Financing evening news: magic mirror VR, maternal and infant electricity wheat tesco and other financing

May 8 (word/WeiWen)

virtual reality VR team spirit mirror grade must Pre – A round of funding, the investor for A listed company, completed in October last year. In addition, the magic mirror also before starting the project in early 2013, namely obtain personal angel investment more than 100 100 yuan. After a year of research and development, at present the product immersive virtual reality glasses 360 degrees – the magic mirror small white have to log on taobao yesterday the raise, opening-day overfulfilled the raise goal.

BB car insurance for being an angel investment, investors for jingdong, a former senior vice President lee to investment “Internet +” sponsored by the early project “with magnetic system archangel” fund. This investment mainly focuses on team good complementary resources and the project itself wide market prospects.

sanitary napkin brand “protect your sister” for more than 1000 ten thousand yuan, the Pre – A round of funding, “guard your younger sister” is A model via the Internet in the high-end brand of sanitary napkin, is not in the physical stores selling, through micro letter cat shop sales, marketing and public day. Product main fluorescent agent, made of imported materials sanitary napkin. “Protect your sister says this round of financing for its value reached 100 million yuan, but the company did not reveal the investor details.

K12 LightSail tablet library won $3.5 million in financing, LightSail is a can in the device, the android, this plate installed on the library application, such as collected from more than 400 publishers that are suitable for k-12 students more than 80000 books.

housing sharing platform GuestToGuest 4 million euro financing, investors in this round of financing for MAIF French insurance company. GuestToGuest using a social network will be happy to provide the people together is the of the building, no money transactions between the owner and guests.

electric car business car wind network for 60 million yuan A round of funding, led by teng letter shares, this round of financing will be used for regional extension and improvement based on O2O automobile trading experience. Diversion from the traditional vertical media car class, car wind network selection from trading, through large buy-out vehicles, reduce the cost of circulation channels, forming a price advantage.

New York currency exchange itBit $25 million for A round of funding. This round of financing investors include RRE Ventures, Liberty City Ventures, investors Jay W Jordan ii and Raptor Capital Management chairman James Pallotta. ItBit won the New York state financial services issued by the trust company’s articles of association, this let itBit became the first to get the articles of association of the currency exchange, also make itBit U.S. banking law constraints and supervision the currency of the company.

mother-to-child electricity wheat tesco $50 million B round of funding, from capital led, Vipshop with pitch. Ling ling from capital partners then confirmed the news to hunt cloud network. Wheat tesco is a global trading company, through the cooperation with international famous brands, via the Internet to provide global consumers with exclusive discount price fashion boutique, and maternal and infant supplies, the company claimed that ensure all goods for the real thing.

this target won $60 million B round, investors for tiger global fund. The money will be invested in two emphatically billed business (open plug-in platform of licensing and “enterprise”), and they absorb from domestic mainstream Internet company leading product innovation design, interaction design talents.

gently tutors get good future B + round of strategic investment

the financing amount has not yet been published. After the financing, gently tutor will expand the Beijing market, will also be launched offline store service experience. Tutoring is gently docking platform, tutors and students specializing in K12 tutoring for primary and secondary schools, the students based on LBS release yourself, by surrounding the teacher rob. Upon the completion of the order, the two sides can be offline to determine the details of the venue and fee to the case. Users according to the feedback of past students to the teacher to determine. Gently tutoring platform for in-service teachers, part-time teacher or part-time college students.

path back to a $500 million investment, jingdong led to layout the online travel

way cattle travel network get hony, jingdong mall, ctrip subsidiary “ctrip investment”, after the $148 million investment today way jingdong investors such as signed an agreement with the bulls, the way the cow will received a total investment of $500 million. A few will cooperate, dedicated to provide Chinese consumers with high quality online leisure travel service. Jingdong will invest a total of $350 million to subscribe way shares, including $250 million in cash and $100 million offer way cattle resources and operational support.

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