Financing evening news: mobile mother-to-child vertical community financing “hot mom help” and so on

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Financing events

move from mother to child vertical community “hot mom help” complete C round of financing $100 million , by Vipshop collar, matrix partners, JingLin, morningside venture capital, and shot. Hot mama help to pregnancy, hot mom partner, hot mom mall is the basis of the three products, covering women “for pregnant – pregnancy – birth – parenting” four important period. The financing will be mainly used for further perfecting the main consumer group of women to life shopping ecosystem, including product development, commercial exploration and marketing, etc.

clearly the century education work $49 million capital investment, for work capital investment. The investment may be increased to $100 million after a period of time, will make work clearly the century’s second-largest shareholder. Clearly the century education has been started listing work, is expected to complete the United States listed on NASDAQ in the third quarter of 2015.

P2P financial investment “lazy” received A $21 million round of funding, investors for ce source vc, bertelsmann, capital source and chasel full. Lazy investment is a focus on Internet accounts receivable factoring financing platform, on the one hand, solve the problem of small and medium-sized enterprise in harmony, to reduce risk, on the other hand is committed to provide different users with personalized, adaptation of wealth management services. In the future, lazy investment conference line more product life and fun.

medical Internet company MedSci (mace) medicine for tens of millions of dollars in investment, investors for qiming. After accepting investment MedSci (mace medicine) will be in the mobile medical service, multi-channel transmission (MCM) services for power, for medical treatment, scientific research in the field of biological medicine, clinicians, and industry professionals to provide better products and services.

wedding photography platform “marry” won A $3 million round of investment, the Pre – A investors for joint effort, and jade joint investment. Marry on main business is docking new users and excellent photography studio or photographer, to provide users with transparent without the wedding photo of the whole process of the recessive consumption and personalized service.

HTML 5 publishing platform Pressly was $2.1 million in A round of funding, from Gibraltar Ventures led, iNovia Capital and OMERS Ventures with pitch. Pressly for enterprise customers with HTML 5 framework compatible with mobile devices, the contents of a web page, in a graceful way to present on the tablet or mobile phone.

pure shopping real-time discussion between buyer community wave angel investment, investors for morningside and IDG capital, but the specific amount and don’t want to say. Commodity trading to discuss local support in the process of discussion, the user can chat while shopping. Under the wave also supports a vote, this choice phobia or cure. Support only pick mobile now, after the function of the wave also meeting line can choose color.

online furniture retailer WorldStores 46 million financing, Goldman sachs led 25 million pounds, Balderton, Advent Ventures and Serena capital for refs. New money will be used to support the development of the company’s strategy, namely open one hour “direct” distribution business, and 90% of britons can enjoy the service in seven days a week. At the same time also plans to develop membership Casafina flash sales platform.

buy event

a production of LED screen samsung electronics buying American small businesses. YESCO Electronics is located in Utah, the company focused on manufacturing digital billboard signs and information, the price was not disclosed. Samsung will YESCO Electronics cooperative production for rugged display of various kinds of extreme conditions.

big soft secco Mediaforce data points acquisition. soft secco Mediaforce cloud computing, search technology as the core, to provide information and social management, market analysis, public opinion monitoring and data mining, etc. The acquisition will further stabilize and expand percent of industry resources, and use their own research and development and capital advantage, upgrade large data information and social management products, achieve complementary strategic resources. At the same time, with the aid of soft mature sales process system, speed up the points in the field of big data and market docking and commercialization process.

online video conference full-time communication acquisition according to the high, the price is close to 100 million yuan. That China is now the largest acquisition in the field of SAAS, make full-time company will occupy the domestic network meeting industry with a 80% share of the market, greatly promote the competitiveness of the full-time SAAS industry in China, also give local SAAS companies and investment confidence in B2B market.

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