Financing evening news: overseas online shopping platform “honey” street, wisdom teeth finance science and technology, etc

on March 9, hunting cloud network (word/WeiWen)

hai tao platform “street honey” IDG millions of dollars to A round of funding. Honey street is a C2C mode mobile terminal overseas online shopping platform, choose from the mobile end cut into the market, the main discount goods buy on sb’s behalf, set to go shopping and buy, buy a hand in a social communication, so as to realize one-stop cargo to share.

smart bike startups Vanhawks won $1.6 million in financing, from a Real Ventures, Olympic triathlon gold medal winner Simon whitfield angel investors, etc. The company will use the money to the first customer Valour smart bike.

wisdom teeth technology complete 7.7 million yuan of the Pre – A round of funding, is very serious fund led, fang sheng and capital and China. Wisdom teeth for the enterprise of science and technology and team to provide customer service robot products. This round of financing is mainly used for the team’s expansion, marketing and brand promotion.

provide on-site massage service kung fu bear completed A round of millions of dollars in financing, investors invest for auspicious peak. Today start Shanghai service. Kung fu bear selection for product ideas to do service: 1, find the needs of users. 2, make the user experience of the closed loop. 3, positive word-of-mouth.

mother shopping O2O decca meters west ping won A round of investment 30 million yuan, investors in Shanghai A focus in the field of venture capital institutions. Card meters west focused on 0 to 3 years old high-end infant care products research and development, production and sales, the main products for baby diapers. The finance company valuation of $100 million.

cloud height 50 million yuan A round of funding, golf guangfa faith led. Cloud high golf is based on mobile Internet focus on people’s social service platform. Cloud height will take the way of O2O to establish the teaching system of the golf population, lower entry barrier, create user viscosity.

exobiology won $9.8 million in housing for A round of funding, is Riverwood investment Capital. The money will be used to expand team, improve the supply chain. Exobiology can find a place for post-disaster housing for simpler, also bring clean and comfortable accommodation for the affected population.

us net credit platform SoFi pre-ipo

San Francisco net credit platform Social Finance is planning an IPO, the stock market value to $3.5 billion. SoFi may plans to raise $500 million and to submit a prospectus, in the second quarter of this year secret in the second half of this year to complete the IPO. SoFi IPO will in charge of by Goldman sachs and Morgan Stanley.

800 million flank gehua ticketmaster sobey and popular video

blockbuster announcement, said video the whole industry chain plans to invest nearly 800 million yuan, of which 300 million yuan gehuayouxian increases, investment 84.96 million yuan to buy radio, film and television industry field of software development and system integration suppliers sobey digital 11.8% stake in 400 million yuan to buy a 28.72% stake in popular.

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