Financing evening news: online education please he taught, such as financing, Avago buyout broadcom

On May 29,


refueling services application “easy oil” won A round of funding, venture capital and investment. Easy to go is a mobile phone on the go application services, is committed to help users quickly find the right refueling points.

shenzhen small make love technology co., LTD. 10 million yuan of the Pre – A round of funding, the east brought the cast 8 million, 2 million remaining in jingdong stake the raise. Shenzhen small make love technology co., LTD. Is a company specializing in the research of intelligent sex toys of high-tech companies.

online education asked him to teach for 69.5 million yuan A round of funding, the plum blossom venture, new venture capital letter, 51, chairman of com, famous investors Wu Shichun, sing CEO Chen et al, this round of financing will be used to introduce talents and expand new city.

image system analysis tool life LifeImage won $17.5 million in financing, by the Health Solutions provider Cambia Health Solutions led, existing investors for refs. LifeImage Epic of the medical imaging network and electronic health records system and Cerner, for most of the large medical group and hospital clinical system.

flash supplier Tegile D round of funding for $70 million, by the Capricorn Investment Group, Cross Creek Advisors and August Capital existing investors join together. Tegile according to different size of enterprises with flash memory optimization solution, to help them improve the running speed, optimization of storage space and save operating costs.

electric business review site Trustpilot D round of funding for $73.5 million, by Virtruvian Partners led, DFJ Esprit, Index Ventures and its existing investors for refs. Trustpilot focused on online consumer experience sharing and review, in order to guarantee the authenticity of the comment, Trustpilot use technology and manpower to remove water army comments and malicious slander.

second-hand car trading company Carvana won $300 million in financing, Carvana is a comprehensive business model, in the field of automobile vertical integration of purchase, repair, car credit, and other functions, it is directly from the C end, transport company and the auction house to buy a used car, sold to consumers, rather than just an online trading platform.

Avago proposed $37 billion acquisition of broadcom

$15 million contact interaction in virtual reality,

high iron media companies amidst the media then 100 million yuan financing

kile P2P technology proposed $130 million strategic investment enterprises hold goods network

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