Financing evening news: ofo: riding, traveling application walkers for financing

on March 30, hunting cloud network (word/WeiWen)

ofo: riding millions RMB angel financing, for hunting only capital investment. Ofo: riding tired of traditional join the swim team, is willing to exercise of 18 to 50 years old of middle-aged and young travelers, providing a light outdoor, heavy social and depth vernier mode of cycling tour. Ofo: main direction of the future is a social, more is the construction of cycling. Now with cycling association, garage, club to establish relations of cooperation, integration of offline riding resources, design line, form a complete set of resources, to promote and complete product sales.

cabbage angel round completed 2.59 million yuan, net cabbage network in order to “provide office workers with 15 minutes to the afternoon tea” O2O mode as the breakthrough point, through the crowdsourcing way to build a set of new low-cost open mode. On the financing will be the main purpose of promotion, grab more “peak” in order to close to the user.


application walker Pre – A round 5 million, investors for wide and issuing securities and all the travel letter, this round of funding will be used to expand team, product, promotion and user operation operation. Walker is a to travel as the breakthrough point of location-based mobile social networking platform, the main social + service + sharing business model.

mobile payment MyCheck won $5 million B round, it is a hope to use their phones to pay meals more convenient start-ups. Spain’s banco santander initiated by its latest santander “innovation vc fund” to MyCheck capital injection. MyCheck now turned to the B2B mode for large chain restaurants and sightseeing tourism to provide mobile payment and credibility of the platform.

local life service O2O platform “curtilage” tens of millions of A round of investment, investors invest for auspicious peak. Home meters is also hunting cloud network docking platform for investment on the project. Curtilage meters provide users with fruit take-away breakfast, snacks and distribution, the collecting Courier services such as free of charge. Focus provide service for teachers and students in colleges and universities, colleges and universities otaku, don’t go out for a long time of regionalization of female life services platform; Collection of local life living service businesses at the same time, help businesses convenience store on the line.

mobile game data service provider DataEye won A round of funding, 50 million yuan capital led by asiaec deep venture with pitch. DataEye future deployment strategy is: how to front-end accumulated a large number of data into a data warehouse for deep mining, boost mobile games industry chain each link of the operation optimization and increase profits, is one of the important strategic direction in 2015 DataEye.

FusionOps won $12 million B round of supply chain management platform, by NEA collar, Sierra Ventures such as ginseng. FusionOps is committed to developing supply chain analysis software based on the cloud. The software from the corporate customers of SAP and Oracle system to get the data, the analysis of the supply chain, to help customers to understand their supply chain.

community O2O sector startups love fresh bee won $20 million B round, by hillhouse led, sequoia capital and etc. Love fresh bees rely on convenience stores to distribution pattern, focus on “one hour distribution”. Category main cold fresh life and urgently needed supplies, the main service in the city of high-end white-collar crowd.

art found Artsy won $25 million C round of financing platform, Catterton led by private equity fund, and cast parties include Thrive Capital, IDG Capital, this round of funding will be mainly used for expanding scale. Users can Artsy on ground of appreciate the world famous exhibited in the museum of contemporary art galleries, and more than 150000 pieces of works of art.

follow who won A $50 million round of funding, $250 million valuation, composed of ficus altissima capital, qi fu institutions such as the joint investment of capital. And who learn by PC is a website and mobile APP O2O find teacher learning services electric business platform, set up an education the taobao ecological system of the industry, provide service for teachers and students in institutions, and individuals. The raise funds will be used in deeper level of product research and development and the national business expansion.

domestic online education institutions apes question bank $60 million D $3600 round of financing, valued at $360 million, led by the Chinese cultural industry investment fund, and new horizon capital, IDG capital partners China and, with the sole financial advisor to follow for this round of financing. Apes question bank on a mobile phone for students to practice and knowledge assessment service, to solve the problem of students through intelligent algorithm, data analysis and mining can accurately assess the ability of each student, and one-to-one intelligent suggestion according to ability, meet the demand of students’ personalized learning outside the classroom.

focus on individual cancer plan BluePrint plan through the IPO to raise $one hundred million m

the BluePrint Medicines is an innovative biopharmaceutical company, main research with patients as “driver” personalized therapy of cancer. Particular way is through genetic analysis will kinase inhibitors and suitable match/drug therapy. Team intends to through the IPO to raise $one hundred million m, although did not disclose the specific amount per share, but has confirmed on the nasdaq, the code for “BPM”. The money will be used to create new products and promote the study of personalized medicine.

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