Financing evening news: pet O2O warm nest, students financing service you zi yue, etc

hunting cloud network on April 7 (word/WeiWen)

pet O2O service platform or den 1.5 million angels, warm nest, the current number based on micro letter service, to provide customers with house pet grooming, pet training, pet family foster care and other services. In the future, the company will be gradually extended to the whole category of pet services, including medical visits, on-site doctors and so on.

student services you zi yue 8 million Pre – A round of investment, capital brought by the road, the blessed one, and capital. You zi yue is also hunting cloud network docking platform for investment on the project. You zi yue’s ideal is hope the user can through the eyes of students to study in a true market, do the user’s private custom study circle.

interactive won tens of millions of yuan SAN yao angel round, investors including domestic top interactive entertainment group and 37 mobile game of listed companies, and the original by COO issued/” knife tower legend “producer, gaia online CEO Wang Yan straight now. SAN yao interaction with mobile gaming products distribution as the core business, based on product and channel operation, longer than the effect of brand and marketing, and has set up a mature games into the pipeline and mechanism.

home that domestic outfit O2O brand for $8 million for A round of investment, investment to the east sea’s rich rich huasheng gen and mobile innovation funds. “Beautiful home help” flagship for flat layer of semifinished product, now contains a line advocate material, a line and auxiliary materials, artificial cost as one completely standardized decorate a one-stop service, priced at 777 yuan/㎡. The fund is mainly used for decoration product standardization, decorate construction standardization, the supply chain integration and industrial layout optimization.

enterprise order platform “meal” 140 million yuan C round of financing, by popular comments on led, kleiner perkins caufield & byers, NGP (Nokia Growth Partners, Nokia’s Growth fund), zhi capital letter, and shot. Meal to build enterprise consumer market beer and skittles integrated services platform, the current main business is the staff canteen.

SaaS salary management platform ZenPayroll won $60 million B round, by Google Capital led, Google Ventures and the Emergence of new investors Capital and Ribbit Capital to vote. ZenPayroll provide enterprises with the salary management system based on the cloud, automatic help enterprises to pay the employee’s personal income tax and lower wages to the employees account.

GSR ventures partner li yinan entrepreneurship: into electric vehicles

GSR ventures partner li yinan in weibo officially announced today entrepreneurship into electric vehicles, to create a best electric car, it is understood that the entrepreneurial projects have angel for . li yinan’s goal is to use the best material and cutting-edge technology, to create a best electric cars in China.

point media for broad strategic capital one hundred million yuan

a leading platform for the local mobile marketing point media Lomark announced that the introduction of guangdong advertising co., LTD., strategic capital increase of one hundred million yuan of above, the two sides reached a strategic cooperation. Point media Lomark for shenzhen although era information technology co., LTD. Its strategic product platform, integrating mobile advertising the demand side platform (DSP), the big data management platform (DMP), the integration of local advertising agency trinity mobile marketing service system, focus on regional markets, tailor one-stop mobile marketing solutions for advertisers.

diet solution Weight Watchers acquisition community Weilos

the Weight loss community Weilos will be acquired by Weight Watchers, the transaction has not been completed. It is said that the latter considers Weilos unique diet + social attribute, and plans to use its own members for the diversion. Weight Watchers provides a whole solution, interactive online 24 hours professionals, offline and consolidated, and private coaching.

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