Financing evening news: knowledge transaction market, personnel sale strength such as financing

cloud network hunting on March 18 (word/WeiWen)

knowledge trading platform “takers” won the 5 million angels, takers to achieve fine management of professional knowledge, the pursuit of knowledge and the expert’s exact match. It includes two forms: the question-and-answer and job class. Is a question-and-answer website, but it charges; And job sites, but it provides a convenient means of interaction. Future plan according to the registrar of industry analysis, select and custom make inquires the son of the nature of the product launch a series of industry.

talent auction platform power take millions of angel investment, investment from ali, belongs to the individual behavior. Power, auction model, and with the talent to do the Internet in the high-end talent recruitment platform. Power take will in the next release talents evaluation function, will be launched late class talent auction sales.

long rent service platform “nine pigs” angel investment 4 million yuan, nine pig service is a professional landlord groups, using the platform + SaaS rental management system, provide marketing solutions, thereby to tenants to provide guidelines for further rental service building foundation. Will the next nine pigs with property developers, government agencies, financial institutions and more how much rent chain related to the third party cooperation.

postpartum nursing O2O “home mom” angel investment 5 million yuan, mother’s mother is a solution to postpartum feeding process right now, in view of the breast and breast feeding problems provide door to door to rush through service projects. The house mother opened a home lactation consultant services in the Shanghai area, mainly for postpartum mother encountered in the process of nurturing of mammary gland and feeding problems.

massage O2O HongTai fund investment, being proper living home companies proper living home based on rich overseas Chinese foot massage service chain agencies and appropriate students health management center of O2O service products. Through WeChat public, “rich overseas Chinese the door”, the user can make an appointment such as Chinese medicine, foot massage, health care entity store project, family, office, all can experience the door-to-door service, at present has covered Beijing city.

take-out O2O brand “stupid Xiong Zao rice” completed 10 million yuan angel round, is independent investment angels Meng Sheng yet; , according to “stupid Xiong Zao rice” ya-jun wang, founder of the Pre – A round of funding will finish, the investor as the famous investment institutions, specific amount has not divulged.

VR vendor huang yue Niribu won ten million yuan investment, for yi da capital investment. Most of the financing will be used in the iterative development of products, the introduction of high-quality goods game products and intelligent peripherals, interactive technology will also increase investment. In may this year, huang yue information plans to launch an integral VR glasses, namely the built-in screens, sensors and other equipment.

distributed file system Tachyon won $7.5 million in A round of funding, investors in silicon valley venture A16Z. Tachyon in memory as the center, can provide reliable memory for clustering framework level, the speed of file sharing service compatible with Java file API, Hadoop pluggable graphs and Spark, the underlying file system.

the sun screen printing O2O platform won a $11 million investment, investors for the work group. B round to after account, will be used to rapidly expand the scale of revenue, at the same time make full use of the company’s existing offline stores as its base, promotion, and can share the company’s existing customers, efficient expansion, rapidly expanding scale.

FiftyThree won $30 million B round, by NEA collar, Dayna Grayson to vote. FiftyThree started with the application Paper, gradually introduced hardware product Mix Pencil and sharing community. This round of funding in addition to used in enterprises and education market, also will be used for recruiting new employees.

cloud Birst won $65 million in financing, business intelligence company this round of funding by Wellington Management led, sequoia capital and other original investors with investment, the financing will be used in product enhancements as well as the expansion of sales and marketing power. Birst functions such as data storage and visualization analysis through automation to provide business intelligence solutions to our customers.

Dataminr won $130 million round of funding, D it is mainly to help businesses and government users from social media to extract the information they want. After completion of this round of financing Dataminr valuation will be $700 million. This round of funding will be used to add other sources, except Twitter Twitter information and analysis.

used-car B2B platform letter to complete the $170 million in a new round of financing, investors for baidu, KKR and Coatue, huaxing capital as the sole financial advisor. Optimal letter of building entities in central cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, at the auction and provide one-stop after-sale service, customers nearly 15000 used car business. This round of funding will be used to enter the used-car B2C field.

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