Financing evening news: main offline date please eat, boring stage of financing

on April 8, hunting cloud network (word/WeiWen)

focus on organic O2O startup “live two days” angel investment 6 million yuan, investors including drops a taxi investors wang gang, Tun billow capital, fundamental particles. This round of funding will be used in product research and development iteration, and market development, etc. “Two days” is dedicated to helping rural businesses improve the occupancy rate, the main target group for city life work pressure is bigger.

do VR app store Wear VR won $1.5 million in financing, by a group of local investors into Atlanta. Wear VR team plans to the money they would expand and improve the supply of VR APP, and create an APP can help people find VR software on mobile devices.

women intelligent hardware brand of cassava angel investment 10 million yuan, by PBA investment. Cassava is intelligent software and hardware technology brands for women. Through the makeup of software and beauty as the core of the intelligent hardware, goddaughter sexology make-up, and analyze the collected data, contrast, purchase plan for a product, care to remind and health advice.

K12 family education of primary and secondary schools O2O “tutor” gently won $15 million B round, by sequoia capital, collar, zhi and IDG capital and capital letter. Gently tutor mode and drops a taxi actually very similar, based on the geographic location of the single mode. After students published requirements, the system will send a push into the surrounding teacher, the teacher can rob alone, then can complete the online tutors link.

main offline dating “please eat” has won a $17.105 million B round, led by auspicious peak investment, sequoia capital and shot. Liu Gangjiang to hunt, founder of the cloud network validation, A $3.375 million round of funding, two rounds of financing of $20.48 million. The financing will mainly use in team building and market, in addition, please eat focus will be on after dinner relationship maintenance.

college students in installment shopping boring stage was nearly $one hundred million D round, kunlun D led $ten thousand and $62 million by the listed company, the blue ventures, and source capital, etc. In addition, also launched “to hire” platform for Internet commerce white-collar workers, for the child consumer financial services “child installment” by stages, has recently launched aimed at college students entrepreneurial platform – “fun shop”.

mobile jiufu won $110 million in financing, financial company of which 20 million were old stock, the rest are new shares, IDG, such as joint investment. Jiufu was established in August 2006, is a micro financial services to individuals to provide Internet information platform, brands including micro credit (Weloan), micro finance (Welicai) and micro (Wecash) cash, bank of clouds, the wu is empty financial management, etc.

India classified ads website Quikr won a $150 million investment, investors including Tiger Global Management vc funds, Sweden AB Kinnevik vc fund investment company and Hong Kong Steadview Capital. The investment will be used in the development of mobile business, as well as into other industries, including goods, automobile, real estate, to apply for a job, and services.

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