Financing evening news: legal power station in the small micro legal, education and other financing

on March 31, hunting cloud network (word/WeiWen)

proprietary electricity law “small micro legal” millions of dollars of financing, from 58 home blue ventures and xiao-hua Chen, CEO of joint investment, this round of financing is mainly used for business development and new product research and development. “Small micro legal” for entrepreneurship and small micro enterprises to provide one-stop services such as industrial and commercial registration, change, especially for Internet start-ups VIE structures, ICP application and other services.

outbound travel services tailored “Sinbad travel network” for thousands of yuan A round of funding, the investors for shenzhen innovation investment group. Portraits “Sinbad travel network” through the user behavior and big data analytics will user customization requirements gathering and precision to offline overseas destination service providers, and access to insurance, air ticket, visa, overseas business resources, including WIFI.

the laundry O2OLaundrapp $4 million for a new round of financing, the melting is mainly used for scale up. Laundrapp simplifies the user to send wash his clothes, and take his garment, and a series of processes, and through the way of outsourcing to local washing foundries to complete service. Currently covered, Edinburgh London and Birmingham.

station won $29 million B round education financing, for capital brought by GGV capital (GGV) and cast, this round of funding will be mainly used for faculty development, talent recruitment. Station education started with tools and BBS, mainly provide TPO and machine tools, take an examination of bit of information, database services. In the second half of 2013 online education transformation, including two large net school and community.

fashion class found LimeRoad won $30 million C round of financing platform, the led side is behind the tiger global. LimeRoad hope to build a social discovery platform, to help users in a wide variety of goods available for to fit your own fashion sheet is tasted. Its discovery mechanism is given priority to with UGC, through the form of a scrapbook encourages users to spell out favorite, creative collocation.

online auction platform Auctionata won a $45 million round of funding, C led to Warsaw MCI Management. Auctionata launched in 2013 to provide online auction video broadcast services. The current main business is to provide live online auction process of art, the shareholders and the luxury collection, as well as the surrounding the process and the related services of both parties.

baidu strategic stakes in carpooling APP platform 51 vehicles

baidu strategic stakes in carpooling APP platform 51 transport, but the specific financing amount and proportion were not disclosed, the details will be announced future; 51 vehicles can be seen as baidu baidu strategic investment in automobile O2O a layout of the part of the whole industrial chain. Car is 51 hua-bing li in the project, the second undertaking in the field of carpooling O2O one-to-one carpooling is the user’s travel problems.

Fitbit acquire personalized fitness teaching app Fitstar

, according to an SEC documents show Fitbit to Fitstar paid about $17.8 million. Fitbit, said a spokesman for the money used to buy Fitstar. As for 17.8 million is the entire cost of the acquisition or fees, declined to comment on. Fitstar main products is a same app, can according to user data such as height and weight, body quality, to provide tailor-made fitness tutorial.

Livspace purchase online community interior design DezignUp

Livspace announced that they buy online communities for consumer and professional designers and market DezignUp. Livspace online trading market is a personality home outfit, after the acquisition, the choice will be able to provide users with more home outfit, users will be able to find good design, and their family for individual choice, at the same time contact with designer community.

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