Financing evening news: local life services platform curtilage meters, 59 store for financing

cloud network hunting on March 5 (word/WeiWen)

local life services platform “curtilage” received millions of angel investment

30 minutes to build local life services platform “curtilage” founder sun peak to cloud network exclusive hunting, just get millions of angel investment. Curtilage meters crowdsourcing + retail distribution mode, set the local life service businesses, help businesses a convenience store on the line, the merchant service radiation to more areas, for more users to provide their commodities, let merchants to obtain more interests, at present home meters already and 35 local life service class merchants reached cooperation, peripheral merchants can also check-in platform at any time.

campus O2O platform 59 store for 30 million yuan A round

campus O2O platform 59 store announced completion from lenovo jun lian deep venture capital and the joint investment of thirty million yuan A round of funding. 59 store positioning service class life O2O platform, in the form of online store from convenience FMCG, Family Family Mart (online) from convenience stores and retail to fruit, breakfast, and then to the category and even virtual services.

swim heart travel announced that tens of millions of dollars to complete A round financing

the main in the high-end crowd, customized travel platform swim heart trip officially won tens of millions of dollars A round of funding, $100 million valuation, investors for kic Partners (Chesapeake Investment Partners, KIP), merrill lynch holdings and Investment thunis pleasant journey. Swim travel heart is main in the high-end crowd custom platform.

big money 50 million yuan A round of funding information

Internet service A lot of money in finance payment information announced recently completed A round of financing totalling RMB 50 million, led by hills pujiang equity investment fund.

dazzle me A $1.7 million round of funding of science and technology

I get zhi capital letter technology announced 1.7 million dollars to A round of funding, this is the first domestic film and television animation rendering industry venture capital. Dazzle me technology, after the completion of the financing will launch new about CG public cloud services and private cloud solutions, and increase the experience of “cloud” dazzle cloud rendering service improvement and market activities, to develop overseas market at the same time, speed up the layout of globalization.

luxury electricity Farfetch won a $86 million round of investment E

Farfetch officially won a $86 million round of funding, E valuation of $1 billion. Led by DST fund, and party including Conde Nast International, as well as the Vitruvian Partners. This round of funding will be used to open new markets worldwide, parts of the implementation of the direct and establish VIP club, etc.

silicon valley cafe to raise $15 million m

Philz Coffee to raise $15 million, the new round of financing investors including wind investment the company Summit Partners, as well as some angel investors. Located in silicon valley Philz Coffee is one of the main rhythm of “slow” hand boutique cafe, adhere to the principle of “slow life”, can let the barista personally modulation every cup of Coffee to the guests.

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