Financing evening news: maternal health butler Ibaby, gay social cherry for financing

May 15 (word/WeiWen)

creative product mobile electricity “miao hui” by pre – A round of funding, led party know Shanghai city investment. Miao hui is a creative goods moving electric company, the goods from the mainstream channels of the creative product at home and abroad, directly in the form of B2C miao hui App users. The aim of this round of funding is to improve the user experience, expand the team and optimization operation.

ShangJian capsule hotel won A round of funding, shanshan vc, huasheng funds to participate in. The investment is mainly used for capsule group talent introduction and mobile Internet community construction, and the opening of stores. ShangJian in capsules was carried out on the basis of substantial targeted promotion and transformation, accurate positioning the youth market, with stylish, low carbon environmental protection, high cost performance, etc.

technology, science and technology get financing, the financing of the led letter to zhi capital, the other two and vote for jingdong and foxconn. At present, technology, science and technology generation want tablet has entered jingdong milk tea shop and other offline store.

maternal health butler Ibaby 2 million yuan of angel financing, investors for domestic famous maternity hospital founder and founder of international: health hospital. Ibaby to improve medical experience, through efficient connection to reduce the waste of medical resources, at the same time, combining with the intelligent algorithm for the doctor’s diagnosis, treatment and decision-making provide new data to support.

gay social platform cherry angel financing was 3 million yuan, the investor for chongqing high. Cherry puts forward the concept of “heavy share light dating”, has a similar product features weibo or friend coil content sharing, can be specified label, whether anonymous, languages, words can add pictures.

small private office space for business people to make an appointment of Breather won a $7.5 million investment, while the city for business travelers are not short of cafe for office, as a matter of fact, can truly creative development team of high quality office area are few and far between. So the solution to startup business office problem arises at the historic moment.

Soundhawk Smart Listening System won $11.2 million in financing. Soundhawk headset called run () intelligent listening system, users can free iOS or android custom environment mode: outdoor, eating, driving, etc. Soundhawk targets have a profound hearing loss is not a person, but is very tall to the requirement of sound effects to the environment.

cloud applications to speed up service Instart Logic D round of funding for $43 million, by the Four Rivers Group and Hermes Growth Partners, a collar, the original investors A16Z, kleiner perkins caufield & byers and Tenaya Capital for refs. Financing income will be used in human and r&d strength expansion and the international expansion of Europe and other regions. Instart Logic is based on the cloud web site performance optimization service, can make the performance of the site for mobile and WiFi network optimization.

ali to yunfeng investment yuantong express

the alibaba group, announced that its yunfeng, has combined with jack ma has carried on the strategic investment to yuantong express. The two sides will jointly committed to the upgrading of China express logistics industry, promote the industry in rural management, product promotion, internationalization, the development and change of the logistics, etc.

era real estate investment in real estate developers YOU +

guangzhou established enterprise, YOU + times property announced, cooperation between the two sides first youth entrepreneurship communities also open in the evening. It marks the represented by YOU + + Internet product innovation thinking and formal penetration into the real estate industry.

hold goods network science and technology 130 million strategic investment kile

hubei kile technology co., LTD. And Beijing zhonglian venture electronic commerce co., LTD. And Beijing chong yuan joint investment co., LTD. Signed a “strategic investment cooperation agreement”. Vanda venture will receive kile inject 130 million science and technology, two times a year to complete. After completion of the first round of capital increase, kile technology will hold vanda a 10% stake in venture capital.

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