Financing evening news: proper living at home, for food, such as where to get financing

on June 2 (word/WeiWen)

didn’t cure the baby sleep of night terrors products $2.1 million seed round of funding. Didn’t through vibration (10 times the phone vibrate) will never healthy babies and even terrorist dream out of sleep, and into the shallow morpheus condition, thus avoiding the phenomenon of night terrors.

massage O2O proper living home won $3 million in angel rounds of financing, the investor for HongTai fund. Appropriate home is rich Chinese traditional offline pedicures chain Beijing launched the door products, currently include symptomatic toning and foot massage of TCM two large categories.

smart children toothbrush Grush 20 million yuan of the Pre A round of funding, for AnZheng Road venture investment. Grush intelligent children toothbrush will be introduced to the game scenes of children brushing their teeth, brush your teeth to make more fun. Grush the sensor can detect the touch and strength of the brush head, rotation Angle, time, etc.

car market after the O2O platform service car ask network for 50 million yuan A round of funding, tabled by the high capital led, renren to vote. Car ask network based on networked auto after market service platform “secretary” car, car owners can stay abreast of car driving conditions and basic information, vehicle monitoring and guarantee the health of the car.


$15 million for A round of investment, led by sequoia capital, morningside and capital, the financing will be mainly used for the product research and development, the private kitchen marketing services, regional development and food security. Foraging positioning is not solve the problem of users have a meal, but friends, it is naturally contains the cuisine of people, such as for traditional, authentic pursuit.

Internet financial companies which net $150 million B round and investors for Dajin Heavy Industry Corporation, the round is used for team building, risk control, safe technology and new business development four aspects. Future investment which network is no longer a P2P platform, but rather to become a one-stop asset management and service of new financial ecosystem.

“security good housekeeping Canary $30 million B round, by Walden Riverwood Ventures led, Cota Capital to vote. Canary is a cylindrical solid hardware, there is “full” the various sensors, can connect home wi-fi networks, and synchronization with the user’s mobile phone app, see the home at any time convenient.

where to go for silver investment group brought $500 million

where announced that the company will receive silver lake investment group led by a total of $500 million (the interest rate is 2%, the initial conversion price per share of American depositary receipts of $55 preferred unsecured convertible notes) strategic investment. In this round of investment, silver lake group led for $330 million, and the remaining $170 million from other investors. Where will continue to take advantage of this investment to expand mobile platform, drive business growth, and further improve and strengthen the technical ability.

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