecommunications equipment acquisition ability, strengthen the competitiveness of Ericsson, huawei.

French inter-city BlaBlaCar carpooling software acquisition of German rival

BlaBlaCar for carpooling people provide a communication platform between the cities, the current BlaBlaCar acquisition price of is not clear. The move to consolidate its leading position in the inter-city carpooling software in Europe, would also help BlaBlaCar to expand more focus on Latin America and Asia market, hope to be able to quickly to expand the service to the world.

baidu wholly owned acquisition AnQuanBao

baidu wholly owned to acquire AnQuanBao domestic security companies, but the specific amount is not clear. AnQuanBao after the acquisition will be integrated into the baidu cloud security system, for enterprise customers to prevent security problems, improve site and access speed, to ensure the DNS response and at the same time improve the search results.

panda fireworks plans to acquire a P2P platform “you and I borrowed”

panda fireworks recently announced plans to listed company takeover by P2P platform for a 51% stake in the “borrowed” you and me, also announced on April 20, renamed the “gold panda”, formally from fireworks enterprise transformation for Internet banking. The purchase I borrow you stake panda fireworks did not reveal details of the vodafone deal.

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