Financing evening news: Pair hai tao, cosmetics electric business financing beauty makeup, etc

hunting cloud network on April 6 (word/WeiWen)

cross-border electricity Pair hai tao financing, amount no instructions with the investor. It is a cross-border electric business platform, mainly for services like fashion and have no time shopping women. The platform will be according to your fashion taste and demand, matching the most suitable for you you got talent, set a budget, the people will be in different cities for you personally selected and trying on clothes in the shop.

more than 5 million yuan investment, the school net investors in xiamen friend friend financial information technology service co., LTD. It is a focus on college students’ entrepreneurship practice, through an innovative platform of enterprise channels. Thousands of school network companies to develop the market, to achieve accurate sales, has trained a group of outstanding content campus team, created more business opportunities for college students.

campus limit anonymous dating 11 11 respectively angel investment 11.11 million yuan, 11:11 PM every night, the App will open core functions: system random matching for you a confronting, city or heterosexual college students nationwide “friend”, the two sides have 11 minutes and 11 seconds of time exchange opportunities.

happy you won 50 million yuan A round of funding, is positive in capital investment. Happy to put all into the financing credit market development and the construction of logistics center, to speed up the company in a terminal network layout and increase market share. Goal is to replace traditional FMCG distribution business model.

training with software Hudl won A $72.5 million round of funding, the Nelnet investors have Accel Partners, education services company, etc. Athletes and coaches can through the mobile end Hudl capture, edit, and share the video game or training. At present, it has support for a variety of sports, including different kinds of ball games, track and field, water sports and golf, etc.

cosmetics electricity beauty makeup won $100 million B round, by the Crescent HydePark led, Beijing investment, capital and other institutions and han. Beauty beautiful makeup take very daring, since the self locking mode, through to brand in taobao mall opened official flagship store, or to provide other B2C mall goods, cosmetics online shopping services for consumers.

the virtual sports games business DraftKings won a $250 million investment, investors for Disney. DraftKings development of sports game called fantasy sports, is a virtual role playing games. For instance you can create a football team consists of Lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo, can also be restructuring now fall into the bottom of the Los Angeles lakers, obviously it has great attraction for fans.

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