Financing evening news: P2P car rental friends friends, Splash of event management for financing


P2P car rental platform “friends of friends to rent A car” for $10 million A + easy car round , friends friends car rental is provided A P2P sharing rental cars, the idle time of the vehicle and the user’s fragmented car needs to match. Will be in after financing, easy car options, customer support of friends, the promotion channels.

activity management tools Splash $6 million for A round of funding, by Spark Capital investment. New trend of experiential marketing, if you want to have a party, you can freely through it to create cool activities page, send mail invitation letter and tickets online sales activities.

ThinkCERCA education technology company completed A $3.2 million round of funding, the company is mainly for teachers to teach critical thinking skills to provide tools and lesson plans. It is reported, this round of financing led to Follett Knowledge Fund. This round of funding will be used to improve students learning outcomes.

online beauty makeup service platform “I – (beauty class beauty makeup” completed ten million yuan A round of funding, speed AnZhenLing, vc and safe and sound. The financing is mainly used for deep professional content and improve the competition barriers, and intensify promotion and improve the skill level of the team.

language learning applications were. Ly completed $1 million in financing, investors including wu, nita, jersey and so on. Students were. Ly goal is to free from boring traditional language learning model, based on the vocabulary and each user’s interest, fetching articles from the Internet.

Korean education SNS Classting completed 3.5 billion won round, B by Partners Investment led. Classting support teachers, students, parents, such as interaction, at the same time provide diversified education services, including classroom information, course arrangement, consulting q&a, etc.

tongji university education, 10 million yuan in online education platform in education

offline training institutions online online education platform in tongji university education 10 million yuan investment in education. After taking a stake in, the two sides will in-depth cooperation in the field of engineering economy class pre-test training. According to introducing, in the future cooperation, tongji university education is mainly responsible for offline courses, operations, human education is responsible for the spread of online, students after-school tutoring.

the Ola Cabs there will be a new round of $400 million in financing, valued at $3 billion

India software Ola taxi Cabs will receive $400 million in a new round of financing, investors including the DST, softbank, tigers fund after the investors will continue to follow, such as the company valuations would rise to $3 billion. The money will be mainly used for business expansion. After due to regulatory pressure, the expansion of the company speed slow.

buy 21 emetry amazon: integration of cloud computing Iot into enterprise

21 emetry development focus on the enterprise market platform, tracking and management of networked machines and other connected devices. The personage inside course of study guesses, 21 emetry will be integrated to the amazon AWS cloud computing service. The AWS is taking steps to develop enterprise Internet market.

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